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What do you do or what did you do at work

Posted: 24/04/2014 at 00:28

Lady Orchid.  Yes.  Mike left the police service due to  a'cocked up medical report'  Due to stress, I developed duodenal ulcers.  I wnt sick.  Got fed up and saw the partner GP.  Satating I was well enough to return to work.  Believe me. I was on solo patrol.  That is. Trafic cop, motor cycle patrol. My nerves were so shattered.  Up until then.  I hadn't lost a single arrest or court case. Weekly totals amounted to around tweny five.  Then I just fell apart. The internal pain etc drove me back to the surgery.  In time.  I had to have an alternative medical.  When asked by the quack, what I experienced.  I said quite honestly.  At times I feel faint, hunagry etc, other times a biscuit blows me out. 'Scuse the terminology.  This barsteward of a Doc.  Submitted the report. That I suffered fainting fits.. Superintendants office 09.00hrs.  Mike. Sad news mate. That medical.  The bloody quack obviously hates coppers.  Here,read the report.  Mike, I am so sorry. You are a bloody good cop, sad to say mate.  You are off the road. Hold tight, soon the powers to be will want you out. True enough. I was soon interviewed by the department welfare.  At the time, I still felt unwell, plus my Inspector hated my guts.  Yes. I could, I had every right to complain.  In the meantime,I would be suspended..  So a brief chat.  It wa sagreed that should I decide to hand in my papers,  No more would be said.  Infact to all intence and purposes. Police and me....never existed. I quit.  The following Monday.  I had a chat with the Super of the local parks dept. Told thetruth.  Had a medical .  Passed A1.  Withinfive years, passed every exam, gained promotion to dep/supt.  Dueto the abandament of the GLC, the parks were given over to the local boroughs.  Unionwise, these were closed shops.  Mike got out. In time, Val came home and told me that her boss.  Brig. ??? had arranged aninterview with the adminat the Royal Herbert Hospital.   They wanted a head gardener.  Naturally I got the job. Believe me, it was like working for myself.  I was now a civil servant.   Hey lass.  It will cost you a cuppa and a slice of  your cream cake, to continue.

Kew Garden job cuts

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 23:46

Star gaze Lily. I am aware that many such sites gardens etc, have certain entry benefits afforded them.  For instance National Trust membership.  Being a member of RBG Kew.  I always was of the opinion that Wakehurst Place was actually a branch of Kew.  At the end of the day, honestly, no problem.  Naturally I am upset by the Minister's proposals regarding cuts to Kew.  I am a frequent visitor for study purposes mainly.  However, when entering the gate at Kew.  Especially during school hols time.  I see folks dishing out the pounds for entry.  I stand corrected.  I believe the present entry fee at Kew is around £16.00 per adult.  Kids upto 16 go free.  Even so. That is a lot to fork out.  Especially when so many just wish to visit the parkland area for the day.  On top of that.  Grab a cuppa and a bite to eat.  Wowee, the huble tea bag is a tiny goldmine.  Back to Wakehurst.  Thankfully I just flash my pass, but I would suspect a similar admission cost for others. So taking everything into account.  It is well worthwhile for folks to join and become supporters of Kew.  Every little helps.  On the other hand.  Mike is non committed to politics.  Nevertheless.  BRG Kew etc is not simply a park, a place of rest and relaxation.  It is hailed with great majesty around the world as, the Mother of horticulture, science, and general ecololgy and biodiversity.  Let's face it.  The whole ethos here is.  This bears Royal Appointment.  In respect.  It is one of Britains greatest and most valuable assets that can be offered to the world.  Perhaps here and there, some thinning down on expenditure within the organisation, but.  The state has got to take a greater responsibility here. The Stae in this instance is represented by.  HM Government.

Kew Garden job cuts

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 23:26

Thanks Nut. Much obliged.   Actually as you can guess, I don't mind who knows my details etc.  Message on it's way.

48 perennial plant offer

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 23:21

Orchid Lady.  See! I can spell correctly at times  Why didn't you name yourself.  Lady Orchid?  Slightly off subject.  Our last dog was a Border Collie.  We had her for fourteen years.  Her name was Lady.  So at the vets, it was great, to see the faces of other pet lovers.  The nurse would come out and call.  Lady Allen.  Believe it or not, Lady would get up and trot of on her own.  So henceforth. Mike will address you as Lady Orchid.  OK...Maam?

It's amazing.  My ousehold can remain void of vistitors.  However.  There come that seasonal time.  The doorbell would sound out.  Val was still with us then.   Hi Val Hi Mike.  Just couldn't pass the door without popping in to see how you both are.  Tea and biccies, then.  Mike.  Still got the old garden going, and the greenhouse.  I bet it's all looking good.  At that point ESP clicked in with me.  Yes.  Before you go, you must have a peek at the greenhouse.  OH! Mike.  how wonderful.  Oh thats nice blah blah.  In time our friends would say their goodbyes. This big softie would even be conned into carrying armfulls of plants to their cars.  In the end.  Isn't this the case.  For doggie walkers.  Love me, love my dog.  For gardeners.  Love me, love my plants.

Kew Garden job cuts

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 23:04

C'mon mateys.  Help this old beggar out.  I fill in the details, Name.  Address.  Email. etc.  Then I add my comment.  Then click Sign. The screen then indicates, Signing.  Then the error message.

I wonder.  Would it be down to my computer.  Would it be possible for a good friend on the forum, to submit my whatever.  I am prepared to give my details via a private message.

Any offers.?

id the plants in my garden!

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 22:42

I think I'd best go away and hide.  By the time I have looked at each one.  Everyone else has posted their answers.

Kew Garden job cuts

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 22:34

I've tried several times to sign.  Each time I get an error message.  Might be, my computer is running very slow.

What do you do or what did you do at work

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 15:55

Like your 'tact' O/L.  I was chucked on the scrap heap when I was just four years older than you now are.

How to propagate Rhododendron

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 15:45

The typical woodland variety, purple flower, speads like wildfire. That is R.ponticum.  Considered to be the the gandpa of them all. If cared for, ponticum can be managed.  In some woodlands one might find the odd hybrid variety.  Usually these have been especially plant by the owner or carer of the woodland.

Sad to say, as with most shrubs.  Individuals often seem afraid to attempt to have a go at cutting and shaping.  Early action is required as even with the hybrids, new growth can run away with itself.  In that case, one ends up with long straggly branches which leave the center of the shrub bare.  Remember Rhododendrons are very shallow rooting, so don't go loosening the soil around them of hoeing any weeds.  Hope this helps.

Where are YOU?

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 23:44

So.  Who an I?


Hey Mark.. Great idea, starting this thread.  Now we are all crawling out of our shelves.  Apart from the majority of gardening fiends.  I find that I have joined a circle of friends.  Dave for instance.  A former London cop.  I'm sure we can find much to mull over together.  Then there is our Vicar.   Nice to have on board  an individual who has a faith, in this sad world.  Then all of my crazy friends, yet believe it or not.  Such wonderful friends.  Believe me.  If only we could at some time, all meet up.

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