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Impressions of the posters here

Posted: 23/10/2014 at 00:00
Dove....Very much the motherly type. A great one for comforting others and often going to great lengths to help out.

O/L. Age around 30-36. Natural Blonde, Blue eyes probably about 5'6 tall. Good with kids and a great homemaker.

Busy. Very pleasant person. Say about 5'3 Probably naving the same name as my late wife

How long does Roundup last in the soil?

Posted: 22/10/2014 at 00:09
Thanks petervanh. Thank you so much.

I have tended to hold back from posting much about glysophate. Since joining this forum, I have constanly read time and again. Glysophate.. The last thing I wanted or wish is to offend any members. From what you say peter, the full circle has come about. Some years back, actually soon after the start of the EU & Common Market. That glysophate was banned from public use. Only professional bodies could obtain and use it. Eventually a modified form hit thye market. To be honest, a very watered down variant of glysophate. That is why in most cases, a single spraying will not do the trick. Were you to be in the commercial world, then. A small drop of the real stuff, would clear the average garden in one go. Most of us prefer not to use chemcals in the garden, for fear of harming wildlife etc. As most agree, certain invasive plants, docks, bindweed, ground elder and many more. For the average gardener they are a pest. As Bob said. Even leaving behind a tiny piece of root etc. From a scientific point. Gardeners will never be able to go out and buy a can of whatsit and rid the garden of weeds etc. Today there are so many conservation groupes etc, and thankfully many including scientists have realised that in their attempts to solve some of these problems. We have taken one step forward and two back.

I need my avocado stone to sprout in order to prove a friend wrong

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 23:47
I have to admit. I have never attempted to grow Persea americana. Avocado. However I am with you in your, can we say, 'traumatic dilemma'.

You couls well have a dud or blind pit, seed-stone etc. The main consideration is to keep the water tepid. You say that you have your subject, duly spiked to keep it just above the water. That's good. So setting aside my suggestions above. A sunny windowsill really is not needed. I would imagine even total darkness would still allow for the basic sprouting. So. Assuming the pt is OK, then the water mst be the problem. What is it usually, four to six weeks before growth starts. Yes. I think that changing the water is incorrect. Let's face it. In the wild, the boggy water isn't going to be changed. Try and keep the water tepid. There are many ways of doing this. Should you be limited then. Don't change the water, but top it up with tepid water. I do hope you win your tenner. All the best with your studies.

How Would You Over-Winter These?

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 23:13
Apart from just keeping the corms. In an unheated greenhouse, and in fact, even in the home. These will often simply die back. It's not just the cold or frost and wintery atmosphere. Light also plays an important part. Plus of course the plant's natural make-up and life pattern.
As the stems are of a succulent nature. Cuttings will root very fast and easily. Why not take as many cuttings as possible, keep them on the short side. Then if you can, overwinter them in a close frame within the greenhouse. Even if, come spring and perhaps the tops have died. More than likely a tiny corm would have grown. Although most begonias including the sempervirens are easy from seed, even the latter can be overwintered in this way.

What's the best book you've EVER read ?

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 23:01
Chicky. So much like my late wife. Then again. For me to enjoy a book. I have to be there, part of the team/cast etc. Very much like childhood days, when perhaps one would exit the cinema having the immagination that you was the hero etc.

Blowing a gale where you are yet?

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 22:55
Here in South East London. Borderline with Kent. Quite blustery and one or two heavy downpours. In between the gusts, it has been quite warm. Late afternoon and early evening, it went a bit quiet but now, gone 22oohrs there is the sudden heavy gust. I really felt sorry for our local road sweeper. Probably the job title is hiways cleansing technition. Anyway, we have a lady who keeps the local area clean and tidy. Believe me. She really is a good worker. Of course, as fast as she was gathering up the leave, another gust blew them back again.

dog bite,anyone know for sure?

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 01:59
Gran. Thanks for your PM. I am so glad that I have been of assistance to you, and your friend. In all honesty. I am tending to look outside the box now. Still let's keep it in house. PC Plod. Pkt bk notes. Jogger in the countryside, is bitten by dog. Day date time and place, etc. Evidence. Jogger was on private land, as an uninvited person. Dog, owned by landowner, takes evesive action and goes for jogger, friendly orotherwise...? Jogger kicks out. Dog perhaps, taking this as a game. Grabs out with jaws. Jogger complaines to land ownwer. Points to consider. Please. At this point can the do-gooders and well wishers remain silent. In a court of law. Certain procedures take place. Now then. The identity of the land owner will have to be established. A general in court survey of the scene will have to be visualised. So the jogger is jogging along. Suddenly the dog emerges and gives chase! Was the dog aggressive? or playful? The jogger kicks out. So. Does the dog now interpret this as a gesture of playfulness? Question. Have perhaps, jogger and dog become aquainted in the past. Has the jogger often used the short cut etc in the past. If so then. The court would be foced to ask. Had the jogger been given permission to enter the grounds and proceed? Fair do's. Out in the sticks some strange things take place. In London. In answer to this question. Ano would result inthe whole matter being thrown out. To summ up. Mention has been made that. The local police have asked. Why haven't your dogs been put down.? Question. Now! suddenly A YES 'A dog, has become dogs.' As I mentioned in my PM to Gran. For this to have become someting to the local police. To be honest. Any police CO would kick it all into touch. The whole matter is so silly. Whether or not notices are posted, warning of dogs etc. The whole case must rest upon. The jogger vs The land owner. Summary. The jogger was an uninvited person on the land. Questions about the dog's inteligengece etc has to be ad libed. If I was the police officer dealing withthis. I would say to the victim. Serves you right. Now get your arse outv of my office.
Gran.. Rest assured. Although many years have passed. I started life as a solicitors clerk, then became a cop. Please tell your friend. Stop worrying. The question from the police....why haven't you had thedgs put down. BLUFF BLUFF. Once and for all time. If thereis a case to answer. Then. Jogger. Go ahead. Take a chance and play your hand. Atv the end of the day. I hope you have a good bank balance to be able to pay cost and compensation.

What's the best book you've EVER read ?

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 22:27
Not so easy to answer, as I have read so many interesting and instructive books. First and foremost is the Bible. It never grows old or out of date.
Then one particular book that I have read over and over again. In Quest of the Sun. By Alain Gerbault. It could be called a ship's log. A frenchman who in 1924 sailed his tiny yacht single handed from Pananma to so many places. In 1987 My wife managed to track down a second hand, first edition for me, as a anniversary gift. I never tire of reading it.

hornbeam hedge questions

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 00:29
Welcome Dean to the forum and also, to the magical world of gardening.

So you wish to get rid of the conifers and then plant a hornbeam hedge. To be honest my friend. Taking into account the size of the plot. A bit of a tall order, nevertheless. As you will discover in time. Gardening comprises many up's and down's.
When using trees compared to shrubs, in making a hedge. Things tend to get a bit top heavy. Shrubs tend to break out much closer to the ground, whereas trees as we all know, tend to grow tall and the spread out. Hornbeam are usually used as rfoadside decoratives or a specialities in parks and formal gardens. They are very attractive trees and sadly at times rare in some localities.
Dean. To use them in a hedge, and let's be realistic here. You are disposing of the conifers mainly because they are blocking out the light. So, now resorting to a hedge. You must be considering a hedge say five and a half feet high, perhaps six and a half. To be honest. Yes there are several tree/shrub nurseries that can supply you. However my friend. You have chosen a tree that is very delicatley designed. It is well spaced in it's branching etc. So. Go ahead. It's your choice. Firstly, I consider you will have to close plant. That means probably 18" apart. Then at a very early stage. You will have to stop them. That is. Snip off the growing tip. This will cause the main stem, trunk, to send up a new shoot. This automatically causes side shoots to join in the fun. Now in a much larger area, say. A boundary fence etc around a field. Things prove different. However here on your tiny plot. You will have to weekly tend the hedge. Cutting back say halfway the laterals. They are the side growths, and at the same time keeping the leaders, the higher tips in check. Dean my friend. I wish you well.
Might you freconsider? A mixed hedge say Rosa rugosa and hawthorn? Much fast growing and much easier to control.

Automated greenhouse - Year 12 AS Systems and Control project!

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 23:37
Elliot. Welcome and I wish you well with your exams and project. My Grandson is also your age and is now in sixth form. His latetes GCE results in the sciences have all been. A and A Star.

Keep in touch. I will help you all I can.


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