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What are these?

Posted: 29/06/2013 at 00:10

I was thinking Vervain or Willowherb?

What to feed veg ?

Posted: 27/06/2013 at 00:05

Hi All. As they say the best things in life are free, lol. With seaweed it has a whole range of micronutrients and that is why I am drawn to it. I do not know if seaweed adds nitrogen to the soil as it rots or takes it away but seaweed I believe have growth hormones in it as well as the fact that bacteria in the soil loves it. I do not know what type of compost it would make if thrown in the compost heap, it might be great but I would wash it first due to the salt on it? I also do not know which type of seaweed is the best or if they are all the same when used. I do think too much iodine can kills plants but I am not too sure about how much is too much and the same goes for seaweed I believe?

Hi Verdun, Did you bury the seaweed or leave it on the surface. I know those who grew potatoes use to use loads of it each year a long time ago in their fields but I just haven't a clue how they used it for their crop? Now the seaweed is for sale as organic tomatoe feed. It does make me wonder if beds for tomatoes were done the same way as in the olden days where farmers used seaweed for potatoes. Would they need any feeding at all then?  It does make you think?

What to feed veg ?

Posted: 25/06/2013 at 02:25

Hi Alan, I know phosphorous is good for all root vegetables but putting too much of it on the soil can kill off the beneficial fungi in the soil itself. So a little of everything seems to help except when it comes to lime as some plants can be fussy over their ph of the soil. I have heard stories about how lime dust in the air has killed off certain plants like rhododendrons from lime being spread on farmland next to it and lime is rich in calcium as well as aluminium also and wood ash also has a high level of calcium in it as well.

What to feed veg ?

Posted: 25/06/2013 at 02:07

Hi, I only use wood ash with apple, plum and fruiting trees and also with vegetables as wood ash can be high in calcium as well. Wood ash is high in potassium and so good for all fruit as well as for potatoes. I haven't tested my soil to see what it is lacking but I put my faith in wood ash as it would have many micro nutrients in it, I also used it to water plants with as in pumpkins with no sign of harm from its use lol.

I have used the magnesium sulphate as in pure epsom salts for my onions, tomatoes, trees and veg. It seems to add a better colour of green to them but the soil with me has been waterlogged a few times, so that says what it s like. So I hope my messing keeps the balance right in the soil as part of it doesn't seem the best. I have dug in fallen pine needles to add organic matter to the soil and it seemed to work ok for my pumpkins and in the same ground this year for my potatoes as they look healthy and fit so far. I know I shouldn't put one greedy plant for potassium after another in the same ground but I do like to experiment. I plan to get some seaweed to add to the ground to improve it in the near future as seaweed has more nutrients in it than what most soils have but it can be hard to gather but they do say that after a rough tide or storm is the best time to gather it as in May, June and then it can be gathered in August also? But it all depends what area you get it from and where?

With tea as a way to feed plants, my view is that green tea is a whole lot better to feed plants with than brown. I use to have a small container that I use to empty the tea pot into and used that to water a few plants with. I do think the green tea works wonders compared to the brown but that is my belief?

Veg: Are the Old Varieties better than New?

Posted: 24/06/2013 at 03:46

They say soaking peas over night in a bowl of water is suppose to help them germinate better, I think it does?

I think so far it is a very cold year and somethings are weeks late coming. So I sowed some NE Plus Ultra peas in to peat pots in a greenhouse and they have germinated, 2 per pot. I did the same with the Guernsey Half Long Parsnips because those I planted outside never came and I planted my Lumper potatoes in May and they look healthy but I always plant potatoes in May as they are better plants than those planted in April but that is my view?

What to feed veg ?

Posted: 24/06/2013 at 03:28

I know I had the best of marrows one year by digging a trench and filling it with nettle tops and then putting the clay back on top over them. I then later planted the marrow plants on top. I did the same with grass cutting and old pine needles on and around the pumpkins and they seemed to have done well but I am sure it was luck that I didn't burn the roots of these plants from what I used as in fresh cuttings? But it is a lot of work for what it is worth.

Old Manure can be the best of all I believe and seaweed is suppose to be best burried as they say the iodine in seaweed as it rots goes off into the air if left uncovered, I don't know if that is true or not but some say it is? I know wood ash is great for trees, so I think it would be good for everything else also?

But I am a person who uses a little magnesium sulphate and potassium sulphate in my garden when watering but at the same time my soil is full of lime and I haven't a clue about its ph but it seems to help. But I do more experimenting in my garden than I should but it keeps me busy...

Is this a weed?

Posted: 24/06/2013 at 02:45

I thought it was spinach type also but I know that the bags of mixed bird seed bought in shops can strike if these seeds fall on the ground, so that could be one reason you have this plant growing?

Thinning seedlings

Posted: 24/06/2013 at 02:30

I use peat pots to sow things in and use heat to get them going. It makes thinning a thing of the past as well as allows you to have more plants from the same packet of seeds. The peat pots do dry out quicker than normal pots but I think it is a better way?


Posted: 12/04/2012 at 03:04

I think but not too sure, he said it made them healthier plants? Not too sure?

I know last year the potatoes I planted in May instead of April were the best I ever had but I did dig a trench put ripped up newspapers in it and put clay on top of the paper and then planted the potatoes on that with peat around them.

Does anyone know who sells Primula ‘Perth Sunset’

Posted: 12/04/2012 at 02:35

Hi Amy, the following site has a photo...

I found those selling seeds like the following but not the plants itself as primula seeds are tricky to germinate when dried but I have the seed but the plant be better.

But it is an impossible plant to find. did do it in 2010 but no longer

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