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Mike Allen

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woolly aphid?

Posted: 05/05/2014 at 21:35

Lavande.  Welcome.


I have grown most things over the years.  Wooly aphid and Mealy Bug are a real pest to what is termed indoor plants.  Cacti and succulents are the crem' de la creme' on their menue.  It may take a while, but what is time when caring for a loved one or a much loved plant.  Methylated spirit and  some Q tips. Just dab the invaders.  You will only have to do it once.

Best wishes.

What's eaten my brocollii, cabbage and cauli

Posted: 05/05/2014 at 21:28

Firstly. No doubt about it.  Tubby woody.  Takes me back a while. A much younger Mike, arrives on his Dad's plot.  Just in time for lunch. We settled ourselves in the shed, fresh cuppa etc and chomped away.  Well says dad.  That's it son.  Exactly 400 cabbages planted out. Say about an hour later, we exited the shed.  You are not going to belive this, but every word is true.  The recently planted area displayed nowt but tiny stalks.  Dad had thankfully as far as this greedy bird was concerned.  Provide a handsome lunch.  For anyone who hasn't tasted pidgeon pie.  Please do so.  Believe me.  You will have a job putting a whole bird away in the tummy.  You will then prfer a woody to a Sainsbury's chicken.

Help!!! Attaching photos from an ipad?

Posted: 05/05/2014 at 21:14

All this modern technology!!!!!!?????

What did people do before the mobile phone etc.  I find now, that even friends in the congregation, are using tablets etc instead of magazines and the Bible.  Still being an oldie.  Something else to add to my study schedule.

Human irrigation system

Posted: 04/05/2014 at 22:41

I had my pre-assessment today, Friday 2.May. My op is for the 12th.  Usual questionaire.  Pee test.  Weight and height. Wt. 14 and a half stone.  I have maintaned the same weight for several years. Ht.  5ft 7ins. The nurse carying out the test was a sweet little lass, I would say polynesian.  Hi Sweet.  I was six feet and halfe an inch.  How come I have shrunk??? OK my spine has had it.  Next. MRSA swabs.  Then a chat with the staff nurse.  To be honest. Nothing much was gained here.  Then to Draculas den.  Blood test. I lodged my papers.  I was number 256. So I walked along to the ECG unit. The lady here was a in a bit of a tiz-woz.  She usually worked at another hospital. We had a good laugh and in a short while. My ticker had been sussed out. It seems that the staff who carry out the exams, are not reall supposed to say anything.  Mike. All seems to be OK. Back to the blood suckers. In time my number comes up.  Two lady's are in the room.  From start to finish.  Just one long laugh.  In all honesty.  Mike hates the red stuff, especially when it's mine. This was the first time, I sat in the chair. Previously I would go to the surgery and lie down. big tit.  No sooner had I sat down and.  OK Mike, all done.  I have to have afollow up blood test three days before my op.  I left the hospital som four hors later.  The at 1500hrs. I was at the GP surgery. I arrived to find the waiting area full. In a short time. The GP comes out. Michael Allen. Up I gets. Hey Michael, you keep away from us for years.  Now you can't get enough of us. Says the doc.  It appears that we have built up some kind of relationship.  I suddenly become so relaxed with him.  We chat away. As far as he is concerned, bugger the waiting room.  I am sure our laughter could be overheard.  It was he who had sent me for a scan. The scan then opened up more tests etc. Although painful etc, the truth was found out. So Mike is for the chopping block.  However, this consultation was tgo get the results of the GP's blood test.  Nothing to worry about.  Tell me more.  Mike. The blood test revealed some liver problems.  The ferritins are a bit jumbled up.  and your spleen. It is a bit enlarged.  I am going to arange a scan of your liver and spleen.  Bye the bye Mike. Tell me.  Have you any Irish connections.. Oh! c'mon doc, stop buggering about. get to the point.  Yes. My Grandpa was Irish.  Never met him. So come on old mate, what are you driving at.  Mike There is something that shows up in your test, taht seems to be related to the Irish genera. Hey Doc, my friend.  No way am I going to be your guinea pig. Enough is enough.  So when I go for my next blood test, I will present both applications. Hey folks Come the glorious 12th.  Praerys and best wishes by the barrowload.

plant ideas for this old pot

Posted: 04/05/2014 at 21:55

Hey Sweet!  It might be worth a few bob.  It might have some age to it.

What do I grow?

Posted: 04/05/2014 at 21:48

Dovefromabove.  Thanks for your last post.  Hopefully I will get somewhere with this book....all ten pages of it including index etc.  Believe me. The forum will be included in the credits.

This particular area, subject.  Will I feel benefit each and every reader.  I get many of my ideas from the questions asked on the forum.  So in reality, much of this work is yours, my gardening friends.  I am up for my op on the 12th.  I will close the input submissions then.  Then hopefully my recovery period, I will be able to sort out all the posts.  As several mentioned, they would save the list I posted on pH values etc.  I think you will all find the outcome of this survey interesting and beneficial.

What do I grow?

Posted: 04/05/2014 at 21:37

Well, upto now the responce has been good.    Thank you. Verdun.  Thanks for listing your plants in alphabetical order.  Welshonion. It must be obvious that horticulture is my life.  Believe me.  I never boast.  I would love to spend more time in my garden/greenhouse.  Perhaps you can tell me where I can get a new spine.  My one is worn out.  About an hour is now my max , althogh...ooops, perhaps a little boast.  I can still do as much in an hour, as many would take a day to do. I love researcing and I am doing my best to keep my brain active.  BB2  Website.  To be honest.  I am not a 'puter geek'.  Supernoodle.  Orchid Lady.  Mike made you a promise.  I never break my word. If and when.  You get the first copy.  Signed etc.  Now what are you growing?


Folks.  I am grateful for your submissions so far.   I have also read the various comments.  Not wishing to offend anyone, but.  Shouls anyone consider tis to be a waste of time.  Then I will persue the subject no further.

Thankfully.  This forum is well supported, and I find it a very happy enviroment.  Long may it continue.  I also, be part of the RHS, contribute to Mygarden forum.  Sadly there are continued fears that the forum might be dropped.  Sad.  IMHO the members do not use the forum enough.  So my friends.  Let's keep this forum up and running, there is provision for us to post practically anything and everything.

What do I grow?

Posted: 04/05/2014 at 00:18

No probs Perki. Wait til you enter advanced latin.  No.  Don't go there. Thanks for your contribution.

What do I grow?

Posted: 03/05/2014 at 23:21

My Dear Friends.  Might I ask your assistance.  Please, as many members as possible are invited to take part.  I would like to know the name of every plant you grow, have in your garden etc.  Trees and shrubs.  So as not to take up too much of the forum space.  I suggest that we each just add to the list.  Please do not replicate what someone else has already listed.  It is my intention to compile a list of all your plants, veg included.  Having in mind, the possible writing of a book.  I thought that a suitable chapter might be.  How Safe Is Your Beautiful Garden?

So I'll start the list.  Roses. Clematis. Viginia Creeper. Phlox.  Aquilegia. Penstemons.  Papavier.  Loose strife.  Primulacea. Comfrey.  Erigeron.  Rhododendron.  Ribes.  Buddleia.  Fuchsia.  Syringa.  Philadelphus. Vibernum.  Hibiscus. Lonicera. Camelia.

Crocks in Pots - A Waste of Time ?

Posted: 03/05/2014 at 00:00

So!  Mike is going to stick his neck out.  I note there are several comments on this subject.  I hold my hands up.  No.  I haven't read half of the replies. So might this oldie boast a bit.  Subject: crocks in pots.  Definition.  Prior to filling a pot with compost and of course a plant, the draiage hole.  With clay pots, a single hole existed, easy to crock-over.  Plasic pots are different.  Usually a ring of base holes.  So! what's the problem.  Well.  We are ghere dealing with a cotainerised plant, a mini garden etc.  To plant a subject in a bucket, for instance. With all the TLC in time the watering is going to take it's toll.  For potted/containerised plants.  Drainage is a must.  A longtime favourite is the broken pots or better known crocks.  These are placed over the drainage hole.  This allows drainage plus it prevents the compost from being washed out.  Also it provides an escape route for roots.  Sadly, it doesn't prevent enemies from entering from below.  Slugs especially will gain entry to a pot, nia the drain hole. I have used several methods.  Perforated zinc is by far the best.  A small piece of the latter placed over the internal base of the pot, or just over the hole. This serves the purpose.  I believe that alternatives are now marketed, such as nylon guarze and the like.  Whatever.  You must ensure drainage is available.

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