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Human irrigation system

Posted: 12/04/2014 at 12:57

Hey folks.

Believe me.  Mike is not worried.  For a day or so, I admit being a bit depressed.  Perhaps part of this is due to the anniversary of losing my wife is getting close.  Regards the possible op.   It's got to be done so.

it is so nice though have such good friends, as I have here on the forum.  Thanks again.

Human irrigation system

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 22:54

Oh Orchid Lady.  What have I done.  What have I said?  Believe me.  You are the last one that Mike would wish to offend.   I got this info from one of your posts.  Something relating tgo a greeting from your sister, in respect of your 49th.

Sweetone,  Mike is so sorry if I have blundered.  Please forgive me. xx

Human irrigation system

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 22:50

Edd.  Thank you so much for your post.  Believe me friend.  Although being a horticulturist.  I was once a traffic cop.  I've heard worse.  Let's face it.  Let's speak in a language that we all understand.  OK in the medical real  etc, the latin names are used.  For instance.  Testicles. [ Med ]  Common terms.  Balls, nuts, Boll'ards.  Whatever terms are used.  Lets with respect speak in words and terms that we understand and accept.  Thanks friend for your post.


Posted: 11/04/2014 at 22:36

To be honest.  Beetroot.  I would sow direct into the open ground.  A shallow drill.  Lightly sprinkle the seed.  Cove and wait.  Then thin out.  Perhaps someting of an old wives tale.  Beetroot bleeds.  So sowing in a tray or whatever, then pricking out and so on.  The tiny fiberous roots get damaged and bleed.  Likewise when harvesting.  Dont chop of the leaves, and then boil the beets up.  NO.  Leave the leaves on.  Boil/cook, leave to stand.  The before serving.  Then remove the leaves.

slugs vs lilies

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 22:28

KEF.  Youve been at my whiskey again.  What's all this 27 business,  Then sitting and watching 14/7.  Naughty naughty.

Back to our friend.  So you have a love of lilies. Might I ask.  Are you a member of the RHS Lily group?  Now the problem.  I have been attacked.  Well actually some of my lilies have been.  Suddenly I find that a few of my stock have grown to around five or six inches.  Then suddenly chomp. I know it's not lily beetle.  However at this time of the year.  There are thousands of baby sails hatching out.  Also very tiny slugs.  Many gardeners religiously feed their plants. Sad to say in most cases such attendance is fateful.  However.  Regular sprayin against bugs, slugs and snails seems to go amiss.  When spraying, regardless of the spray.  Please don't forget the soil/compost.  Fair do's. Your plant suddenly is covered in greenfly or whatever.  You see slugs and snails here and there.  Having squeeged them off.  Dont forget to spray the compost as well.

Best multi purpose compost this year ?

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 22:14

Hello Sarah.


Sad to hear of your probs with JA Bowers Multipurpose Compost.  I have at times promoted this product on this forum.  I use it all the time.  In fact in my storage area of the garden.  I probably have some ten or more 100Ltr bales.  I use it for indorr plants.  Greenhouse potting up etc. In the garden I will mix it with some bagged farmyard manure.  Then I remove any weeds from the garden.  Lightly prick over the soil, and apply the mix as a top dressing/mulch.  I can't say any more.  As a Pro.  I have found it the best.  Yes I admit.  I have had the odd bale that appears to have gone a bit mouldy.  Absolutely no problems.  Like as with so many things nowadays.  So much is marketed wrapped in plastic of some kind.  Probably if you or I were wrapped up long enough.  Who knows.  Perhaps we would be spouting mushrooms.  Please believe me.  The compost IMHO is of the highest value.


Posted: 11/04/2014 at 22:03

Good points BEE.

Problem is.  Trees are so valuable to us and supporting wildlife.  Sad to say, and lets be honest.  Even the best of us can make mistakes.  So often people will spends vast sums, buying and planting something that's taken their eye.  Then in time, we find it's growing in the wrong place etc.  Even though I have a very tall conifer in my tiny garden.  Yes.  It's too big.  However to see it cut down, would, I feel destroy me.  Sorry.  Mike has deviated yet again.  Back to our friend's garden and dilemma.  If you intend to take up the chain saw.  Are you skilled?  Taking into account neighbours.  Are you insured for such adventures?  As Bee said.  You then need to dispose of the timber.  Perhaps finally.  So trees gone.  Now the roots.  Remember.  Conifers in general go two ways.  UP  and DOWN.  So the down part.  The trees have drained most of the moisture and nutriments from the soil.  Now your plan is to replace with fruit trees.  Especiall in their early stages.  Fruit trees are hungry beggars.  So a thought asto the soil.  OK.  I have no idea as to the area of your garden.  It is not for me or anyone else to pry into your financial affairs.  However.  This dream of yours, could cost you a vast sum, that is, doing it correctly.  Basically.  Cut down removal of conifers and roots.  A good analysis of the soil.  At the minimum.  Imported soil will be required, if only to give a minimal planting area for your fruit trees.  In which case.  I would suggest digging ot for eact tree something like a circle of eigt to twelve feet diameter. and around double the depth of the root ball.  The fill in soil/compost will need to be very rich.  OK, perhaps you only intend to plant a few trees.  However.  Please.  Before you start.  Sit down and weigh up some of the points I have raised.  Please accept our comments in good faith.  Also keep us upto date. Kind regards. Mike.

Human irrigation system

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 21:37

What am I going to do with you three?

Dove's xoxoxoxo  reminds me of TV Katy of years ago, with her oxo cube advert

KEF.  What's wrong with being 56?  I was that age once.

Now YOUNG Orchid Lady.  A forty-niner.  I told you before.  No such thing as a stupid question.  As you tell me.  Keep on posting.

Actually I am not all that worried about my problem.  As the medics say.  It is not the 'C' that kills you, it is treatable etc.  My fear is.  I am a bit of a wuss, when it comes to blood, and being poked around with.  Then I think.  Well if I pass out at all.   I'd rather do it in the hospital, than fall flat on my face in the High St.  I am now waiting for a CT Scan.  I've had two ultra scans.  Then according to the Urologist, I will have to go for an op, and stay in overnight.  So perhaps this op will be done under a general.  My youngest daughter Amanda, mid forties.  She spends most of her life attendging hospital.  She really is a sick chick.  She keeps me upto speed with medical data.  She has a degree in Anatomy and physiology.


Sad to say.  It always seems to be the same.  My health always seems to get in the way of my gardening.  Being a bit unsure of what's what.  I am delaying seed sowing etc.  I must get around to posting some pics.

Many thanks one and all for your kindness.  Mike. xx

Identifying Seeds (Help Needed)

Posted: 11/04/2014 at 19:32

Try Paw Paw, sometimes spelled Pau Pau

Plant addiction

Posted: 10/04/2014 at 23:47

OK. Tin helmet on, shield raised.  Generally speaking.   Mike would not buy at any show..  Questioms/amswers on a postcard.

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