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Posted: Yesterday at 07:21
Hmmm, not been in the garden for ages! Not keen on autumn in the garden ( that's got a ring to it), I feel im just delaying cutting and stripping everything back. Important jobs seem to have been missed - seed collecting, grass cutting, GH preparing, amelanchier still needs planting. All in all, I find autumn a bit overwhelming - how will there possibly be room for any growth or new stuff next year? Oh and when will I get time to get out there?


Posted: Yesterday at 07:12
Dove, good points, id nit considered the children in need aspect.
Lesley and dove, a lot of what came out at the meetings was the same fights, concerns and problems as 20+ yearsago. One case was a wheelchair funded for school but not allowed at home or in the community.
Right, sorry folks, thisisagardeni g forum, not a place to air my views and opinions. I prefer to speak on here as i feel i know you all, raather than on pro lens thread which 'feels' more public. So sorry, ill get let you get back to garden topics. Thank you for your help,wishesand opinions . Xxx


Posted: Yesterday at 06:39
now that's off my chest...
Great to see Stacey around, keep going keep smiling, keep getting those hugs from us lot and training the undergardener!
Happy birthday bekkie, have a great day.
Everyone - struggling to remember what you lot are up to but hope all well today.


Posted: Yesterday at 06:37
Morning all.
P.doc - you are so right , society needs go change which means the authorities need to get their attitude right to enable that change, not rocket science but it does seem that way.
Kef - its a huge worry that children like mine rely on parents rather than society and laws to thrive, really feel strongly for those with uninformed parents and why should a parent need to have the skills of a doctor, a solicitor, a teacher, a speech therapist and many more...
Dove - it seems to be changing for the better but we will need go look back in a couple of generations before any real change is possible.
Lily - yet, bring it on!


Posted: 23/10/2014 at 17:24
Hi all and special hellos to Stacey and p.doc and anyone who neeeds a bit of special in their lives....
Just waiting for sprouts to turn to mush (feeding mum tonight!). Then off to school Halloween party.
Had 3 days of conferences about new special needs reforms so hopefully im about up and running ready for the next battle ,for son, I'll need to fight! ( yeah and the current buzz words are ' its a right not a fight' (for disability rights and provision)! Got some emails to make , law to check out and decisions to make by end of Nov.


Posted: 22/10/2014 at 07:37
good morning. Hope lily pily manages to get a poppy, the pics look amazing. DD best wishes for your son, glad he's in good hands.


Posted: 21/10/2014 at 20:38
busy busy week. Mostly in meetings so finger can cope n I can get paid!
GP only had appts when I am working, suggested walk in centre. Walk in centre had a long wait, sorry but im too busy. Have doc appt anyway next tues so will wait til then. Its inconvenient but no longer overly painful and not dropping me getting through the day ( albeit in an unusual fashion) so will soldier on ( doubt they'd 'do' anything , just felt i should get it checked oh).
Hope the storm is kind to you all.
Happy birthday fairy (my GH was one year old last sat!)


Posted: 21/10/2014 at 08:01
Morning all.
Archie - snap, our fence panels ok...fornow & OH decorating this weekend.
Bill - love to you and your wife. Try to remind her how he'd want her to smile again as he looks down, you too. I'm sure you have some wonderful memories and hope they give you both some comfort.x
Take care all.


Posted: 20/10/2014 at 19:50
just watched GW so missed new monty prog, so that will also need to be on catchup


Posted: 20/10/2014 at 18:41
Well that's work done, told you I wasn't a wimp! Tried to get in at docs but gotta phone at 8.30 for callback. Hmmm ill be driving then!
Cheese on toast night for me - but could be tempted to share the lamb chops
Hoping Gonzalo misses Yorkshire as I be forgotten to secure stuff in the garden. Good luck all of you - is it just tomorrow or all week were expecting it to be a bit breezy.
Talking of expecting - congratulations bekkie... seriously well done
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