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Banana Plant Problem

Posted: 10/11/2012 at 17:54


My advice is to get yourself a Japanese Hardy banana variety such as Musa basjoo. I live in the midlands and have had one planted in the garden for about 10 years now. It even survived the severe frosts we have been having over the last couple of years. It does die down in the winter and I used to wrap it to keep the main stem tall. I don't bother these days as it was getting to about 10-15 feet in 1 growing season (and fruiting) which is too big for the garden. I now let it die down to the ground and it still grows to about 6-8 feet in 1 season with many smaller trunks. I have also been succesful in taking the smaller ones off and giving these away to family and friends. I did try to grow a less hardy variety in a pot but this was not successful for me.

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