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Posted: 18/05/2014 at 22:57

In general.  Approaching op day, to be honest.  I was seriously thinking about leaving well alone.  I will be 75 this year.  Despite I am blessed with two lovely daughters and three grandchildren.  In all honesty. Mike is very lonely, I miss my Valerie so much.  Fifty years togerther is quite a time.  So if you can understand, deep down, I thought this my be my exit ticket, selfish, yes, but I have my thoughts and feelings.  Thankfully I had by this time met up with so many friends who like me, loved gardening.  That's you lot. [much love].  It is so easy at tgime to type out various wishes etc.  In this case  I feel that we have very much become a great family. I find it very much in keeping with gardeners in general.  Have you noticed, unlike other trades etc.  We gardeners never criticise anothers efforts.  At the momement I am in quite a lot of pain.  To be honest, prior to the op, the only pain I experienced was that of the many examinations, things being poked here and there.   As Cpl. Jones.  Dads Army , says. They don't like it up em.  No Jones. Neither do I.  I have to attend my local hospital this week, hopefully to have this catheter taken out.  Believe me, it is one thing to be able to wee whilst walking around, but believe me.  It is so painful.  Even more so, as at times tiny blood clots are passed plus some debris.  Anyway time is passing quickly.  In all honesty and truthfullness.  Thank you all so much for your support, lone, kisses [I like them] and hugs. Folks you really are such a wonder bunch.  God Bless you all.

Don't Panic.

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 22:36

I have noticed of late, several forum posts relating bugs, creepy-crawlies etc.  Suddenly my brain has clicked into gear.  This tiny child comes running in from the garden..  Mummy, mummy help.  Mummy naturally more than concerned, rushes to the little mights aid.  What on earth is wrong.  Mummy, I have cut myself.   Am I going to bleed and die?  Upon examination.  This tiny warrior has the most weeniest scratch to his arm.  No sweetheart, you will live.  Let's dab this on it.  All will be better soon.


Moral of the tale.  Enjoying your garden or estate.  Like myself, probably other keen gardeners noticed rather early in the year, aphids suddenly came from nowhere.  As sad to say.  I was unable to prune my roses this season.  Hence very early flower buds were forming.  These offered the aphids a tasty meal.  So I gave a quick spray.  Having noted that the bees and other pollinators hadn't5 awakened yet.  Also the bird world hadn't yet begun nesting.  To be honest.  I hate chemicals.  I would rather spend time picking off or destroying enemies by finger and thumb.  Now in the open garden the wildlife are thriving.  Think about all those natural history films you watch on TV.  At the right time, there is an abundance of food for the next generation.





Posted: 18/05/2014 at 22:16

There you go Lynne.  You shouted help, and within five answers, problem solved.


Kind regards.

Buy cheap pay twice...

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 22:11

Well thankfully my digging days are over.  Many of my garden tools were inherited from my father 1896-1968  The tools are still good.  I have, due to the fact that my garden is small, purchased the odd new tool.

I think that to be honest.  We are now living in a 'throw away world'.  This seems evident when something goes wrong, then you find you can't get it repaired.  I don't particularly like  buying second hand, however at times, it pays. Country markets and auctions are good places to pick up good used tools.

Regarding mowers.  Thankfully I have no grass areas.  Had I a lawn, then I think I'd search the market for a good used quality mower.  Ransomes or Dennis.  With so many moving part machines nowadays, including automobiles.  There is far too much of combining plastic/nylon parts with metal.  As with chalk and cheese.  The two don't mix.

Better rose or whatever for our rose arch???

Posted: 18/05/2014 at 12:32

The problem here is for all to see.  Sadly the growth has been allower to continue upwards.  In fact, practically all types of roses will, if left alone go up and away.  Personally I would get up there and cut away most of that top growth.  Using the curve of the arch as a template.  Keep about 12-18 inches growth.  Trace back taht taller area and cut it out.  Thin out what remains.  Regarding the thick woody parts you mentiom.  Most of this can be cut away, as low as possible to the ground.  It will look strange after having been so over grown, but the woody areas will produce fresh new growth.  Thenwith regular pruning, side growth will develop and you will have something worth looking at.


Hope this helps.

Talkback: How to plant out runner beans

Posted: 17/05/2014 at 23:41

Forgive me please. I wish to take part but my gray matterseems to be failing me. In short. Plant outbeteween12 and eighteninches apert. Keep spraying the floerws.  As the pods form. Keep on spraying.  Now keep a close eye on the pods.  They will swell as the beand grow inside.  Test the tenderness at all times.  When  the outer skin become hard,m and the beans inside ar bulging. Now is the time to pick.  Sory folks. Things have suddenenly gone heywire. Talk soon. Mike.


Posted: 17/05/2014 at 23:29

Busy- Lizzie.  So you have sussed me out. Yes.  Have been for the past 64 yrs.  Might I say. I respect each individuals beliefs etc.  In todays world, as I am sure Scott will agree.  Mankind in general has so alianated itself from the grand creator.  Mike honestly and truthfully respects each and everyone.  At the close of the day, each to there own, and you reap what you sow.  However, this is a gardening forum, so unless aspecific point is raised in relation to ones individual faith or following, can we leave it there.  Naturally to share thoughts etc on a religiouse note Then fire away, but please remember this is a gardening forum.

The right soil for carnivorous plants in pot

Posted: 17/05/2014 at 22:37

Quantity of compost.  Quite a lot.  A suitable liner.  Even the familiar black refuse sack will do, provided it doesn't get punctured.  The larger rubble bags, obtainable at B&Q etc can also be used.  Might I suggest.  To cut back on cost.  No way will your plants require such a depth.  So half fill the container, the lighter the better, in case you wish to move the whole lot.  Then line it out.  To create a bog garden.  I would be inclined to pot-up your plants, perhaps afew sizes larger.  Then plunge the pots into the boggy compost.  To be honest.  I doubt very much that there is a special compost available.  What I do suggest is, that obviously the plants will require a very acid pH.  Perhaps if you live close to some stagnant pond, the water might be of benefit.  As time goes on, try and avoid using tap water to replenish stock.  Get a container fill it up preferably with rainwater, let is stand for ages in the garden then use this.  Remember this type of plant is often classified as being of the lower class. Very fascinating project.  I wish you well.

Strange white infestation in Viola pot

Posted: 17/05/2014 at 22:22

Depending on the volume of the infestation.  It is sometimes easiest to sandwich the leafe between finger and thumb and gently sqidge the enemy off.

I agree with the washin-up liquid etc, however industry keeps changing and without you being aware, some additional ingredients are/can be added to the concentrate.  There is a horticultural soap that can be obtained.  It's been in use for decades.


Posted: 17/05/2014 at 22:12

To be honest.  I am overwhelmed at the love and affection afforded me by the forum members.  Even our host Daniel.  Thank you.

I have just sent a general email to my friends, so to save time etc, I post the same here.  Truthfully I believe that all the good wishes etc plus the friendliness of the hospital staff, recovery will be speeded up.  Thank you all so very much.  Incidentally.  I tried sending a PM to BB2 with my address.  However the system seemed not to work.  I have no problems with giving out my details.  Michael Allen. FRHS. FLS.  35 Kingsground. SE9 5EZ



Well I am now back home after my op.  Actually I came home Thursday afternoon. At hosp. by 07.45 Monday.  Chat with the aneathetist.  No probs over faith etc.  Then a chat with one of the docs.  Honest folks.  You could easily mistake this chap as George Chilton's twin.  By the by.  It was all Christian names.  When this idea wa s introduce to staff of many jobs.  I thought it to be a bit of a liberty.  However in this instance.  The actual surgeon who I saw next, did cause my heart to miss a beat.  He at first seemed to put up the usual block over transfusions.   I thanked him in adavance, and told him that I highly respected his proffessionalism etc.  I trusted him with my life.  Regarding transfusions.  I obey my heavenly father.  So.  I relieve him of the responsibility of the blood issue.  The friendly Doc, Jonathon spoke up.  Alternatives Sir.  Volume expnaders.  I was then taken to get undressed then to the prep room. Loads of specialist were around me.  Next thing around 10.35 I was in the recovery room.  A very attractive nurse of non brit origin.  Hi Mike. How are you?  Would you like a cup of tea?  Then probably within the hour, I was on ward. SW3  [surgical ward 3]  Believe me friends.  By this time I was back in the conscious world.  It would have been so easy to imagine, one was in heaven.  The nursing staff.  Real angels on earth.  Even the cleaning staff.  Everone was so happy, always smiling etc.  The whole enviroment was such, that never during my short stay, did I hear a word of complaint from the staff.  Usually, there is the odd one complaing about their load in life. Here.  No.  The usual bedside visits from the medical teams, even the plebotomist and uncle tom cobbly and all.  It was always a very pleasant and friendly relationship. Prior to leaving. I got Amanda to buy a couple of large boxes of chocks. One for the day shift, one for the night staff.  Two members of the day team. Staff nurse Angela and student nurse Cloe, really worth their weight in gold.  Night staff. There was one special black nurse, so gentle and so kind. Also another nurse possible of staff rank.  I would think she was oriental. Honest .  These ladies were/are gems.  Anyway time to go. Angella gave me a supply of catheter bags and wished me well.  At that point I handed over the two boxes of chocs.  Oh Mike. So kind of you.  Thank you.  Then I recieved a really big kiss on the lips.  To be honest .  Were it to be found, that I needed to return to hospital.  I would insist on going back to SW3.  Truly the whole atmosphere aided a speedy recovery. The op was for bladder cancer.  It appears that the tumour was so deep.  As the surgeon wanted to clear it all. It took a vast amount of scraping, so much so, that the instruments perforated the wall of the bladder, so extra healing is requirer.  Then the whole area was cauterized.  It feels very strange, when submitting to the call of

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