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collecting and storing seeds

Posted: 27/10/2012 at 19:52

ah ok, so what do we have here? this grew from the top of the plants....

the mystery continues....

olives and strawbs

Posted: 27/10/2012 at 19:50

thanks for your reply

yes, we are in a bit of a mess!

the strabs are in various size containers from hanging basket sixe to 45cm pots. nearly all are plastic but one small pot is ceramic.have a small garden so the bed space is for our main veg crop. we've just harvested our root veg and last of the tomatoes etc but we'll be planting autumn garlic and onions in that space.

the olive tree label gives very little information. is more about selling accompanying products (pots, compost, etc) and not care information.

thanks for your help


olives and strawbs

Posted: 27/10/2012 at 18:29


olives and strawbs

Posted: 27/10/2012 at 18:27


over the last couple of years i have tried growing more and more things. it's been a fairly trial and error approach but we've managed to grow and eat most of what we've planted.

the difficulty i've found is in the small details. there is always an amount of assumed knowledge in the information available. and thats where i have questions

there's a few things i'm unsure on. overwintering strawberries: i've grown new plans in containers from my bought plants. first time i've done this. i've taken off all dead leaves and weeded the pots. i've bought some straw and added it to the plants. i am unsure how much straw to add and whether to cover the plants or have the leaves poking through. the small new plants aren't big enough for this really. the last question i have is around where to put the containers. i have a small garden, no conservatory or greenhouse sadly. i do have a leaky garage which is in a block not next to the warmth of the house. i've read advice saying to dig the pots into the soil. and another to store in the garage under a towl. i am really lost where to put them and also when. some articles say if you do it too soon they will not be dormant and will try and grow. how such a simple thing becomes a minefield i'm not sure!

this week i've also bought a olea europea olive tree - bargain £6 as end of the season. i've got a new big container and compost at the ready but i'm not completely sure whether i can keep it outside in the winter. here in Bournemouth we rarely get snow but it does get frosty and cold like anywhere in the uk. do i need to cover it somehow? perhaps one of those fleece covers i've seen for plants? last question. the tree has quite of olives on it. mostly green. what do i do with these? if i take them off will they ripen so we can eat them? i tried eating a purple one but it was definately not ripe- was horrid! there was a great article on this tree on this site. it implies i need to cure the olives somehow. any ideas?!

well, quite a lot to read here - sorry. any help you can give me will be very greatly appreciated.

many thanks


collecting and storing seeds

Posted: 27/10/2012 at 18:25


collecting and storing seeds

Posted: 27/10/2012 at 18:23


we have been dutifully collecting seeds (or what we think are seeds) from the plants during harvest. they've been left to dry out and we're in the process of putting the best ones in envelopes to plan next season.

we've got a bit stuck with beetroot and sweetcorn which we've never grown before and had varied success with this year.

here's 2 pictures of what we've collected. are they really seeds and what should we do with them?

also, what do i do with the beets when picked from the containers? the first few i picked didn't store well and went woody and dry. i had put them in a hessian sack.

all help would be very greatfully received

many thanks


baffled by strawbs and a mystery plant

Posted: 07/07/2012 at 00:24

ahh great advice thanks all. will definately try some straw for the berries. i did use some sticks to try and lift them off the soil but the rain hasn't helped. we do have an excess of woodlice in some of our pots, so could be them. i read in a garden mag that slugs dont climb pots but somethings def going on!

will try the mystery leaves and see if it tastes like rocket! good to have a bit of a clue before eating something that could be a weed!

in terms of soggy patches, we've had lots of those. i did think it could be splitting like tomatoes do if over watered but the lines are a bit too wiggly on some. trying to pick them as soon as they ripen which has reduced the amount that are attacked. we've had some funny shaped ones too. not had that before. may be due to the rain again where we've had spells of very heavy rain followed by dry spells.

thanks to everyone for your advice.

baffled by strawbs and a mystery plant

Posted: 06/07/2012 at 13:38

thanks both for your quick replies.

pesky slugs. great to know what it is though. been trying to buy some organic pellets for ages but everywhere sold out. could i use salt?

it could be lettuce, it is one of the things i have planted. seems a bit leggy to me though?

baffled by strawbs and a mystery plant

Posted: 06/07/2012 at 13:25


baffled by strawbs and a mystery plant

Posted: 06/07/2012 at 13:21


i'm quite new to growing fruit and veg and continue to be baffled by the things that happen in my veg patch!

i've had some great advice from this forum which has helped me no end. so i've come back to ask some more questions which i've been unable to solve.

so somethings going on with my strawberries. it's only happening to about half of them but i can't work out if it's a pest or rain damage.piccys attached. they look diferent when first picked to when they've dried a little so i've taken piccys at both stages.

i've also managed to grow a mystery plany from seed but now it's bigger i suspect it's just a big weed! before i got rid of it i wanted to double check though. i've grown lots of things from seed and this just seems completely different. pic attached.

any help would be greatly appreciated.



p.s. if anyone has read my past threads, the parsnips that appeared in our lawn are doing really well, the leaves on some are 6ft tall! they've now got yellow flowers on.

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