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Talkback: The strange case of the wilting wisteria

Posted: 11/03/2012 at 21:25

I have just read all the posts, some going back a few years, and everyone no matter from which country be it the US or France, Luxemburg or italy has the same story of dying wisteria, maybe its a worldwide problem, maybe its a new disease or insect, i wish someone could give us some answers.

Olive Trees

Posted: 10/03/2012 at 18:03

gardeners fleece is a good idea, I think its the freezing wind that they dont like as they are quite a hardy plant and can tolerate cold weather, their leaves may suffer but the plant itself will probably survive unless it goes a lot below freezing.

Clay soil problem

Posted: 10/03/2012 at 17:56

roses are fine in clay. Rosemary and lavender seem to like it too, and bulbs, but anything acidowatsitous like camelia or hydrangea seem to hate it, but thats in my garden, it may be different for other people.

Box going bare

Posted: 10/03/2012 at 17:50

my box plants dont like frost, and they dont like cat wee, and they dont like drying out, they are always throwing wobblers.

wisteria woe

Posted: 10/03/2012 at 17:43

my once healthy wisteria started to go pear shaped last year, all the leaves went yellow and fell off, and a lot of the vines died off, I dont know what the problem is so I dont know how to solve it. The plant is mature we bought it 6 years ago already a large plant in a tub and planted it in the garden, it was fine until last summer, I dont know whether its the soil (heavy clay) lack of water, feeding ,pruning, disease, or heat (40 degrees) now only a few shoots coming from the ground at the base seem healthy.

Talkback: The strange case of the wilting wisteria

Posted: 10/03/2012 at 17:07
I have a ten year old wisteria that until last year was very healthy and vigorous, last year one by one the leaves went yellow and fell off and the long vines seemed to die off, now its barely alive, only a few vines coming directly from the ground survive, I am completely stumped, I live in Italy and the soil is heavy clay.
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