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Perlite or Vermiculite

Posted: 03/01/2014 at 12:29

You can get 100 litre bags or Perlite (£19 + free pp) and 100 litre bags of Vermiculite £24 + free pp) on Amazon.  I found the prices slightly cheaper than my local garden centre, but not by much.  I've got a bag of 100 litre perlite which should last me a few years.

With the Perlite, it's very dry and dusty so it can be a good idea to give it a soaking before you use it otherwise you'll get a lung full.



Greenhouse - out of shape - photos..

Posted: 19/06/2013 at 17:18


I've got a 8ft by 10ft greenhouse and the crest of mine droops a little as well.  Structurally mine is fine and it's survived the British weather over the last two winters.

Some greenhoues come with Catilevers that fit into the eaves to add some additional strength.  See URL for examples: http://www.greenhousepeople.co.uk/spare-parts/cantilevers/

If your not sure about the structures strength then getting some of these may help to put your mind at ease.  Fitting them should be easy, but you'll need some cropped headed bolts i believe.  Another URL as an example: http://www.greenhousepeople.co.uk/spare-parts/nuts-and-bolts/20_x_10mm_cropped_head_bolts/


Again the guttering/sides of my greenhouse bow out a little also.  This is a result of the collective weight of the glass and the roof.  The greenhouse is relying on a solid base as much as anything else to add strength to it.  If the greenhouse was made of a stronger material that did not flex as much, then the bowing would be less but unless you thing that it's outside of the normal level of sag, I wouldn't worry too much about it.  Just make sure that you clear snow off it in the winter.



New shed - any tips?

Posted: 09/01/2013 at 15:38

 My next door neighbour (who appears to collect sheds) swears by treating the timber every year.  One of his sheds is in its teens and looks brand-new.

Some timber needs to weather a little before it'll take the wood paint well, but I'd opt for two coats as soon as you can.

I moved my shed last year so that I could check to see if the door is left open (by me or riff-raff) from the house, but as that created more shadow, i also painted the inside with cheap white emulsion paint.  It's soaked in a little and won't win me any prizes but I can find things easier than I could before.  I plan to add a little window when I've got time as well to help.  Solar lighting is also an option.

Shelving is important, but be prepared to redesign/move it when you realise that your initial idea at an ordered shed gets covered in bits and peices.

I'm planning on extenting my shed and adding in guttering and a waterbut.  Don't want to get caught out like I did with the drought last year!  Good places to look for waters butts to buy are your local water authority or council website.  You can often get them cheaper than other shops/sites.  The link from Northumberia Water (http://www.nwl.savewater.co.uk/) has the cheapest I found assuming you go for the buy one get one half price.

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