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Peter Beales

Posted: 05/03/2014 at 20:15

Great firm.  Never any quibbles should a custommer not be satisfied.  Sadly  Peter lost his wife, and soon afterwards he passed away.  Then to top it all, their daughter Amanda also died.  I think that just leaves Peter's son to carry on the business.

Those Irises look good.  My dear wife bought some Irises from, Gardens 4you.  She never did see them grow and flower.  That was four years ago.  I am still waiting.

Just a tip.  Don't bury the rhizome.


Posted: 04/03/2014 at 23:51

Sorry folks.  Mike as you know is a very keen horticulturist, always ready to share advice etc.  My brain is full of so much info.  Sadly.  Mike has been told via the medics, that there is the sad chance that the windows to life, the outside world, might suddenly become darkened.  Although according to recent eye tests.  My vision is fantastic, however the pressure within the eyes is at a critical stage.  Basically, should treatment fail, then it's lights out, goodnight vienna.  Believe me it is a terrifying spot to be in.  Once again.  I say sorry for my blunt post.  Lets be honest. When faced with a problem.  It is always the most closest you take it out upon.


Once again friends.  Mike apologises for his post.


Posted: 04/03/2014 at 21:09

Apologies to one and all.


Posted: 03/03/2014 at 23:14

Hey folks.  Not that it really is anything to do with you, my friends.  However I will enlighten you.  Despite my speedy rise to fame, if that's waht it is called.  As a joke.  My old mum always said.  When you grow up, you will be  aclever littloe 'B*****''  Some how that has proved true.  In the realms of horticulture.  I quickly rose through the ranks, form bein a police traffic offcer to what my profile records.  Then sadly I was chucked on the scrapheap.  Not pleading poverty.  I am greatfulm for my CS pension.  I am registered disabled.  I have what is termed something of a gross degenerative disease of the spine.  For those who may think that Mike spends his time in the garden.  Sorry.  In all honesty and truthfullness.  If I manage to spend in excess of one hour in the garden or greenhouse, I thank my grand creator.  The spinal pain tends to get the better of me.  Regarding, keeping the flat clean and tidy.  No I am not a fastidious individual.  But I like a clean and tidy home.  For any friends etc visiting.  They would probabl think that Val, had just popped out to the shops.  I live on a bus route.  I love to have the windows open, even in the coldest of times.  The dust etc from the street outside, soon settles on the furniture etc.  Added to that. For the past fifty years.  I have suffered from scoriorsis. I tend to give off a constant dust storm and leave atrail of scales etc.  Believe me.  Mike is not a great lover of himself.  So friends.  Please try and not come down too hard on Mike.

Have you sown any seeds yet this year?

Posted: 03/03/2014 at 22:24


What busy bees you have all been.  It appears from the posts tat veg is just a nose in front.  I am wondering what knock on effect all this wet weather will have later on in the veggie markests.

To date.  I 'SOWED' some sweet peas a while ago in deep pots, in the greenhouse.  They are now showing.  I like them to take their time and not to suddenly spring up over night.  When the time comes, after hardening off.  The content of each pot will be tapped out, and planted as one lump.  This ensures a good bushy start for the new plants.  In the greenhouse, I have been struggling to make room.  I have just 'Planted' some new lily bulbs.  Seed, 'SOWING' can wait another couple of weeks.  I have around 100-150 pkts of flower seeds to sow.  I'd rather be a bit late than to chance things.  Some might wonder why I have used capitals for various things.  I admire the hard work that most put in, when posting.  It must take many of you a lot of time looking up the botanical names

So if I might.  Sow.  You sow seeds.  Plant.  You plant an existing bulb, corm tuber etc and also a plant of various species.  Just a help.

There are many members who make use of heated propagators.  Great!  Now come the time when you prick out.  What do you do with all these new seedlings.  They will still require protection and some heat.  Mike is not waving a big stick.  Believe me.   Much of my knowledge has been gained the hard way.  Please slow down.

Many garden lovers tend to throw everything to the wind, as soon as they see trays of plants available on the market.  Stop and think.  How many of us have rushed out, spent a small fortune.  Then a couple of weeks time.  There we are agin.  Buying another load of plants.  Let your instinct be your guide, NOT the commercial growers.

Kind regards.


Posted: 03/03/2014 at 21:52

Well done James.

Actually I subscribe to the RHS forums/blogs.  My post were well liked by other members.  I asked for a blog-site. Sorry  These sites are for helpers and volunteers of the RHS.

Joining this forum.  I requested a blog-site.  Once again. NO!

When checking out the blogs, what do I find.  These in fact are usually set aside for the, 'personalities'  Question.  How often and what do these ones blog about.  Seldom and Nowt.

I was once asked by a subscriber to the RHS forum.  Was I a VMH holder.  Answer NO.  Even though I have been part of the RHS since the early 60's

I wish you well James, with your blog.

Today in the greenhouse.

Posted: 01/03/2014 at 23:53

Brrr.  Outside this morning it was a bit on the chilly side.  Having completed my household chores, and downed a couple of tins of veg/ soup, I ventured out.  Out as far as the greenhouse.  Wow!.  Once again, opening the door, that hypnotic fragrance of Hyacinths.  I locked myself in.   Then I soon realised just how warm it was inside.  A quick check of the Max/Min thermometer.  NO! it can't be,  70 deg. F. The house is unheated.  At the moment.  It resembles more of a warehouse than a green house.  Today my task was to make,set up a shelf arrangement. I have already done such on one side of the house.  This has enabled me to put my alpines up and over.  This has given me more stagging space.  The containers with my lillies have now been removed from beneath the stagging to be placed on top.  Growth of the lilies is advancing fast.  Already the bugs and slugs are having a feast. A few days ago.  I sprayed the whole area with with a liquid slug and snain killer. It really does work. Today I found a couple of junior leopard slugs.  The chemicals had done their job.  Upon removing the victims.  I noticed that, they were crawling alive with microscopice life forms.  I must rememeber to take a look at these under the microscope.

I'd stronly advise all, to keep a constant eye open, in the greenhouse, for tiny slugs and snails and infact for any creepy crawlies.

Anyone dismantled a greenhouse? Easy or not?

Posted: 01/03/2014 at 23:32

To be honest.  Yours truly hasn't read every post on this thread.  So please forgive me if at times I wander a bit.  Firstly.  I just can't understand why in the world, there exist so much annymosity etc between husbands and wives. I lost my mate, coming upto four years ago.  We'd spent fifty years together.  Never a row.  Val always respected me as being the head of the family.  Our two daughters also held that respect.  In all honesty.  Mike so often, cuddled up to Val and said.  Sorry.  Why?.  Simply because I had on many occassions found and realised.  I was wrong. I was chucked onto the scrapheap...workwise, back in 1984.  Thanfully I have survived on my pension etc.  Out vof my 'golden handshake' via HM Gov. I bought a Halls cedarwood green house form a chap.  I am still using it.  To me.  A timber framed structure is far better than a metal framed one.  Now then.  The member asked.  Has anyone dismantled a greenhouse?  YES.


Please follow these instructions.  If  you can.  Take a photo of the structure,  Print it off.  Now working from the ridge. Mark your picture with corresponding numbers that you will also mark on the individual parts. Please take care with the glass.  Never lay panes of glass one on top of the other.  Stack them upright.  If being transported, transport in an upright style.  When reassembling the greenhouse, follow the picture. Good luck.


Posted: 01/03/2014 at 22:19

Hey Lilly.  I bet that got the locals scratching their heads.  ' Well it looks like a lettuce, but I think it might be some foreign plant'  At least you did you bit to help feed the local bunnies.

Clematis plants in containers

Posted: 01/03/2014 at 22:05

Charley D.  I have three roses in two tubs, as I want a quick thick cover.  The roses are.  Zephirine Drouhin.  New Dawn and Rosa Helenei.

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