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What is this plant?

Posted: 10/05/2017 at 18:15

Thank you Hosta 

What is this plant?

Posted: 10/05/2017 at 18:11

A neighbour has very kindly given me this plant, could someone tell me what it is please? She couldn't remember. 


Posted: 15/04/2017 at 08:33

Had not noticed the ignore feature Hostafan, very useful. Don't worry, I'm not going to be deterred from using the forum over a couple of uninformed comments, it can be a fantastic source of information for a relatively young gardener who's peers aren't bitten by the gardening bug yet. Instagram is a brilliant support tool to a website like this allowing gardeners to see more of the design aspects of other gardens in support of the practical advice given on here. ✌🏼❤️


Posted: 11/04/2017 at 19:36

Do any of you here have instagram? Just got it and wanting to follow like minded people for garden ideas and find new plants. My username is theyorkshiregarden. Follow me or let me know your usernames on here if you have instagram :) 

Garden furniture

Posted: 28/03/2017 at 08:07 does some nice garden furniture. Used them a few times now and in my opinion they are great. Not expensive for what you get either. 

Myth on coffee grounds?????

Posted: 13/03/2017 at 19:36

Caffeine is a plant growth inhibitor, It is BAD for your gardens.

Nut tree for a small garden

Posted: 27/02/2017 at 19:40

Hello everyone, I would like a nut tree approximately 3m/4m tall for my tennis court sized garden, it would be positioned against a south facing wall, and i live in west yorkshire.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the variety i should be looking at? 


Posted: 03/02/2017 at 08:17

Wipe your windows with a cloth with some fairy liquid on, it'll stop them steaming up, works for me 👍🏼

Has anyone eaten Hosta leaves before?

Posted: 27/01/2017 at 19:54

Haha, didn't think that would be so controversial. I will not try them... I promise... 

Has anyone eaten Hosta leaves before?

Posted: 26/01/2017 at 19:49

Just read somewhere that they are edible, have any of you tried it? Is it worth trying or are they just horrible? 

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