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Fuchsia Thalia

Posted: 22/03/2013 at 13:18

I keep my plant which I have had for about  4 years in a 10in pot. Before the first frosts of winter I move it into my unheated, south facing conservatory, until after the spring frosts. By the spring it is looking a bit jaded but after a good feed and a couple of weeks of sun/warm it is fine

But I also have a query. I stress this is not a wind up indeed I have photographs to prove if necessary but mine is in flower 365 days a year and has been ever since it was given to me. Last spring it produced a ? sucker which I removed and planted in a separate pot. In June it started to flower and is still flowering - chip off the old block?  Seriously though all I read suggests a summer to autumn flowering period and I cannot find any reference to a propensity to flower continusoly!  Have I freak or is this common  for Thalia's

Mike H


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