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Slugs.. sod the organic approach I just want them dead!

Posted: 29/05/2014 at 22:36

Just been out in my garden with the torch, found slugs actively eating a bedding dahlia, a gerbera, my zinnias, chocolate cosmos and shasta daisy.

all these I noticed had holes in which I thought were being made by caterpillars.

Evidently not 

all these got chopped and disposed of. A good 10-20 in total

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: 28/05/2014 at 22:19

Got some lovely flowers in the garden at the moment. I'll take a few pics tomorrow

Neatness.....a swear word in the garden?

Posted: 26/05/2014 at 22:11

My garden is small enough to keep neat, although this is still time consuming.

I like to maintain some distance between plants, even if just a few cm, if only for airflow and to stop disease.

I like to see every plant reach its capabilities but sometimes its a little too much so I step in and 'tidy' them up

The Curse of the Rampant Weed.

Posted: 26/05/2014 at 19:44

Pull it up wherever you see it to weaken it, unfortunately it is extremely difficult if not impossible to eradicate completely.


Posted: 23/05/2014 at 12:37

Basically a dwarf Dahlia. They do produce tubers but nothing to write home about.


Posted: 22/05/2014 at 15:39

We have had 4 and a half inches of rain since 2am this morning, my poor garden can't cope


Posted: 22/05/2014 at 15:25

Wow talk about flash floods, all this since midday


Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: 19/05/2014 at 20:52

My Clematis is General Sikorski and they are a whole month earlier than last year.

Hopefully it will bloom twice this year!

The flowers are the size of my whole hand!

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: 19/05/2014 at 08:12

Yes star its Jasminum Polyanthum. An Immense fragrance

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 20:18


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