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monah maugan

About me:I am 69 yrs old, and have just got my first allotment. Of course many people are horrified,and telling me I am nuts. However. I am a bit of a fanatic about my health, I cook a lot and eat very healthily and, despite various disabilities I feel that I have begun a phase in my life that will last me 'til I am totally infirmed. I am to have some support from, son, son in law and grand sons with the heavy work. I love to grow and I am certain that if I pace myself and do not try to overdo things I will be fine. I mean to have a small deck where my 94 yr old mum can sit and watch me work, and where I will be able to paint,(I am an artist) I paint flowers and landscapes and I hope to have a multitude of scenes for my work. Needless to say I will need lots of advice and suggestions and it would be really good to have input from such experts as you all are. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.
more coming soon...