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Nasal Polyp OP

Posted: 02/07/2014 at 22:57
I can well understand your feelings Andy. Please give her a big hug from me.
Bye the bye. What's her name?
Take care. Love to all the family.

powdery mildew on polemonium

Posted: 01/07/2014 at 23:50
I will not contradict other members posts. I have addmitted long ago that, I do not always stick to the straight and narrow. At the first signs of any misfits, 'fungal viral or otherwise'. Remove offending section. Thenif it reappears,m then perhaps resort to chemical reaction.

planting between shaped bushes on a fence (tall structural plant ideas please)

Posted: 01/07/2014 at 23:43
No problem. Just keep in mind. How is the intermediary going to perform. Is it likely to out grow it's neighbour etc. My advice is. Space permitting. Plant/sow a bit forward. In time this will afford you the chance to, as it were, to get behind plants shrubs etc and crop etc.

Discount supermarkets

Posted: 01/07/2014 at 23:39
Oh Dear!
Here we go again. The Dutch people are very nice in all aspects. OK perhaps this thread is not directed at the Dutch, but Germany. Trust me. Most european countries obtain their plant stocks from Holland. As I have probably quoted before. Most of our better known british based nurseries etc, are in fact owned or partly owned by the giants of Holland. The Dutch are very fortunate when it comes to horticulture. Yes, they are amongst the lowlands of Europe, but they enjoy so much of the good weather. Then there is the space vs population. Greenhouses etc are perhaps more widespread than housing estates are are here in GB. There is also a special if not a basic attitude. Britain is on it's own in many respects in certain areas. Here. We have many of the greates brains and means of technology. However, just as I am doing at this moment. We waffle on and on. Other countries come up with and idea and go ahead with it. The Dutch took advantage here. A boom suddenly hit Britain. Greenhouses were going up everywhere. Then the slump. Fuel cost. Tour around our beautiful countryside. Look at all those derilect glasshouses. The Dutch moved in and acted like heaven sent saviours. Just a guess. You or I pop down to the local supermarket, or garden center. We might pay anything from 99p per plant to several pounds per tree or shrub. That establishment where you are buying from. 99p each to you. The shop probably paid about that for 100 plants. Couple that up to todays employment. You might have as your check out member of staff at Sainsbury's a uni graduate. That is how bad things are. So when it comes down to the humble yet majestic plant. Who cares?

More good guys

Posted: 01/07/2014 at 23:14
Sorry friend. Anything IT related. Mike is OUT.

Wood Pigeons

Posted: 01/07/2014 at 23:12
Believe me. Woodies and I are long associates. Motto in English. You eat my crops. I eat you. Woodies are classified as pests vermin. They will gorge themselves on absolutely anything. Perhaps as plants are often renamed and re-classified. Perhaps the woodies should come within the classification of super vacs. Their lifestyle has put them on the wanted list. There is, legally no in or out of season for them. Just a thought. The price rise in meat and fish. Believe me. A woody makes a fine meal.

rookie mistake arrgh

Posted: 30/06/2014 at 22:17
I agree with Nut. Agreed the animal urine is very potent. Take a look at your lwn wher the pet dog or cat has peed. The urine really is corrosive. However. Not intending to go too dep into science etc. I consider the best time to spread the muck, is when it's fresh.

Computer replacement

Posted: 30/06/2014 at 22:04
Yes. I am still here. NO. The computer isn???t fixed yet. I do hope to get this done this week. Today I managed to get out, if only to the hospital for pre-op assessment checks. I am back in for a knock-him-out check-up in July. What a palaver? Still it gave me a chance to chat and joke with the staff, even the phlebotomist. I think I must know them all by name now.
Enough said. Might I now be allowed to refer to my original post and the follow-up replies. Firstly. Lyn. Why? I always understood British Law, that you hung a chap, after the crime. Not before. Your mention that I was still posting on another forum, after leaving that forum. Let???s put things straight. That incident involved a comment I made toward a new member. As a result. I posted a full apology. Then being as I class myself. An officer and a gentleman. I left the forum. In time, I began to get requests to rejoin the forum, members posts and general interest was rapidly declining. I am sure that you can see today. Members involvement is laging far behind that of membership on GW. I was welcomed back. Sad to say there is much fear that the forum will at some point be forced to close. At least I did my bit. Over time it has come to lite, that the member I supposedly offended has re-appeared and proved to be a troll. I don???t know Lyn. Would it be asking too much for a. ???Sorry Mike???
Concerning the other comments. I agree with Phillipa. Yes friendships formed in cyber space can often be far different from face to face, real life friendships. I was trained to pick out the good from the bad. I say this with the strangest conviction. My short time on GW forum. I feel that I have made some truly honest hearted friends, and I won???t listen to a word said against any one of them. I appreciate your comments and concern. I consider you to be a very wise person. Some of the other posts did seem to imply that Mike was, seeking sympathy and all of that. No Way. Dove and one or two others hit the nail on the head. Even my daughter Amanda has often said. Dad. You???ve been through a lot. Strange really, considering I am a wee bit scientifically minded. To me. A cancerous tumour in the bladder, was much like a wee babe in a womb, totally in it???s own tiny world. Then I became host to a viral infection. I think I must have hade every single side effect from this. To be honest. At times I even thought I was losing my marbles. To be truthful several times I even prayed. Please don???t let me wake up. In no way boasting. As I have said before. I really have worked hard to get to where I am. I try to enjoy life to the full. In all honesty. NO. I don???t feel any older than I did fifty years ago. My mind is still very active. I want to know more about life and the world around me. I said to Amanda today. I must get out and gather some field samples of pollen etc for my microscope slides etc. No friends. I am no different from any of you. I love gardening and the natural world. My mention of getting the puter fixed and then whether or not to return to the forum. Of course I will. However as perhaps some might have realized. When one is amongst friends. It would only be a right prat to desert those friends. Truthfully I don???t know. I obviously want to be with my friends. I also want to pursue my other interests. At times I wonder if the old gray matter is starting to fail. Then I think. Mike. Are you hogging the limelight? Please bare with me. Please have pity on this poor old s**.

Lots of love to all.
Mike. Xx

Computer replacement

Posted: 29/06/2014 at 00:32
For some time now, my computer has been playing up. Running ahead of itself then lagging behind. Silly realy, as I have had a brand new Acer in the cupboard for the past two years. I know my way around plants etc and mechanics and engineering, but computers. No way. So yours truly will be trotting off to the repair man. To transfer everything across. Please believe me. My short time on this forum has been great. I have made so many new friends and shared so much. However. I must be honest, despite any sensitivity on my part. Perhaps during the fixing time, I might be able to decide whetherornot to return to the forum. Believe me. There is so much love and concern here. Whatever. I wish you all well. Please continue to enjoy your gardens and may your GOD GO WITH YOU. Much Love. Mike. xx

A Simple test

Posted: 29/06/2014 at 00:20
Actually folks. I must apologise. Believe me. I have been trying to post all day. Thanks to Dove, I took her advice and managed to get around it.

My ref to plastic tube. I should have made it clearer. Use a length of plastic tube, the kind that is used for water tank overflows etc. Usually coloured grey or black. This is rigid and wil do the trick.

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