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Rhubarb pests

Posted: 05/07/2014 at 15:53

 Dove from above.

This picture is not so good, I have had difficulty uploading to the forum but you will get the gist. Just look how spindly the plant is.

Rhubarb pests

Posted: 05/07/2014 at 15:06


Rhubarb pests

Posted: 05/07/2014 at 14:04

No expert!

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my dilemma.

The sun is sun is shining today so I will take a photograph and post it.

The leaves resembled net curtains and the stalks were/are the diameter of a pencil. Absolute rubbish. I suspect slugs or snails but with beer traps not a lot of evidence of drunken molluscs.

Rhubarb pests

Posted: 04/07/2014 at 14:44

Dove from above,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I haven't taken any pictures but I will do when it stops raining. I hope you can give me some expert tips. It is disheartening to say the least.

Thanks again

Rhubarb pests

Posted: 04/07/2014 at 14:23

I have been trying to grow rhubarb for the past 3 years and have been unsuccessful. I have purchased decent root crowns and each year I find that the rhubarb is attacked by some critter. I believe it could be slugs but the traps I have set like beer traps do not seem to account for the extent of the damage. The plants are decimated. Can you please advice. I have changed the location on two occasions and still the damage occurs. I have a large wild field at the back of my rhubarb plot, plenty of places for slugs to hide away. I am a very successful fruit gardener and am ashamed that I cannot be successful on a fruit.vegetable that is supposed to be easy. I would appreciate some help on this subject,

Thank you in anticipation,

Problems with dwarf beans

Posted: 07/03/2013 at 20:51

Daisy Cottage,

You are getting some very helpful replies. You will need to post us a picture of the finished article. Let us know how you got on with your problem.


Posted: 07/03/2013 at 12:55


I just want to say that you should not throw the pruned stems away. Save them for supporting other plants later in the year. They last a long time without going brittle and snapping.

Problems with dwarf beans

Posted: 07/03/2013 at 11:40
Daisy Cottage wrote (see)

I'm having problems ths year with dwarf beans. I sowed 30 'Speedy' beans in individual 3" pots (haven't grown Speedy before). All my seeds are raised in a very large, heated garden room that has plenty of light. Of the 30 only 9 germinated. I realised that I hadn't soaked the beans first so I sowed another 15 or so after soaking first. Of the first 9 plants, I have only 1 left !! All the others, at different stages of growth, have died - some after the first couple of leaves appeared and a couple at around 4 inches tall with lots of leaf. Of the second batch of seeds, I have about 7 seedlings which mostly are OK - so far. I've not had problems with any of my other veg seeds. What is going on ? I've grown dwarf beans for years and apart from the odd germination problem, I've never had them die off like this.

I had this problem last year and came to the conclusion that the compost was at fault. The outlets get rid of last years stock when you buy early in the year. Most bags have been stored outside in the snow and rain which is not ideal for seedlings, even beans. I suggest if you have any seeds left that you sow them in a different compost. See how it goes. The bags I bought last February, 2012, smelled of sulphur when the bag was opened. Can't be good, can it?

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Rhubarb pests

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