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Have I overdone it?

Posted: 03/09/2014 at 22:59
OK Folks. Surely, enough is enough. I was under the impression that talkback and the Potting Shed, were forum areas where members could relax open and perhaps become more friendly and sharing, especially when a member is down etc. I have to admit. This constant reminder of the flowers that were sent to me. I was, as stated. Over the moon. I am still telly friends about the bonding we have on the forum and how much that gift meant to me. I can't say more. I value the friendship here. Should you wish. Advise me of the financial cost of the flowers and I will repay. Relating to the forum being for garden subjects. I removed my profile as I thought it my be a bit overpowering. I have recently been told by a forum friend. That it is a shame that I resorted to that course. Plants etc are my life. Can you perhaps have something of a rethink, Have you ever considered just how disappointing it can be, when signing in. Many of the post have a leaning towards baking and cooking. I have avoided in my replies to genuine questions by members, old and new, to using technical terminology and botanical latin. So friends. Yes. I still consider you to be my friends. Can there be some degree of respect for other members and their feelings. I will be posting my profile again. I do hope that doesn't offend anyone. Believe me. I consider myself as a good all rounder and even if asked. My neighbours will I am sure vouch for me. My earlier reference to leaving the forum. A matter of speech. Had my adversaries read it correct. I did state that I would keep in touch and probably would answer questions via PM's, which I have done.

Our editor is well aware of what is going on. Might we leave it upto him and the mods, to let a thread ride or be pulled. I feel here that those who triumph in my post being pulled. I wonder. Has it dawned on you. That the thread has gone due to all the childish bickering. Believe me. I love this forum and the members. All I ask is, grow up.

Hot thread

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 23:06
I am totally lost.

No names no pack drill. Mike has taken some flack from at least amember who seems to hate my guts. As most are aware, I also contribute to the RHS forum. Reference was recentyly directed to some of my posts thereon, not recieving any replies. How drab. In the real world. Often comments are made, suggestions put forth etc. At the conclusion of the meetings etc. That is it. Everyone has the right to speak out and express themselve.s No way under the terms of enlish litrature is there any existance relating to. Follow-up comments. So. Theoretically there is no case to answer, except of cource from the areas of shall we say. Juvenile responce.

Have I overdone it?

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 22:53
What a glorious day it has been today. Eventually I rolled out of bed. To be honest. It was somehere between 10.20 and 10.25am. Why not. I am usually still up and about, studying etc around 03.00hrs. So up and at em'. Shower, followed by that first cuppa. Then another cuppa. I like this. Then a couple of slices in the toaster. Down goes two tablets, one for mild BP the other for the waterworks. Yes. Time for a cuppa. This time I relax in the armchair. Well guys, all this tea making really does take it out of you. Now. I must remain strong. Usually at this point, Mike tends to drft off into dreamland. Strange tat I haven't yet scolded myself with hot tea. Then it's up and at 'em. So a quick runarond with Hetty. Hetty is my vac. Then out come the duster. I am very proud of my tiny home. By this time it's lunch time. So a quick ready meal and watch the news. Then to the garden. A quick check of the greenhouse, well get on with it. Then my workshop. Over powering the shed/workshop is this almighty conifer. A recen visit inside, displayed that the roof had been leaking. Taking a looksie outside. During the high winds. Some lower conifer branches had torn the roofing felt off. So off come the offending branches. Then in preparation, I cut to size some battening and creosoted it. This will hold down the new felt. Then moving to the communial pathway. My front door is at the side of the building. I live in the flat upstairs. The 'Madame' residing downstairs sadly has a medical problem. In short. Her mum prior to death was sectioned etc. Sad to say. 'Madame' is so exhibiting similar traights. One minute she is all luvvy duvvy, the next she is ready to stick a knife in your back. Over the years since moving in. 50 yrs ago. I have helped out. Even with this woman, I have done my best. She has in the front garden a forsythia. It must be twnent plus feet high. Totally out of control. In the past. I have suggested reducing it's height. Like something out of Alice in wonderland. A stupid grin was all I got. Anyway cut to the chase. At the mo. We are not on speaking terms. However. I got fed up with being slapped across the face by the brances. Even the postman said. Hey Gov. Can't you cut that back a bit. So, Althoght considering complaining to the council. I went out an bought a long arm trimmer. Cost me sixty quid. So today, i ended up cutting back the forsythia. I even cleaned up and binned the waste. Now at this late hour. 22.50 I fgind myself nursing some nasty pains down below. So. In my kindness have I perhaps overdone it? If my daugter Amanda gets wind of this. She will go berserk. To be honest friends. Mike is feeling a bit under the weather. Can someone offer a bit of TLC?

Dig For Victory

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 22:22
Clarington. 'Dig for Victory' Hey! this where I came in. My first contact with gardening was at the age of five, in 1945. So hows that? Truly a grand gesture. Sorry no seeds but might a few bob in the coffers help?

Please let me know and PM me an address to send to.

Kindest regards.


New Member

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 22:04
Welcome friend. Yes. Those were the days along with Geoff. So you are from the land of cheese, onions and good food.
As some have admited. This is a great forum. Even if at times some do go OTT.l Enjoy.

Growing with Coir

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 16:47
I am not ashamed to admit. I have never used coir as a growing medium. So I'd appreciate some help, please. Have you used coir, with what results etc. Hints and tips please.

Talkback: Elephant hawk moth

Posted: 01/09/2014 at 22:45
I posted my experience with this chappie some while back. I found them most interesting.


Posted: 31/08/2014 at 23:22

List of members.

Posted: 31/08/2014 at 22:20
I stand by what I have said before. This is really a fantastic forum. Suggestions have been made by individuals as to improving the site. I am sure that these changes, additions will come all in good time. However, having said that. Would it be possible to have an intergrated members list. Not loads of details etc but. A simple list whereby we can click on a name and be presented with a choice of, PM's or whatever. This would save so much time from scrolling amongst posts to find a member. For instance. I wish to contact Daniel Haynes. Not to complain, but as a friend and honoured horticulturist. Lets be honest. Search time is valuable time. So Daniel. What say you? Soory mate. The ball is now in your court. Wink.

Concern over conifers.

Posted: 31/08/2014 at 22:08
Yes, I know. So many folk have develpoed a kind of hatred for conifers. Nevertheless, they are valuable to our ecosystem. I noticed today. My Thuja plicata is showing signs of scorching or whatever. It is so place in my garden, that it takes full blast from SW winds etc gusting between my home and next door. It's shape is very much like that of an Alder. Not overly large, but until now, very attractive. I have recently developed the ground beneath it for perennials and, yes, roses. I really do dread the thought of perhaps having in time to remove it. From my reseach into the worlds tree problems. I realise that, love and sentimentality has to be duly considered. Should my tree be diseased. Then it must come out. Just stop and think. Just one diseased tree. How many millions etc of infected spores might be waiting to be transported to the other side of the globe. Fellow gardeners please. Members of this and other forums do their best to advise etc. Sudden changes to our trees really are so serious. Please get expert advice.

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