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my first succulent

Posted: 01/06/2014 at 23:25

Mark. Whatever you do, and hoever you care foryour plants.  With many alpines and succulents.  Top class drainage is most important.  I hope you realise.  With succulents.  Every part of the plant can be propagated..  I wish you well.


Posted: 01/06/2014 at 23:20

Well friends. Mike had a really bad night last night.  I spent more time in and out of bed, and keeping the bathroom company.  Then today.  Honestly.  I felt UGGH!.  I am at the hosp on the 9th.  Anniversary of losing my mate.  So actually I had decided not to post anything.  Apart from being very down.  I also thought.   Mike.  You are hugging center stage.  So friends. Should I go queit, please don't worry.  As I have said.  I have stamped on my rear end.  Made by Dunlop. I will bounce back.

Fuchsia ID please

Posted: 01/06/2014 at 23:05

As I so often say. Attempting to identifying plannts of various genera, is most difficult.  Your fuchsia definitely is not Mrs Popple.  I have grown hundres of them.  Might I suggest.  Take a branch from your plant, with a good flower, to wherever you bought it.  Tell them when you bought it etc.  They will then be able to search their records an narrow down the list.

Marked leaves

Posted: 01/06/2014 at 22:58


Might I enter my two pennarth.  So many gardens start ringing the alarm bells, the moment spots, blotches etc appear on their leaves.  If you are worried.  Give the plant/tree a good shake.  Most of the affected leaves will fall off.  Take for instance roses.  Black spot and mildew.  Even if left to see the season out.  Come next year. All will bounce back.  If you are worried about the looks of the subject.  Then pick the leaves off and burn.  If the cause is, and this will be visible, due to some bug etc.  Then spray or whatever.

The challenges of a smaller than average garden

Posted: 31/05/2014 at 23:29

Forgive me.  No.  I haven't rfead all the posts on this thread.  I am taking a chance. and very much surmising the question.  Perhaps something can be gained from my input.  Way back in the 1960's  I used to attend the RHS London flower shows.  Sadly these have now been watered down.  I have to be honest. I would often take time out from work to attend.  Once there, I had to mingle with the crowds.  Then finding a stand that held interest for me.  What happened.  Before me in the queue, if such existed. Dera sweet old ladies, and the toffy nosed types.  There they were, all plying for advice.  Standing , waiting in turn.  Yes, I live in sheltered accomadation.  I am allowed to have a few pots outside my front door, or.  I have a window box, what can I plant in it.  I am sure you can imagine my plight.  I was a pro, and eagerly seeking to learn more.  Now I feel such remorse. The delights of horticulture had touched the hearts of these dear ladies.  To many of them.  A tiny window box, or an indoor display.  Miek, please think again. These felow humans obviously loved their plants.  To them a simle window box, in their minds, stretched out, often encompassing many acres.   Mike these folks shared the same impulsive deires and love for  plants.  Now years on.  I realise that, at that time.  I had much to learn.  Not always associated with the basics of botany, plant pysiology and plant pathology, but no. The simple basic day to day, love and appreciation of the grand provisions of an eternal grand creator.  So IMHO. This is where forums such as this come into their own.  Like interested persons, seeking help etc..  Well search no more.  Join our forums and threads.  Please join a very happy family.

Slug pellets

Posted: 31/05/2014 at 23:07

PLEASE, PLEASE.  When resorting to any chemical or substance for garedn use.  PLEASE read the label.

This forum

Posted: 31/05/2014 at 23:00



Thank you so much for starting this thread.  It is so nice when one hears favourable comments.  Since I joined the forum.  I have seen it grow and grow.  Then due to the instigation of some members.  A jovial enviroment has come about.  Rather than sitting waiting for the next, Plant ID please.  It truly is so fantastic that we have joined together as an on-line family.  As I have mentioned before.  Out of all the trades and professions.  It is seldom heard, where a gardener or garden lover, critisizes another plot.  OK we might offer advice, but that's it.  Might I be bold and honest here? I am so pleased to be a subscriber.  OK perhaps I have the occasional extra tit bit to offer.  Close to 75yrs of age.  I am so greatful that my mind is still active, and I can share what I have with other like minded friends.  Believe it or not.  Mike is now studying plant pathology.  I wonder, jokingly of course, if one day before the lights go out.  I might have to change by calling card to.  Prof.  Michael Allen.  In your dreams mate.

Looking back over this thread.  Believe me.  I am on cloud 99. It has become so popular.  Thanks for all the quotes likening me to Yew trees, Oak trees, Sage and Bearded lilies. Thank you. Now can I be allowed to exercise a bit of poetic license.  Us oldies seem at times to get away with who-knows-what.  My life with Val amounted to one woman one man.  Now I am on my own.  Amanda and the kids often say, when we go out for a meal.  Dad.  Grandpa.  There you go again.  Chatting up the waitress or nurse.  Naughty but nice.  So here on this forum.  Might this old B***** do a bit of flirting.  After all said and done.  I think the medics have proclaimed me harmless, much like the statue of Apollos. On a congregation tour at the British Museum.  A friend, now sadly passed away.  He had a similar dry sense of humour like me.  Striding up the satirs, many of us heard him say.  Poor old Apollas. He's harmless. The statue of Apollos, depicted him in all his natural birthday suit.  He had at least one arm missing.  Then glancing downwards.  Hey! these ancients reall did like to 'show all'  Half of his watsit was missing.  So yes.  Harmless or armless.

Now back to the thread.  O/L and the snapdragon. Antirrinum.  Please take this in good humour.  I wonder.  If I were to squeeze your sides, as we have all done with Bunny Rabbits.  Tell me. Would you blush such a bright colour as in the piccies, and would you be forced to part your lips.  This afterall said and done, is exactly what the flower does.  Just a bit of banter O/L.

Talkback: Growing tomatoes outdoors

Posted: 31/05/2014 at 00:44

To be honest.  Toms, dont always like Mike.  If you get my drift.  However to pick one from the vine, a dash of salt and.  It goes down well.  Being on my own.  It is not worth growing my own.  However in the past. I have grown many.  Taking into account.  The Tom is most apreciated for it's taste and flavour.  In which case.  Give me the outdoor grown fruit everytime.

Bindweed! Can it be battled organically?

Posted: 31/05/2014 at 00:37

Hi Tom.

Bindweed.  Lets be honest.  This has to be the gardeners worst enemy.   It's root system opens up a vast new world.  Who knows.  Perhaps vast overdoeses of chemicals might in some cases work.  However having in the past tentvely traced downthe roots and destroyed.  This is a real problem.  Believe me.  I belong to various scientific bodies.  Even on the largest scales.  This bindweed just wont go away.

Couch grass gone mad

Posted: 31/05/2014 at 00:28

A chemical weedkiller might perhaps give you a bit of breathing space.  In the end.  I have found onlt two altenatives.  Dig it out and burn it.  Althogh clump forming.  A large clump can easily be dug out.  However particle of roots will be left behind.  With couch.  It increase via underground stoloniferous growths.  The roots form a kind of mass tuberous nature.  Then here and there, these growth develop and exit the soil.  In therory.  A garden full of couch might well be from a single plant.  Irradication. Chemical applications.  However there has never been total control.   To give one time etc.  OK.  Treat the area with a weedkiller.   Thenquickly follow up with, digging out the offending clumps.  Then dig the whole area over, removing the roots etc.  If you have a flame gun.  Then give the area a good old cremation.  Mind you.  You will probably see a new shoot here and there.  Get rid of it asap.

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