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They are back

Posted: 30/04/2013 at 19:30

Yes have found them on my frittilarias. Its quite satisfying to sqush the little bu@@##

Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 30/04/2013 at 19:22

The scaffold went uo today, didnt realise the 2 blokes were twins i thought i was seeing things. How could 1 person be in 2 places at once.

Turned out the compost bin and now have pins and needles in my right leg and foot. Such fun.

Tomorrow im out for lunch with my friend and her trusty pooch. I feel an all day breskfast coming on


Posted: 30/04/2013 at 19:19

Take a sneaky peek at what everyone else is doing ie planting potatoes etc then follow. I have a bed of asparagus, its wonderful.

I have made raised beds and it saves a lot of digging in the long run. Enjoy it all even the mistakes. Other allotmenteers will happily give you advice and quite often a cup of tea. Unless they set their shed alight like my neighbour did.

I wish you every success.


Posted: 30/04/2013 at 19:07

Can we have a picture please

Problem plant identification and irradiation!!

Posted: 28/04/2013 at 19:49

Im inundated with 3 corner garlic. the more i dig it the more it grows. Any ideas/

MOB rants

Posted: 28/04/2013 at 19:47

Have heard a rumour that the EU will soon be saying what veg we can grow in our gardens. Dont they have more important things to be worrying about????


Posted: 28/04/2013 at 19:41

I do a pooh patrol on a regular basis and then take it all to the pooh bin. I do my best. Now if i could only get the people down the shop to put rubbish in the bin instead of letting it blow into my front garden.


Posted: 28/04/2013 at 19:38

I saw Tina Turner on her farewell tour, absolutely brilliant. Been keeping myself busy this week and cant for the life of me remember what i have done. Hoping this week will be a better week. The scaffold is going uop on Tues and the roof will be repaired on thurs and fri.Yes its finally getting done only waited 3 months.

Thankyou to everyone for your kind messages, we still miss him. it seems strange being able to clean my teeth and have a shower with no "help" Hoping to be out in the garden this week but who knows.


Posted: 25/04/2013 at 18:07

Each time i say i cant do this again, but a few months down the line i think the house is empty and then a face will appear in the garden or a friend says ive got this stray needing a home. I have two other cats who are finding life very strange as well.

Trachycarpus fortunei (Windmill palm)

Posted: 25/04/2013 at 18:04

Mine has too, but im not worrying as it seems to be the older leaves and the top is healthy. I think it is probably down to the weather. Good we have that to blame it on.

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