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Will anything grow in full shade?

Posted: 20/06/2013 at 17:23

I have a weigelia growing in the shade of a tall crab apple tree. It forms a nice fan shape and covers the fence, and also has the benefit of pink flowers in summer. However, it does lose its leaves, so bare branches in winter.

However, I am not sure if they will grow in total shade. The plant often gets some late evening sunshine (e.g. from 6-9pm) and that may just be enough to encourage decent growth/flowering. 

Talkback: How to grow agapanthus in a pot

Posted: 25/05/2013 at 12:58
All useful advice, but I might add that to flower well, Agapanthus do like to fit snugly into a pot. You'll need to divide them every 5 years or so as if they become too pot bound, then flowering decreases substantially.

It is also absolutely VITAL to wear gloves when handling the roots of this plant, particularly with the roots. The sap of the Agapanthus is toxic and can cause severe stomach cramps. Gloves should be worn at all times when handling earth/commercial garden compost, even if you have had a Tetanus injection.

Talkback: How to lay a garden patio

Posted: 09/02/2013 at 12:59
I have a small area that I want to lay some slabs on (about 3m x 3m max). The area is covered with cracked old concrete. Can that be broken up or do I need to buy hard core? And if so, where from? I can't see it on Wickes website?

Talkback: How to shape box topiary

Posted: 18/05/2012 at 19:04
Be careful - if there is any danger of frost don't cut your box hedges too early otherwise box-blight can set in and you can lose your hedge or topiary.

Talkback: Agapanthus

Posted: 12/03/2012 at 19:26
I have an Agapanthus that's been in a pot for 5 years now. I'm thinking of dividing the plant into two as it's flowered poorly the last two years. But I'm wondering just how I'm going to get the plant out of quite a big pot without damaging the plant? Does anyone have any useful tips on how to do this effectively?

Talkback: Preparing for drought in the garden

Posted: 24/02/2012 at 17:16
What is so frustrating is that so much water goes to waste at source, because the water companies do not wish to pay to improve the existing structure i.e. leaking pipes! Yet they continue to make a year-on-year profits.

I try to use 'grey' household water to water my pots on the patio. I did use the hosepipe once or twice last year, under cover of darkness. But I tend to use the watering can more because you get really soak the roots of plants more effectively this way. And again, I always do it at dusk.

Plants still in flower?

Posted: 15/12/2011 at 20:17

I still have carnations flowering in the front garden. We had the first severe frost the other night (10th Dec!) in Aylesbury Bucks, so I think that might have killed them off. But I'm not taking any chances with my palm tree/exotics this year. I had a 12ft Cordyline that was lost in last year's freeze. Amazingly, after cutting it to its base, five strong shoots sprouted from the base and grew over 1 foot last summer. I'm hoping it will be restored to its former glory before long. 

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Talkback: How to grow agapanthus in a pot

All useful advice, but I might add that to flower well, Agapanthus do like to fit snugly into a pot. You'll need to divide them every 5 year... 
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