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Neighbour garden issues

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 23:13
I know how you feel. I have lived here in my council flat for some fifty years. At one time disputes over all and evrything might arise. OK a bit of an argument then all was well again.................well until the next time. Nowadays, the world has changed so much and people along withit. So many now, feel that the world owes them a living. Some benefit claimers have never done a days work in their life. The world in general has become so agressive. Never make eye contact, for fear of being verbally abused. For instance in my case. So I am 75. Recently been diagnosed with a form of cancer. Many other day to days things. To be honest. All I want, is to live my days out. I love my family and my tiny home and garden. I strive to help others and yet get abused, even here on the internet. I am finding life very hard. At one time I would have gone in, guns blazing etc. Now like so many. I/We sit and suffer in silence. Possibly respecting our health. My friend, I we here on this forum share your problems. At least here, you can open up. We are a great bunch always looking out for each other. There are lots of shoulders to cry upon. Lots of hugs and kisses. OK now and then, even in the best of circles, we might regret what we said, but we gardeners soon heal and come back fighting.

Blackcurrant Harvest

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 22:56
Good results. Well done. I think that this year will prove to be good one for many fruits, especially soft fruits. The moisture has been good and folowed by warm days and ....nights. Ideal. Good luck to you.

Pesky pigeons

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 22:51
Despite pigeons being classed as vermin. On forums like this. It's amazing just how soft many of become. So the war is on. Despite as other members have said. Other birds, mammals and creepy crawlies are also to blame. So given the chance, and believe me. The law is on your side here. Catch the pigeons. Do what is needed and rather than bin them. Add them to the menue. Believe me, Sainsbury's chickens can go. A good plump woody will delight your tummy. Sad to say. This is another area where good old man has messed it all up. Many natural predators have been persecuted to near extinction, so we have ourselves to blame. My dad and I used to use strong black thread, stretched across wide areas, especially to protect cabbage plants etc. You could try this method. Most times you wont see it and neither does woody. Getting caught up a few times, they soon learn.

Neighbour garden issues

Posted: 28/07/2014 at 22:36
Hello my friend. You are not alone on this one. Probably several other members have or are in similar circumstnces. I take it you and your neighbours are private owners. So I understand your quote of not being council adopted. However every council throughout the land has a degree of responsibility to all residents. Enviromental health dept can help, especially regarding the mice infestation. They in fact have the power to force the council to act. Your info regarding the neighbour's lifestyle. Feeling for their disability. I am disabled and my grown up daught is also disabled. It is very painful when you witness some types, really playing the field. This is one area where I am all for benefit reviews etc, but on a genuine fair basis. The unkept garden problem. My tiny garden is sandwiched between two unkept gardens. The worst being that of a couple along with their two kiddies, and three Staffies. All inj a two bedroom upstairs flat. The dogs are never taken out. They are let into the wilderness morning and evening to do whatever. No picking up of doggy poo etc. The usual procumation when they moved in. Wow a garde for the kids to play in. They are all very friendly and respectful. I offered my help to sort the garden. I loaned them some basic tools. I eventually got them back. Broken. Progress with the garden. Alkanet is everywhere, brambles and all types of weeds. Like with you. My garden is about 30 inches higher than theirs. A boarded fence about five feet and then a trellis I added. The climbing weeds are choking my climbing roses etc. At the end of the day. What can you say or do? Basically zilch. Nevertheless you are entitled to the services of your local councillors and local MP. Don't let onto the MP that you vote for the other lot. They have quite a bit of push and shove. In the meantime. Please try and keep your cool. I sincerely wish you all the best.

Where's Mike?

Posted: 24/07/2014 at 23:34
David K. PM sent.

OK. To be honest. Recently there have been some very snide remarks. Thanks friends, who have posted in my favour. Thank you. The gut burning part is, that the complainers, will scroll down to Talkback and the Potting shed. Fully aware that members, not just me, like to have a good old chin-wag and open up about ourselves. In all honesty. I do not like confrontations. I had enough of that in the courtrooms. Sorry, here I go again. So basically, for those who simply wish to read questions such as. How do I sow a packet of seeds? Not just relating to me, but there are other members who are equally experienced and qualified. Why is it that certain moaning minnies have to complain. In all honesty and affection for the membership. I have done my best to not only post a one liner. Sick it in a pot and water it. I have followed up with a bit more indepth know how. NO, I will not be drawn into an argument on here. Think what you may. I consider myself to be a peaceful guy, so I am going to take a back seat. I will continue to look in, and at times I will respond via PM's. Incidentally. You will see, I have removed all traces of my profile, just in case it offends anyone. To be honest. What's wrong with some people?

Where's Mike?

Posted: 24/07/2014 at 21:15
Well, all said and done. Another chapter in my life hits the dust. It appears that at least two ladies here are not members of my fan club. Joke. Any promises I may have made. I will do my best to keep my word. In the meantime I will look in now and then, but I will keep my experiences to myself.

Happy gardening friends.

Caution..Spoof emailers.

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 23:02
Recently I had an email from a reporter. Intrest was shown in the post I had posted on slugs and snails. To set everyone at rest. The reporter works for the Wall St Journal. All legit.

Where's Mike?

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 22:57
Auto biography!!!! hang on a minute. This has made think. Oh, there I go again. This thinking lark will be the ruin of me. To be frank, I am still thinking about a post of a member. She quoted, that I was a cantankerous git. Where did that come frome?? I must confess. My biggest problem in life apart from me is. I can't let go. I will freely forgive, but sad to say. I have a photographic memory.
Lets press on. Pauline, how strange you have lived in Erith. Believe me, to see the market in Woolwich now. You would want to puke. The Royal Arsenal has long gone. The main gate still stands but it's unrecognizable. Beresford Square market. Remember all the stalls, the veg stalls, then the fish stalls, then the fruit etc. the flower stalls, Fowlers the leather and bag stall. Then the high pavement. The old cinema went ages ago just as the supermarkets were starting up. There was a husband and wife team running a plant stall. We became good friends. Actually many of the stall holders knew me and my family, so to shop with them, usually a good deal took place. Often when Val and I were first married, we'd get our veg et there. More often than not I hand over the money and get the same amount back as change plus big smile and a wink. Sadly those days are long gone. Dad and I used to deal with Arthur Fowler on the leather stall. At an early age, I learned how to sole and heel boots and shoes, so our supplies came from him. Back to the plant stall. This guy had a nursery in West Malling. He grew loads of roses amongst other things. We got chatting etc. By this time I had left the police and the parks and was now head gardener at the Royal Herbert Hospital. A military hospital. I had been asked to take on this position. Two 75 foot greenhouses vast grounds. Hey ho. In time a driver delivering medical gases, came around to the greenhouses. Hi Mick. Yes says I, thats me. Hi, I'm Alf. I work for BOG british Oxygen Gases. Hand shakes . Mick you seem to have a reputation. Mick jokenly, yes, six months in Wandsworth. Two years in the scrubs. I can still see Alf almost peeing himself with laughter. No, serious Mick. Down at our depot we have a bit of a gardening club. We were wondering if you could keep us supplied. Well Alf. I have this agreement with the hospital, that as long as I do my job, the rest is mine. So a pact was made. I grew and sold on the plants. I had bought the seed. Then came the question. Can you get us some roses.? Yes mate. Hey Mick don't go near Mills in the market, he's crap. For once mick stayed quiet. In time Alf returns with a multi page list. I consulted Millsie. Yes mate, no problems. So one day Gets a shout from security. This was at the time of a certain bombing spate. Mr Allen, there is a pantechnicon at the main gate, with a load of roses. Thanks mate, send him around. In time the load arrives. The driver is pi****** himself with laughter. Whats up Dave. Mike, Adolph at the gate, he insisted on checking the load. He's not going to lioke you. He's had more pricks and scratches than a pin cushion. We unloaded. Bye the bye. I added just one shilling to the cost of each plant. Believe it or not. Alf lives in the next street to my daughter Amanda. He's now well into his eighties, sadly he lost his wife about ten years ago. We often meet up in the supermarket, and he still comments on those fantastic roses. Once again a very long friendship. I will do my best to vist Woolwich soon, and take a few piccies. To be honest although I still consider I can take care of myself. Woolwich and me. NO GO.

Arum Maculatum

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 21:58
I believe a while back, someone wanted a plant ID. It was A.Maculatum. Then a member stated, he/she would like one in their garden. I have possibly a plant plus seeds to dispose of. If the member is still interested, PM me your address. It's a freebie from Mike.

Monty Don.

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 21:45
Oh dear.

It seems that I have upset the apple cart. Believe me. My very first mention of MD on this forum, I was perhaps a little critcal but honest. I had seen him in other features and along with his notes etc on Wikipedia, I formed the opinion that he'd had a rough time of it etc. Then having sat and thorughly enjoyed the dvd's, Around the world in 80 gardens. To me he was totally relaxed and proved himself a first rate writer, presenter and host. Thank you sir. However as said. Very limited individual reference was made to the plants. Now as we all claim. We are still learning, so it would have been appreciated had he stopped and asked a few questions relating type, name growing problems etc. This is a pet hate of mine, even with the RHS flower shows. There is never enough given to discussing individual plants etc. Soory to my forum friends if I got a few backs up. Although I don't watch GW, the thought of it fading out and probably being replaced by more Flog Its's etc?????????

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