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Leaf Mould

Posted: Today at 00:01
Wow. Thisw is a Good question. The matter of composting diseased leaves etc. From a scientific standpoint. For the average gardener. OK you find that your roses have blackspot or some other garden has various blights etc. In an attempt to keep this at a minimal. There are so many viruses and blites etc. More often than not. Someone askes the question. I have some roses and they have blackspot. Should I compost the foliage or burm?
Wel as we all know. Burning destroys all. or does it. Please forgive me but, here I find myself wondering into the realms of forensic science.. I wonder. Please bare with me. Now this is interesting. Take for instance a crfemation. The corpse is incinerarated. Only dust and ash is left. Yet forensic scientist can have a field day. So I wonder, and at the moment, Mike is no more educated than you. So I wonder.
So folks. Here we have the compost bin/heap. Now I wonder. Whe you or I chuck the muck on it. What really takes place.?

AHH Ha. Gottcha. I am prepared to go on. At your request.

Purple Carrots

Posted: Yesterday at 23:44
I have to agree with Bob the gardener. Although I no longer grow veg, the thoughts, tastes etc still linger. The everyday carrot, freshly pulled and washed diced and cooked. Such flavour. True, the taste is so different from shop bought. So what is it. Is the taste, flavour substinace in the carrot itself or, has the growing medium something to do with it? For instance. Today we are confronted with the seed catalogues. Whereas at one time under various headings perhaps four or five varieties would be on offer. Now you are confronted with a whole host of varieties, colours, shapes flavours. So might I ask. Friends I ask this in all honesty. In your opinion. What do YOU consider to be the dominating factor. Scientific research into the genes etc, the variant co;ours of the rootstock or what?


Posted: Yesterday at 23:30
Oh Deary me. I can see another locked or removed thread.

Digger my friend. What exactly are you driving at?
In part from what I think? I understand from your post is. That so many replies to perhaps serious questions, for some reaso tend to stray off, so to speak into day to day gossip.

My friend. Take time to check back through the posts. Yes even I once commented on this matter, but, hopefully not in the same lite as you.

Not boasting etc, but this is the way I view this forum. First and foremost. I consider it as being the best if not at least within the top three gardening forums. Let's be honest. Even I at tgimes have to refer to the books and data bases before replying to a question. So, and this is awkward to explain. Some of the questions folk ask can at time try our patience. However we do our best to answer in an honest and positive way. That is the moment we realise that. Hey, one day in the past. That might have been me asking that very same question. Then you comment on tghe familiarity of some forum members. Digger this goes on everywhere. I still suscribe to a police forum. Us old uns have built up a real strong bond. So we laugh and joke and at times tease newbies, so what.

Digger. Beleieve me. I have taken a lot of stick on this forum. Water under the bridge. To me the folk on here are good honest and loyal. So what's wrong with a bit of chit chat, and whose been baking etc. Digger. I am a longtime gardener/horticulturist plus scientist. Might I say. I am at last realising the fact. That there is more to life than being long faced and serious all the time. Please my friend. Lossen up and enjoy life.

Came across this ground covering shrub but need help identifying it. x2 photos

Posted: 29/10/2014 at 21:34
The off-set leaf formation, tends to correspond with Arctostaphylos uva-ursi.. Bearberry. It grows at 6-12 inches tall and spreads by sending out shoots that quickly self root.

Just a guess.

How do trees come into your life?

Posted: 28/10/2014 at 23:30
I really do love trees. For so many reasons. The day to day benefits etc and then then, perhaps the more personal aspects. B elieve it or not, but Mike is always ready to help out. At times I can be very shy, then as I have recently discovered. I can be a bit cheeky. Put it down to age. Probably for most of my life. I have sufferred clinical depression from time to time. I feel that Puc Doc can help here.. Although my life has been varied but always interesting times did come up when, even in my maried lifetime. Believe it or not. Val and I, never had a row. Come those moments when I was a bit down and wanting to escape. The chance to wander off and stand close to a tall tree. Honestly, I can't explain, but. There I would stand beside the tree, and my thoughts and feelings would entwine with tghe natural world. There was this tree, probably hundres of years older than me. It had stood there, blasted by storms and winds. Yet come the lull. It wa sstill there. Now sad me. Here I satnd beside this mighty tree. So Michael. Who are you. What is your problem. Why so glum, why are you sulking? Somehow or other,when in this situation. The world around nd about seems to fade away. Here we are. This faithful tree and this imple being. Let's stand and think. Let's dwell on the prepresent and past. Ssshh! enjoy the quiet, the peacefullnes. The woodland is calm, the birds and wildlife are watching and listening. So. Michael. What is the problem?. No your friend Mike hasn't flipped. This is a true real life experience. Test it out.

Solution needed

Posted: 28/10/2014 at 22:59
Say folks. What kind of fruit bushes are you dealing with???????????

Lyn offline

Posted: 27/10/2014 at 00:44
Such problems. My eldest daughter lives in the New Forest. Her location. No Gas, just electric. No cable tv or internet. Everything is via overhead cable.. So come the winter, snow storms etc. The cables go down. In this instance. The New Forest. Why no underground supplies?

Hey you out there. This. the closing hours of 2014, isn't it time you folks caught up with the rest of the world.?

Poly tunnels

Posted: 27/10/2014 at 00:29
My friend.
I fear that you might draw more attention that you wished. I am involved in a nationwide who- har's on various scientific. Yes! travelling around the countryside, so many farm sites are now covered in polythehene. Some local concils are getting hot under the collar. So My friend might I suggest. Have a chat with your felloe plotters and ask them. Would you have any objections to me errecting a poly tunnel?


Posted: 27/10/2014 at 00:20
Quite naturally. One develops an interest in gardening. Why not? To be honest. Please stop, stand still and think. Whatever your general outlook upon life might be. Gardening and human life have so much in common. So as our general everyday interest develop, so do our gardening wants, and wishes also. So yes. A greenhouse. Truly this is such a benefit to any garden. Regardless of size. It offers the gardener the chance to sow seeds a bit earlier in the season. Then for the more advanced. Seeding, pricking out, potting on and growing on to perfection. So choosing a greenhouse. Something like a classroom equastion. Ambition. divided by, available finance. Considerations.. So perhaps the money might not be such a problem. So the size of a greenhouse. Consider the area of land you have, Then take into account the type of plants you wish to grow and cultivate. Then if you think you are serious. What about ventilation in the summer, and heating in the winter.

Too big ideas?

Posted: 27/10/2014 at 00:01
Bet. Welcome to the forum.

Hey lass, as Philippa says. You are among stlike minded ones. Beth from what you say. I would say that you can achieve all of that. For a kick off. You have a picture in your mind. Perhaps not culminating is some vast palacial landscaped garden, believe me. You canget what you want.

You know. This is what really bugs me at times. OK. I am a local council tennant. Have been for the past fifty odd years. I pride myself with having a well stocked garden a working and experimental garde. Yet my downstairs neighbour, her garden is like a tip. Next door. Oh they were out to break eggs with a big stick. A garden for the kids to play in. The garden is a wilderness. Why is it that we who love gardening are always so restricted, whereas those who have no idea or hope, get the land space?????????
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