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Supermarket fruit and veg

Posted: Yesterday at 23:26
Truly many fine comments. So where do we begin and, when do we end. If I may. Incorporating the good book, the scriptual guide book to life. Perhaps we might just consider. The world's population need to be fed. Sadly over the years. The assistance etc given by more prosperouse countries toward the lesser. In all honesty, where has it got to. Native tribes still eventoday, resort to squatting down and bashing the living daylights out of corn, wheat cerals etc. Irrigation was tried aqnd tested. Then abandoned. Sad to say. The reactions of our African and other members of the human family. Help and advice, assistance etc has been given. Yes in some areas. Local politics have held sway. Getting back to logistics. There are now mountains of food available, cereal crops and the rest. Sad to say. So much ends up being dumped. The red tape regulations and so much more. Then we look around. Our school kids. Especially our young girls. Take a peek. 14/15 yr olds. They are young women. Dress styles. Show penty of thigh. etc. No wonder many guys get caught fo under age sex. The medics cry out. Obesity. Now individuals are being classed as lazy, eating away and not moving. OK. At the end of the day. I am a simple member of the public. Then on the other hand. I am a profesional a scientist as such. I feel that modern day scientific intevention has a lot to answer for. viz. GM crops. what really do they mean to us?


Posted: Yesterday at 22:21
Just a quickie, if I may. Dove, I sent you a PM. I do hope you weren't offended.

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.
Kindest regards.

Future Time Team

Posted: Yesterday at 22:17
On the matter of the Ancient Woodlands. The local borough took over this particular woodland, following the demise of the GLC. Recently the borough was granted royal status. Took a long time, despite the history. It is now known as. Royal Greenwich. Some local news put out by the department caused me to enquire, from where did the author get the info. I had a nice reply, inviting me to meet up- and chat about the history of the woodland etc. I am still toying with the idea. Recently the area has generally become known as Oxleas Woods. In reality Oxleas is just a small section. The whole area is made up of. King Georges Field. Eltham Common. Castlewood, Jack Wood, Oxleas Meadow and Oxleas Wood. I'd love to write more, but I might get a telling off.

Pear Tree Diseased

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 23:57
Ny dear friend. Plant pathology is amongst my specialities. Being as brief as possible. Sudden problems do crop up. However. If this subject has over time produced what yo call problem , perhaps disesed etc fruitage. Then the only way out is. Cut down and start again. SORRY.

Pruning (or not) of newly planted Portugese Laurel

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 23:31
Pete. Pruning etc. This simply translates. Taking control. Botanist learned long ago. All plant life has this inbuilt desire intention, call it what you like. Basically the 'sprout' must go forward and in most cases upwards. The eventuality is to flower set seed and start all over again. We gardeners setting out for our version of perfection, we have other ideas. In our mids eye. We want a good looking plant, shrub or tree. Lanky stems have no attraction. So we prune. In your case. You need to take control at an early stage. You require a hedge. So out goes lanky palm tree types. Give your stock room to move. Then starting low down. Cut off the leader. This encourages more side growths. Then in time, shorten horizontal growths and include new upper growth. This will in all reward you with a good healthy well balanced and full hedge.

Supermarket fruit and veg

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 22:48
They call it. Supply and Demand. As so often is the case. Our intervention so often goes wrong. Consider the mountains of wasted food, when large areas of the world are starving. Superfast transportation helps but, especially in the case of grown crops. Most are picked, packed and transported well before they are ripe. Then once in this country. They are stored. Refrigerated etc. Most fruit is wax sprayed, in an attempt to slow down decay and bugs. A classic example of today. Potatoes. What a con. Complaine about the sudden rise in price. Rubbish. The spuds you have just bought probably are last years crop or even older. Within a few days of purchase. Your tatties are sprouting. For you folks who grow your own. Keep at it.

Future Time Team

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 22:30
Pancyface, 9th. line down original post.

Lyn. My mistake. It was, BICC.

In those days. Sites were worked. Nowadays. You can drive miles along coned roads and not see a single person working.

Future Time Team

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 00:16
Sometime back. I mentioned I'd worked in the ancient woodlands of Oxleas Woods. Dovefromabove was interesested in my suggestion of posting more. I refrained due to comments about my manuscripts. However I have just thought. [Dangerous for me to think] When I worked there. Some huge cable was being laid from the Kent coast through and into London. Deep trencehes were dug, cable laid and trenches filled in. The work was carried out by a big company called. British Caledars and Cables. Naturally the first thing to be set up, was the tea area. This was on Welling Way. The trench appeared at rapid speed even though in the sixties, most digging was by hand. Come tea break. The whistle would sound and the navvies would chuck their tools in the trench and off they'd go. On their return. Each man had a brand new, fork, spade, shovel and pickaxe. Day in and day out the same took place. Even though the woodlands were under the care of the LCC/GLC at the time. Our tool sheds were soon well stocked. Needless to say. Any member of staff or passing public, if you failed to exercise..finders had missed the plot. In chatting to any member of the gang. I could do with a roller or wheelbarrow for the garden. Following next tea break. You had half a dozen. I watched the TV Time Team when they did a bit of war time reccy on the woods. I wonder. Come a hundred years time. Digs take place and wow. All these buried tools from a previous existance. Dove' I am still prepared to share my original memories.

Advice on best type mower sought

Posted: 13/09/2014 at 23:57
NewBoy2. Cheeky. Actually a local horsey person, bought the horse home, went in doors for spell and horsy did the rest.

Seriously. For the gardener. I think that buying a new mower is much like buying a new car. From where I stand. Most mowers today are electric rotory types. Depending much on your lawn or grass area. There are also cylinder type mowers.

Am I a saddo?

Posted: 13/09/2014 at 23:46
I have only ever moved once [lazy beggar] Soon after getting married. I am still in the same council property fifty plus years on. However I have made it clear to my youngest daughter. When I leave the property. Make sure all the roses are removed. There exists this something that bonds us to our plants, and those things that make life, ours.
When selling a property. I do believe that you are obligated by law, that you must provide full details of what you are selling. That include the garden stock, outbuildings etc.
I wish you all the best.
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