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Plants for scent.

Posted: 28/10/2012 at 14:46
Can't beat lavender or rosemary as far as I'm concerned, I love the smell as you brush past and the bees can't get enough lavender in our back garden


Posted: 14/10/2012 at 22:05

ok,I really don't want anyone to take offence at this because it's just my opinion and  I'm playing advocate here.... but, those of you who are objecting to shooting rats, are you vegan / vegetarian? It's a genuine question and just something to think about?

The reason I ask is if you eat meat or drink milk then the animals are killed.... if you drink milk then bear in mind that the biggest bi product of the dairy industry is beef, in the form of the male calves that are born in order for their mothers to produce milk.

I'm a fully paid up dairy, meat eater BUT I understand that animals are killed so they go on my plate. If you are going to complain about rodents being shot then maybe it's worth looking at other opinions you have as well. you've already said you shouldn't have one rule for one animal and another for a different animal

Personally I have a real phobia of Rats and mice and the much beloved deals with the mice with a humane trap..... as far as I know we've never had rats, but I don't think he's tell me even if we had! We leave nuts in a seperate spot for the squirrel and he seems to leave the feeders alone! We don't mind him visiting, the kids will sit for hours quietly watching out for him!

What have you achieved in the garden after a bad day at work?

Posted: 14/10/2012 at 21:40

Hi Steve, I had a similar day today, I've managed to get into the corner which WAS behind the shed before we took the shed down!

It's one of my favorite parts, there where loads of bricks and rotted panels I've cleared away to our "need to sort" pile, we've left a patch for the frogs to hide under and the hedgehogs to go hunting for slugs in!

Then naturally once you pop you can't stop so I gradually worked my way round through the herbs and I'm still dead heading roses, there's no weeds left in thhe beds and the Ivy is back in the hedge and not all over the grass, it's all good prep for next years raised bed project

The mystery of the disappearing hedgehogs

Posted: 10/10/2012 at 09:59

Hi Lunarz,

We've been leaving extra piles of peanuts on the grass for the hedgehogs all summer, it started because we noticed 3 of them hoovering up around the bird feeding station one night, we've had up to 5 that we've spotted at any one time, we made the decision last week not to put extra out now because it's getting a bit chilly in the evenings now and they maybe should be at least thinking about tucking themselves up for the winter. Working oon the theory that whilest theres still a high enery source of food freely available they might think twice,

Over the last couple of weeks the little ones have been spotted in the garden as we got home from work, around 6.30ish, we took it as a sign they where squeezing in as much as they can before hibernating. We haven't seen them at all this week. and there have been no little "presents" left on the lawn for us!..... although Horatio, the original big one was crashing around and bulldozing his way through the undergrowth last night without a care in the world, but I suspect it won't be long before he's tucked up too!

If there's a warm spell we'll add some extra out for them to get them through but as a greneral rule of thumb it's going to be a slug only diet from our garden with the occasional spillage from the bird table, assuming the cheeky squirrel doesn't get there 1st!


Posted: 10/10/2012 at 09:42

I made some the other week and just boiled them up in sugar and water with a bit of cinnamon, I just sliced a wee nick in them and then when it was all syrupy enough I strained them through muslim..... there's no hairs in the jar. I'd heard also you needed to remove the hairs but came to the conclusion my lifes to short!

it's pretty yummy by the way!

Killing Ivy in a Hedge

Posted: 09/10/2012 at 17:01

Oh my.... this is one of my soap box subjects! you might regret this!!

We moved this spring to a house with a good sized garden certainly big enough for 2 of us both with jobs and time share dogs we borrow every now and again, as we do with nephews and nieces! once we actully stood back and looked at what needed doing, we worked out that the people in before us did nothing appart from cut the grass for the 7 years they where in there.

We've been hacking and clearing all summer and finally we're down to just the ivy going along the back boundry "hedge" I use inverted commas because the hedge actually consists of 4 or 5 youngish damson trees that are covered in Ivy which then spreads all along the fence.

We decided to leave this bit until last because the birds where nesting in there. The branches of the Ivy are as thick as my arm which is ok but then there are all the off shoots even when you pull them out there are still bits under the ground and berries buried by the birds / squirrels it drives me nuts! not to mention the roots all through the back boarder! 

We've managed to get the 30 year old stuff down from the side of the house, the WHOLE side, I remember the houses being built and know when it went in, but now we have a 30 year old stump left... we've got stuff to drill holes and pour in!

So I suppose after my rant... (sorry about that!) the question is are you talking fairly young stuff which crops up occasionally or is it more of a tree with full on branches, because if you have as much as we've cleared, never mind have left to go I wouldn't fancy painting gel on all the leaves!


Strawberries in hanging baskets

Posted: 01/10/2012 at 15:12

I've never managed to do this..... mainly because we always seem to move the year i decide to grow strawberries again.... I'm hoping thats going to change next year!

However, the much beloveds dad sticks his in a pot which is suitable for the size of the plant (for the runners) the ones in the fruit and veg patch he just leaves in the ground.

He clears away any dead leaves, (i.e. shrivelled and brown) so they don't go all mouldy and nasty, and thats about it. The ones in the pots he tucks away behind the garage, theres a lovely sheltered spot which is about 2 sq metres which seems to get sun most of the day and they do ok.

the one thing i noticed he's dne this year which might be a little contriversal, he's done it for the 1st time this year which is lopped the tops off!

so if you can imagine gathering the leaves and holding them up, like you would with your hair if you where doing a ponytail and he just chopped them off.....

Now you might want to check this with someone else before you try it because it seemed a bit brutal to me and there are far more knowledgeable  people than me on this forum... I was horrified, i know my gramps just let his be.... but it doesn't make it the right way!

let us know how you get on, i love knowing how people are doing and what sucess they've had.

geraniums (spelling?)

Posted: 23/09/2012 at 17:11

oh my life!!!! so confusing! Thanks Chaps!,

The much beloved will come around, I might have to tie him a couple of new flies for fishing as a softener but it usually works!


Posted: 23/09/2012 at 17:04

Hi there, looking for some general advice please.

We've cleared a space at the front of the house against the garage (brick wall), which is now looking a bit bear, but the ivy was an absolute beast! (we inherited it when we moved in!)

We'd like to grow probably an apple tree against the wall as an espalier.

Could any of you please advise if there are any better varieties to use, we like juicy and crunchy if that helps! also best time of year to plant and anything special we need to do to the soil?

We're in central Lancs and the wall is mostly south facing, slightly angled to the East if anything and it's quite well sheltered by the porch, it's a bit of a suntrap, but the ground does run down toward the garage, so there have been a couple of times this "summer" when we've paddled to the front door. drainage must be ok though because as soon as it stops raining it water goes away.

I've got a pretty good book that explains the basics, but since I've been using this forum I've learnt if nothing else nothing beats other peoples knowledge and experience.

geraniums (spelling?)

Posted: 23/09/2012 at 16:30

Thanks both!

Definitely Geraniums, I've still got the labels.... I'm a bit rubbish at remembering plant names so I tend to hold on to any labels! the porch is inside, frost free but still quite chilly!

I'll give the drying out a try I think, they weren't very expensive but I do hate to lose any plants if I can help it.

I'll let you know how I go!

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