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Concern over conifers.

Posted: 31/08/2014 at 22:08
Yes, I know. So many folk have develpoed a kind of hatred for conifers. Nevertheless, they are valuable to our ecosystem. I noticed today. My Thuja plicata is showing signs of scorching or whatever. It is so place in my garden, that it takes full blast from SW winds etc gusting between my home and next door. It's shape is very much like that of an Alder. Not overly large, but until now, very attractive. I have recently developed the ground beneath it for perennials and, yes, roses. I really do dread the thought of perhaps having in time to remove it. From my reseach into the worlds tree problems. I realise that, love and sentimentality has to be duly considered. Should my tree be diseased. Then it must come out. Just stop and think. Just one diseased tree. How many millions etc of infected spores might be waiting to be transported to the other side of the globe. Fellow gardeners please. Members of this and other forums do their best to advise etc. Sudden changes to our trees really are so serious. Please get expert advice.

Apple tree advice please!

Posted: 31/08/2014 at 21:50
Firstly. I am not a fruit expert. In the past answeres to your plight possibly would have been brushed off so to speaking as perfectly natural. Now however I am a little more concerned. I am at present resaerching tree problems in general. Some signs symptoms etc, that we have passed by in the past are now proving more of a threat. If possible. Pay a visit to a good fruit tree nursery. Hopefully all is well, BUT!. Please keep us informed.

Should I use rock salt to kill weeds

Posted: 31/08/2014 at 21:41
As our friend points out. Rock Salt is a natural chemical, In fact it can remain active in the soil for quite a time. Were you able to see down between the pea shingle. You'd notice that dust and blown in residue is all that the tiny roots of the plants is hanging onto. Perhaps allowing the plants to grow a bit more so making it easier to pull them up, might be your best bet.

Talkback: Red spider mite

Posted: 31/08/2014 at 21:28
Quick check. Red Spider mites usually appear in very close groups, usually kind of huddled together. They are a waxy red colour and are about 1mm long with four pairs of legs. The Lily beetle is much larger and is a bright shiny red, with black underside. Only three pairs of legs and total length of 6-7mm. There are chemicals available to treat both. Mites can easily be rubbed out via finger and thumb. Lily beetles can be picked of easily. Mind you. They do tend to drop to the ground at the slightest threat. They are very difficult to spot when belly-up

Foreign Seeds

Posted: 30/08/2014 at 23:14
O/L Hi.
This EU whatever tends to fall down in this area. Not intending to get politically invovoled but. Other countries have a very strict ruling on anything vegative etc. Sad to say. The all powerful EU has failed. Millions if nit billions of plants are daily exported from continental Europe to blighty. It would do justice if more individuals were to take time to look deeper. Since the incxeption of the EU. Britain has become victim to so many disadvantages. In the plant world. Most of our garden center plants, come from across the channel. So the potted plant, good healthy looking etc. How about the compost. Even withing this forum. Post appear respecting strange plants/weeds etc. New pests and diseases are cropping up by the bagful. Try and send to a friend in the USA or Aussie, a plant or even a cutting. Talk about RED TAPE. forms to fill in etc. Take a peek at the end results. This tiny island of ours is now pestered by soil diseases, plant problems and, you name it. We brits have got it. What really is the answer. Mike doesn't know. If I were a traveller. I hope that I might, take notes and piccies and when back home. Check the seed/plant list and take it from there.

Good News for Mike

Posted: 30/08/2014 at 22:28
Thank you so much friends. Despite what has been sain in the past, re; this is an open forum. It is a great forum. There is a lot of compassion amongst members. To answer the question. Will I continue with my writing. Yes of course. I'd like to apologise here and now, if some of my posts tend to spread out, but. Get me talking about the love of my life and...that's it. I am still plodding along with my book. Also the topic about our trees etc. Believe me. I am so shocked by my research. It's unbelieveable just how devasting the future our native trees is. I think I might have to ask Editor for a page in the GW Magazine. Once again friends. Thank you.

Sweet Pea flower no bloom yet

Posted: 29/08/2014 at 22:55
My Friend.
Sad to say but. From time to time strange things take place in the garden that in all honesty, even the best brains can't explain.. I fear that, unless we get a prolonged summer spell. Your sweet peas have missed the boat. Might I suggest. Leave them to die down. When tidying up the garden. Yes cut down and dispose of the growth. Come the new season, spare an eye to the spot. Usually most sweetpeas tend to be a single season only. However ther does now and again come forth traites of the everlasting sweet pea. Latherus latisfolia.. I can't csay this is correct, but at least it is better than nothing.

Good News for Mike

Posted: 29/08/2014 at 22:41
Might I suggest. The past...Water under the bridge. OK. Yes. I consider ALL forum members, my friends. Yesterday. I attended the local hospital for the results of my second cancer op. It's strange but true. One Doc and I have become great friends. Yesterday , he was in the chair. Hi Mike, god to see you again buddy. Turning to a young lady doc in the room. He introduced us and said. Mike and I are old friends. Honestly, such a grand greeting. More wa sto follow. Mike. Good news my friend. The last op showed the cancer completely gone. Truthfully nobody can imagine how I felt. The ongoing program was set out. Every six months. I would have a flexi scope exam. This would continue for ten years. I explained my side of events. The infections following the ops, really did cause problems. I becam depressed, short tempered even with myself. You name it. I had it. High temperatures etc, bad dreams. In all honesty. What I experienced was so far from the truth about me. Perhaps my frind Punkdoc can shed some light here. Although of course I would have loved to have had my mate beside me, However in all honesty, As it might seem. being there and yet at the same time, being an observer. I was frightened and terrified. Then part of me wa sdisgusted at whtaever I represented. Typical nightmare. As a stronghold. I had my faith. I still had my great love and devotion to my family and my scienific interests. But it was all so mixed up. Talk about ,'Alice through the looking glass'. Now thankfully. It seems that the eagle has landed. So Strange how events can take over ones mind etc, So friends. Will you raise a glass with me and say. Thanks that Mike has got the all clear and hopefully can re-enter the real world.

day lilies

Posted: 29/08/2014 at 00:40
Lyn offers some valid points. Day lilies have really come on over the years, such a variety of colours etc. Sadly and often very disappointing for growers, there are increasing concerns regarding performance etc. Whether we like it or not, agree or disagree. Yes! Climate change is making it's mark, Sad to say. Not always to our favour. IMHO Might I suggest vthat each and everyone of us, keep a record and share that with each other. Cast aside fearsthat you might be laughed at foryour experiences. This is a very trying time for all of us. Post your high points and your lows. Believe me this is important. We are entering a new era of gardening.

Soil type?

Posted: 29/08/2014 at 00:29

In short. The general theory, of good or suitable loam is this. Take a handful of soli/loam etc. Squeeze it gently, release the presure. The content should remain somewaht compact. In scientific reality this holds fast to the fact that the substance contains sufficient moisture so enabling it to temororarily bond together. In reallity most compounds will do this. It relies upon a fomulae of mass plus moisture etc. However when considering the benefits of soil, dirt earth or whatever you wish to call it. For the pupose of growing plants in it, more is required. Here we enter the area of pH. This is a scientific grading of acidity and alkalinity values. Often rough soil will over time be affected by natural elements etc and thus become viable planting media for various subjects. I'd best leave it there.

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