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Posted: Yesterday at 17:43
Visitors again tonight so see y'all tomorrow - oh gotta work tomorrow am! Ugggh.


Posted: Yesterday at 13:33
Rosemummy, I phoned David Austin yesterday about pruning generous gardener as a climber, got last month or so. The advisor said just leave for now, attach main stems loosely allowing for growth but not to remove any side shoots until jan/feb. Not sure if that's helpful in your case.
Back on way home, course finished half hour early meaning I could get train an hour earlier than planned.


Posted: Yesterday at 08:18
Kef, driver said no.


Posted: Yesterday at 07:51
Sad state of affairs isn't it Verdun, but yep excited on train journey just cos its different to my normal routine. Not thought about the course im on yet though. Train too fast, buildings too frequent to nosey in gardens!


Posted: Yesterday at 07:29
Happy birthday Tracey.x


Posted: Yesterday at 07:24
Morning all. Yes chicky, im on the train, years since last caught a train, feels odd not to have a seat belt on! Thinking about clothing/coat was strange too, might rain on the walk to venue, might be blistering hot on the way back. Normally would just throw a couple of suitable coats in car but having to choose one first thing in morning....
Enjoy your day everyone


Posted: 23/04/2014 at 23:02
weh hey, I had a wine free night, ill just get my halo!


Posted: 23/04/2014 at 22:37

also miserable cos up early for a blinkin course in morning. Getting train so will be away all day although course only 9.30-1.30. grumble over. Thanks for thumb sympathy. 

won't bother watching jamaica inn parts 1 & 2 now seen part3.



Posted: 23/04/2014 at 20:55
Chicky, mum said same about sound, thought it was just her. Oooops.
Forgot to say also a bit grumpy cos got migrainish head about 4.00 ( not sure its related to last nights vino but was ok until then).
Right back to entertaining mum and watching ep 3 first.!
Night all (may just pop back later).


Posted: 23/04/2014 at 20:39
kef do the pasta sauce but do rice or couscous with it, ok sounds wrong but it worked in reverse when son only wanted pasta so did curry and stew with pasta. I'll get my coat...well done getting such a lovely OH as well.
Tried so hard to get in garden today, rushed through chopping veg so could get out, im usually safe around knives. Not this time, sliced half my thumb off (ok yes of course I exagerate) but enought to stop me getting done what I wanted. Did however manage to plant one handedly the beginia mum had given me today. She wasn't please with the place I put it though! She brought the washing in and did all the after tea tidying. Nice having her here but not so relaxing as son having sleepover at her house. oh and we have to watch ep 3 Jamaica inn tonight as she didn't record it, we have not started wat hung our recording of ep 1 yet...
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