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Robinia Tree problems...

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 15:17

ROBINIA PSEUDOACCACIA FRISIA deaths and "die-back".. HONEY FUNGUS, I was assuming. My is over 30 years old and had got overly large (make sure you prune when young - they are usually lovely tough old things and very good in dry weather, and let plenty of light through).  Now it's very dead apart from a few thinner branches. A tree surgeon refused to help me cut down this tree, since it is in the corner and the big dead branches overhang other peoples'. But I believe the honey fungus (sometimes visible above ground in odd places) was the cause, since along the same "run" along the back of the garden I have also lost several other trees:- one lovely mature crab apple tree, and a middle aged apple tree, and more recently a Crataegus prunifolia.  I am now just expecting more or less any new tree which I plant may eventually die as a consequence of the presence of this fungus in the area. All this damage would make it as horrendous a pest as the ash dieback pathogen surely? My Robinia was the perch for dozens of collared doves, the which flock my neighbour fed daily and over-enthuisiastically. An investigation of the seeds contents of doves and pigeons would be essential as part of study of potential tree pathogens.  The doves' poo has also started off some nasty weeds in my garden which were not present prior to the moving-in of the bird-feeding enthusiast.. 

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