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Slug and Snail slime

Posted: 14/07/2014 at 00:18
Hey folks. This thread seems to have wandered everywhere. Swarfega. I have used loads of it. Nowadaysm mechanics, fitters etc................Sorry, motor technicians. Most now use rubber gloves. In so many daily trades etc. Hand cleansers have been and gone. Rubber gloves are the rule of the day. In my owncase. My GP is doing his best at tracing a possible medical problem I have. It could be inherited. Then it could be related to horticultural chemicals. Having been involved in mechanics, oil grease etc might have played a part. Hygene such as swarfega and other hand washes etc, could also be a bit responsible. Who knows. I once posted on this forum. Gloves. Never use them. Believe me. Since my latest blood tests etc. I enter th garden/greenhouse more like a surgeon. Gloves and all.

can anyone recognise this plant please?

Posted: 14/07/2014 at 00:05
Hey Folks.
Colin Dexter would love to meet you all. Even Morse couldn't guess this one. C'mon. Please tell this oldie. Just how do you come up with these answers. Surely you are not all 'pot smokers' like Sherlock?

Interest fro across the pond.

Posted: 11/07/2014 at 22:35
Friends. Thank you so much for your concern. However I am an open bloke. To begin with. This lady from the States has provided her business and private contact details. The journal is a highly respect NY publication. The previous contact Rebecca of BBC 2. She had some while back posted on the forum. To be honest. Might I ask. Is there any privacy etc left in this world? The data protection act, is supposed to be there for our protection. More people know more about me due to that act. Should I wish to take a look at what's on file. I have to pay. Letters from insurance companies come through the post, and in my case so often end up in someone else' letterbox. There all set out. My full name, address DOB marital status etc. A couple of years back. I had an up & downer over the electoral register. We were marked as excluded from the public register. 192.Com had just about everything about us for all to see. Many of my police mates, when checking found their details there for all to see, despite they also had elected..none publication. Even with so-called confidentiality via banks, building soc's etc. The small print which most of us fail to read, by us signing etc, they then have the right to share our information. It is very big business. For instance with the internet. Cookies etc. This evening I had an email from another garden forum. I have never posted on it. Right at the top of the page. Details of some microscope slides I had been checking out. I have googled my username for other sites. It is like reading who's who. Anyway my dear friends. Thanks for the concern. Luv u lot...loads.

I need hugs too....

Posted: 11/07/2014 at 22:13
I'll stick to plants.

To trim or not to trim

Posted: 11/07/2014 at 22:06
Chris. You say that you have 'attempted'to grow standard Fuchsias. Briefly. Growing standards, quarter, half or full. The stem needs to be supported to a cane, so as to keep it as straight as possible. Throughout it's growing life. All side leaves etc must be removed. The topmost leaves remain until the required height is attained. Then the tip should be pinched ouy. Now branching will take place. It is from now on, that you shape the plant. As with general pinching out, basically the same principal applies. Say every fourth pair of leaves, pinch out or stop. Given time a reall good head will be obtained. Trimming as some call it, is simply a means by which you get rid of weak straggly growth and any dead bits. Removing leaves prior to winter storage. A matter of choice. I keep mine growing all through the winter.

Quality of bought potting compost

Posted: 11/07/2014 at 21:55
Rosemary, at least you did the right thing and complained. As Philippa says. There are several threads on the forum relating to compost etc. Soiless compost, I would have thought might have been just that. Such as Coir [? spelling] That has NO soil in it. Peat Free, as someone has mentioned is compost containg vegetive matter, soil but no marshlant peat. However it might contain Moss peat, which is still marketed. Usually at garden centers etc, there will be some broken open bags. It's well worth examining the contents. Although in Rosemary's case, one would need above excellent eyesight to see tiny seeds.

Interest fro across the pond.

Posted: 11/07/2014 at 00:04
Firing up the puter tonight. Emails. So and so from Gardenersworls etc has sent you a message. Wowee! The message was from a reprter of a well known US journal. This reporter had read my posts on snails and slugs and wished to speak with me. Firstly. Great that this forum is read by our cousins across the pond. So who knows. Is Mike to become a household name in the states? Don't hold your breath.

time to take cuttings

Posted: 10/07/2014 at 23:57
To be honest. This is where Mike sticks his neck out. I have always admitted that I deviate from the writtenword at times. To me. All the time a plant is growing and advancing, ok, take a cutting. Believe me. It hasn't yet failed.

What is eating my plants ?

Posted: 10/07/2014 at 23:51
Slugs and snails don't always leave a slime trail. As far as I understand it. The slime tail is like a marker to others. KEEP OFF, this is my patch. Suffice to say. Due to the recent spate of invasions etc by these creatures, much backroom work is taking place.

Ivy! Around my tree

Posted: 10/07/2014 at 23:44
Cut it low down. Eithe apply a systemic weedkiller or, dig it out.

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