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dog bite,anyone know for sure?

Posted: 21/10/2014 at 01:59
Gran. Thanks for your PM. I am so glad that I have been of assistance to you, and your friend. In all honesty. I am tending to look outside the box now. Still let's keep it in house. PC Plod. Pkt bk notes. Jogger in the countryside, is bitten by dog. Day date time and place, etc. Evidence. Jogger was on private land, as an uninvited person. Dog, owned by landowner, takes evesive action and goes for jogger, friendly orotherwise...? Jogger kicks out. Dog perhaps, taking this as a game. Grabs out with jaws. Jogger complaines to land ownwer. Points to consider. Please. At this point can the do-gooders and well wishers remain silent. In a court of law. Certain procedures take place. Now then. The identity of the land owner will have to be established. A general in court survey of the scene will have to be visualised. So the jogger is jogging along. Suddenly the dog emerges and gives chase! Was the dog aggressive? or playful? The jogger kicks out. So. Does the dog now interpret this as a gesture of playfulness? Question. Have perhaps, jogger and dog become aquainted in the past. Has the jogger often used the short cut etc in the past. If so then. The court would be foced to ask. Had the jogger been given permission to enter the grounds and proceed? Fair do's. Out in the sticks some strange things take place. In London. In answer to this question. Ano would result inthe whole matter being thrown out. To summ up. Mention has been made that. The local police have asked. Why haven't your dogs been put down.? Question. Now! suddenly A YES 'A dog, has become dogs.' As I mentioned in my PM to Gran. For this to have become someting to the local police. To be honest. Any police CO would kick it all into touch. The whole matter is so silly. Whether or not notices are posted, warning of dogs etc. The whole case must rest upon. The jogger vs The land owner. Summary. The jogger was an uninvited person on the land. Questions about the dog's inteligengece etc has to be ad libed. If I was the police officer dealing withthis. I would say to the victim. Serves you right. Now get your arse outv of my office.
Gran.. Rest assured. Although many years have passed. I started life as a solicitors clerk, then became a cop. Please tell your friend. Stop worrying. The question from the police....why haven't you had thedgs put down. BLUFF BLUFF. Once and for all time. If thereis a case to answer. Then. Jogger. Go ahead. Take a chance and play your hand. Atv the end of the day. I hope you have a good bank balance to be able to pay cost and compensation.

What's the best book you've EVER read ?

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 22:27
Not so easy to answer, as I have read so many interesting and instructive books. First and foremost is the Bible. It never grows old or out of date.
Then one particular book that I have read over and over again. In Quest of the Sun. By Alain Gerbault. It could be called a ship's log. A frenchman who in 1924 sailed his tiny yacht single handed from Pananma to so many places. In 1987 My wife managed to track down a second hand, first edition for me, as a anniversary gift. I never tire of reading it.

hornbeam hedge questions

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 00:29
Welcome Dean to the forum and also, to the magical world of gardening.

So you wish to get rid of the conifers and then plant a hornbeam hedge. To be honest my friend. Taking into account the size of the plot. A bit of a tall order, nevertheless. As you will discover in time. Gardening comprises many up's and down's.
When using trees compared to shrubs, in making a hedge. Things tend to get a bit top heavy. Shrubs tend to break out much closer to the ground, whereas trees as we all know, tend to grow tall and the spread out. Hornbeam are usually used as rfoadside decoratives or a specialities in parks and formal gardens. They are very attractive trees and sadly at times rare in some localities.
Dean. To use them in a hedge, and let's be realistic here. You are disposing of the conifers mainly because they are blocking out the light. So, now resorting to a hedge. You must be considering a hedge say five and a half feet high, perhaps six and a half. To be honest. Yes there are several tree/shrub nurseries that can supply you. However my friend. You have chosen a tree that is very delicatley designed. It is well spaced in it's branching etc. So. Go ahead. It's your choice. Firstly, I consider you will have to close plant. That means probably 18" apart. Then at a very early stage. You will have to stop them. That is. Snip off the growing tip. This will cause the main stem, trunk, to send up a new shoot. This automatically causes side shoots to join in the fun. Now in a much larger area, say. A boundary fence etc around a field. Things prove different. However here on your tiny plot. You will have to weekly tend the hedge. Cutting back say halfway the laterals. They are the side growths, and at the same time keeping the leaders, the higher tips in check. Dean my friend. I wish you well.
Might you freconsider? A mixed hedge say Rosa rugosa and hawthorn? Much fast growing and much easier to control.

Automated greenhouse - Year 12 AS Systems and Control project!

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 23:37
Elliot. Welcome and I wish you well with your exams and project. My Grandson is also your age and is now in sixth form. His latetes GCE results in the sciences have all been. A and A Star.

Keep in touch. I will help you all I can.


Rhs plant shop

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 23:32
Fairygirl. I agree with you.

Sadly this happens far too often. Even when shopping at the local GC.. Yes the pots bear the GC label but in many instances. The contents were grown on the continent. I do feel that it is high time the powers to be sorted this out. They go on a bout labelling food and the like. So why not plants. OK. Purchased from. XYZ Garden Center. Grown by. Van Whatsit .. Holland.

dog bite,anyone know for sure?

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 23:19
At one time. I used to do voluntary vetting for an animal rescue place, called FOAL Farm Friends of Animals League. One of the main requirements that had to be met by the prospective adopter was. The garden should be secure. Garde in this case could also mean in some cases fields etc. Agreed, there are miles and mile of farmland and fields that in no way can be termed as'Secure' most simply having posts and perhaps a few strands of wire. Provided it can be proved that at some point, a notice is displayed to the effect that the land is private. Then that will do.. It's secure.

Whatever you do. Never display a warning such as. 'BEWARE OF THE DOG' Legally, the moment you do that, you are admitting total responsibility etc.

These quotes of Trespass. Sorry folks but. That rule went out ages ago. In short it was such a confusing law to interpret. Now I believe the quote as being. Being upon locked/secured premises without consent.

Back to the case in question. There are so many questions to ask, should such a case be brought to court. Let's be honest. Who wouldn't kick out, if some teeth snarling hound deirsed to take a chunk out of your ankle. The last thought would be, that this would aggravate the animal even more.

It would really surprise me if upon the information as given here, that this matter were to go any further. YES! perhaps if the police have been involved. Then a record of events will have been made.

IMO not enough has been divulged and in all senses, I be inclined to let it pass.
If I can help further. Please ask. Mike.

Using soil riddled with ivy

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 22:48
Ivy requires a soil pH of 6.0-7.5 6.5-7.0 is normally classed as being neutral. Readings below 6.5 will indicate the degree of acidity in the soil. Whereas going the other way will indicate the alkalinity.
Now then. Much also depends on just what the ivy has taken out of the soil. Might I suggest that you take a pH reading of the soil. Then consider what plants you might wish to grow. At a guess, I would think that the soil is pretty well played out.

Hedge problem

Posted: 19/10/2014 at 22:33
Charley D.

Yes. Sometimes a leylandii can be rescued. Sad to say though. Due in part to the type being a somewhat fast grower, quite often vast areas can develop and be rapidly passed by. In most cases, it becomes a matter of chance.
As I have so often mentioned. Right across the planet, tree and many other plants are rapidly becoming victim of the changing weather patterns Possibly the best advice at the moment is. Keep a close eye on your trees and plants. Slightest sign of infection, disease etc. Act fast.

Talkback: Help wildlife survive winter

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 23:27
However might I add. Wildlife has managed to survive far longer thanwe have walked the earth. Perhaps it might be as well, to leave things alone.

Talkback: Help wildlife survive winter

Posted: 18/10/2014 at 23:25
Mike hasn'tread all the replies. However to answer the original question. Add some glycerine to the water. It perfectly safe.

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