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agapanthus/nerine bowdenii

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 22:06

Agapanthus.  Liliaceae.  Family.  Common name.  African lily.  A genus of around 70 species.

Nerine.  Amaryllidacea. family.  A genus of at least 30 species.  Half hardy bulbous plants.

Due to several reclassifications of plant genera etc of the years.  Some Amaryllidacea.  have been included within the Liliaceae.  I would be inclined to treat the two as seperate family's.

Help with Acer

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 21:54

Don't worry about the root that has grown though the drainage hole.  Using whatever means available.  Remove the tree from the pot.  To be honest and practcal.  I'd certainly consider planting the tree in the open ground.  This can be done, even if the rootball is soggy.  Important point to consider IMO.  The tree is already large.  It is obviously growing well and strong.  Should you manage to re-pot it.  Then you must consider that in the near future.  You are going to have to make ways and means of supporting it.  Planted in the ground.   It will have a greater chance to go on enjoying life and providing you with a beautiful tree.

Rose Garden

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 21:45

H.T's and or Florabunda roses.  Much depends upon what YOU desire.  Generally a planting distance of around two feet will surfice.  When choosing your roses.  You will have to give thought asto what you wish to see in later times.  Do yous imply want a colourful mixture, perhaps made of of all different heights etc.  At the end of the day.  It has to be your choice.  Might I suggest you visit a rose garden and take a good look.  With the greatest respect to our forum friends, it is notan easy task simply quoting perhaps the odd rose that pleases us.  Let's be honest.  Roses are not cheap, and if cared for correctly.  They should still be providing you with a grand display twenty plus year into the future.

Forget me nots or what?

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 21:33

Myosotis.  A member of the Boraginaceae family.   Myosotis comprise of around 50 species. Some are annuals, some are treated as biennials and even perennials.  Their growth and habits tend to vary so much.  The taller spiked variety is or is related to the water forget-me-not.  There is also a white flowered one, M.australis.  Clumps can be spit up easily.  probably the best and most attractive method in the garden/border.  Let them grow and form clumps.  They will readily self seed.

Ancient woodlands.

Posted: 31/03/2014 at 23:45

Our dear forum member requested that I furnish details of my relationship with the ancient woodlands of Oxleas Woods.

  Firstly.  Please Google.  Oxlese Woods.  Instantly you will be given a ring side seat.  Truly the woodland area has  history. Apart from the woodland itself.  The roads past it.  Shootershill. The road from Dover to London.  It is believed.  The hywayman Dick Turpin held to gunpoint many nobles on this road.  Lookking at todays geography.  This famous Roman built road.  A steady grdual climbe fro what is now Welling,m surmountintin to the top. The the downhill passage. passing the outskirts of Castlewood and then Eltham Common.  Aririving at was once Shooterhill Police Station.  This being the crossroads of Eltham Well Hall Rd. Acadamy Rd. and Shootershill Rd. I had for various reasons, perhaps held some personnal feelings for this woodland. Having been medically discharged from the police.  I applied to the then LCC. Parks Dept.  I was accepted and pased the medical. A1.  I served with them for some five years.  During this time. I passed first class my gardening. I aso gained a fiest in Groundsmanship.  I at times boast.  Oh, I went to Eton.     Long preganant pause.  Well! just for one day.  It was during my groundsman cource.  A Mr Bowles, was atv the time, hed grounds,man at Eton.  We students had tobe amazed at his wondreful sports fields.  Forgive me. Mike was not impressed. However.  Mike.  Went to Eton.  During my brief spell at Oxles etc.  Truthfully I was in my glory.  Each day was different.  Not boasting, but.  I always seemed to lead the way.  I was very much the practical man.  In those days, parks and gardens tended to defer vistitors.  Keep of the grass.  No entry etc,  To be honest.  Eveninthe height of the summer season.  Many parks and gardens lacked public support.  With the death of the GLC and all of it's wasteful spending. HM Gov. Put opver the care etc of these historical places to, the local borughs.     At that time. The unions played a big part.  Oxleas and Casltlewood, came under the power of Greenwich  council.  Greenwich council was at that time a tcket employment.  Your acceptance to the job, meant so much upon your union loyallty..  Mike wasn't in agreement to this arrangement.  So I left.  I wa sthankful that during my five years.  I had gained a firstvin gardening and groundsmanship.  I had attainred te status of Dep. Supt.  I wa sthen asked by he MOD to become head Gardener. I accepeted.  Even though the pay was small, Val an I maaged.  As strange as it might seem.  Most if not all of my horticultural knowledgeha sbeen gained by, personal individual study.  Aka .  Self taught.

What's the best thing to do with daffodils when the flower has died

Posted: 31/03/2014 at 22:11

Let them gracefully die back.  Leave them where they are.

Surfinia - cuttings or collect seeds?

Posted: 31/03/2014 at 22:09

Vegetive proporgation.

Black...good or yuck?

Posted: 31/03/2014 at 22:08

Verdun.  At last Mike has found a fellow beliver.  Let's quickly attempt to cover the glorious spectrum of plant diversity etc, of which, colour has to be a major player. From folk lore onwards.  Black always appears to have mourning, deathlike state about it.  For instance. IMHO there is no such thing as a Black flower.  OK.  For what is on offer.  Take the darkest, as one might call it, a black flower.  Now place tis alongside a pure white rose.  There you have it.  Black and white.  Stop and think.  Let your thought drift.  You look continually upon the black flower.  Poke your nose into it, some fragrance, but.  The colour, BLACK.  What i so interesting in black.  Now take a look at the white flower.  Wihin nano seconds.  Your mind comes alive with thought, visions of perhaps a favourite lady, white, purity etc.  The white also aloows for the deeper insight, to see feint markings etc.  Whereas, Black remains black.  I leave it upto you to decide.  I love roses.  No thank you.  To me.   A Black rose would suggest death, sorrow etc.  I prefer to enjoy the floral world, it brings me happiness and delight.

Screening bush/tree

Posted: 31/03/2014 at 21:53

Have you given a thought to Bamboo.  There are evergreen varietis, and most are rapid growers.

Sprig's Garden

Posted: 31/03/2014 at 21:51

Oh dear!  I am a bit of a gardener myself.  So perhaps I have kind of interest of sorts in plants and gardens.  Perhaps a little off record.  I am also a GOD fearining one, and I recall having read the 'Good Book' many times, that we are reminded not be envious.  I have to admit/confess.  As I stand here hands clasped in a prayful pose, and eyes raised heavenward.  So perhaps Mike has fallen short.  Truly I envy all you forum members that have such large gardens.  Yes, I really do envy you.  Believe me.  It is so good to read members posts relating to how they are developing large gardens.   Please keep posting.

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