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Posted: 15/06/2015 at 12:15


just typed long post and it disappeared 

Anyway today is a HW day as the Dog's Trust may do a home visit tomorrow. They don't visit every one but just pick out some. So decided I would be prepared.

Everyone seems to have had good weekends with meet ups in gardens. We went to the 3 Counties Show, always  an eclectic mix of things to see and do (and buy), exhuasting but enjoyable.

This afternoon I am going to attempt lavender cuttings (any tips anyone) I know it's a bit late but daughter has just said she would like a lavender bed - cheapest way is to have cuttings off Mum's I guess. Also some GH work but it may be too warm in there


Posted: 13/06/2015 at 18:34

It's more how the dog reacts to cats - some have been taught to not be nice to them. Our cat has missed the dog ever since he died - she disappeared for a couple of days and then wouldn't eat so I know she'll be OK


Posted: 13/06/2015 at 15:10

Jo The reason why I wanted another dog was so I could start walking again - love it - can put your world to rights with just a dog to listen to you.

This one is a bit small though, she looks like a miniature collie without any black but she'll do I hope

Wet here today, has finally cleared but a dampness in the air. We were going to visit the 3 Counties Show today but have put it off till tomorrow

Reclining on settee, fiddling on here, Rebecca on TV, and a book waiting to be begun - what a restful day


Posted: 13/06/2015 at 13:45


Well this week I feel I have turned a major corner - feel more like me, no longer sore, AND have driven car (first time since November) was well supervised though, but have DONE it.

Then on Thursday we went to the Dog's Trust in Evesham and i have chosen a doggie . I have to wait for various checks, (home, cats) and have an adoption talk.

She is 2-3 years old(older tan I wanted but....) she is about the size of a cocker spaniel and has a collie look about her - very pretty - just hope she passes the cat test - so excited 

Should have her next week, adoption talk is next Saturday

OH won't let me buy anything for her in case she doesn't like cats 


Posted: 13/06/2015 at 13:13


Just caught up on last couple of days, just can't do a whole week - pages and pages and pages.

Had a lovely long weekend with all my offspring and their offspring etc. We went to Chester zoo, staying nearWrexham

Well done WW on a prize, I'm sure it will be worth the anticipation.

Sorry to hear your news Dove, so sad but you should find good memories.

Welcome to a Moscow member (Dacha), will be interesting to hear how your garden is

Hve some good news as well, but just been given a bacon sandwich so will post when I have eaten - with homemade ketchup


Posted: 05/06/2015 at 21:29

My OH does the meals here. I fed and watered the family for years and after he retired said he would do the meals. To start with they were pretty yuk but now usually quite good, still have the occasional inedible pile though . He has just taught himself how to make a rhubarb crumble

Off now till Tuesday - have good weekends

Having a go at a cut flower patch...

Posted: 05/06/2015 at 21:01

Have first sweet pea flowers, a bit small blooms, may give a feed next week.

Have planted sunflowers in centre of cutting bed and in centre of courgette bed, I am not sure how wide they will grow.

Photos nexr week as away for  few days.


Cheap pond

Posted: 05/06/2015 at 13:24

Oh wow! That is a large pond, Never think to look on Gumtree

Great garden - really colourful


Posted: 05/06/2015 at 12:40

 just wrote a long post and it disappeared


Getting excited now as off on family weekend tomorrow until Tuesday - 1 caravan, 3 tents, 1 dog, and most important 2 grandchildren

Hosta - along time ago nowwe were going to take up a business opportunity but it didn't happen for various reasons. Wish we had but I think we were staring too big. Selling plants at market/fles market/car boot would be a great way to start and you would see how much of your time you would need to be able to produce good products.

PS if you use on-line/mail order a customer here as well

My lovely peone buckeye Belle has joined me in the garden


PS - glorious day again - no sign of wet stuff from the sky



Posted: 03/06/2015 at 17:45

Hard day in garden but doesn't seem much now. Late doing everything this year.

Planted courgettes and outside tomatoes, also some sunflowers, - had to weed raised bed first for this lot! Sunflowers are supposed to be for flowering end of July but I have a feeling should have been planted out much earlier, still that's why I'm having a trial run

Had quite a few Ammi so have plonked them in a big square container, didn't know where else to put them

I know there's  another thread for what's been done but never really got into it.!

Hope those feeling poorly are feeling better, rotten time of year to feel rough, and despite visitors and cold your job interview leads to other things Panda

well done on entering competition, some one tried to persuade me to enter a local one a couple of years back. He said the judges like quirky gardens -was not sure whether it was a criticism or a complement or if he was a bit strange!!!!!! 

Hope we'll have some pictures


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