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Posted: Today at 08:51

Better than Del Boy dove! maybe it's a typo? 

Plant ID please

Posted: Today at 08:49

Sorry Jim, didn't see your post and hadn't considered the fence breaking so thanks for that. Have already done as you suggested so feeling quite pleased with myself. Although I'm still not sure it will grow from with roots in that position, but worth a try.

Chicky, my sister will make elderflower this that and the other, not me!

Cutting Back Penstemons

Posted: Today at 08:43

I like that tip about the lavenders Abi, might give it a go. 

Penstemons all cut back and growing well.


Posted: Today at 08:33

Morning all, dull and chilly here, which suits as son and I are on  HW task today!!! Yeah, I would be so lucky, lucky, lucky,lucky...

Verdun, I look forward to photos and have marked your 'promise' to show off

Clari, hope new diet additions help you find out what the problem is. Oh and thanks so much for putting your washing out, its very dark overhead now, getting ready for a right old downpour!

OL, what was the root from? I had one like that from an old fushia bush, it was a right old so and so to get out, we even tried to burn it down at one point (yep I had a burning bush in my garden) 

Simnel cake and hot cross buns added to shopping list.

planting under and apple tree

Posted: Yesterday at 10:38

My apples are fairly old and have always had grass right up to the trunk with no problems. Last year I removed the grass near the tree to make a bed. I put in lawn camomile, a winter jasmine and a clematis, and a few bulbs. 

Human irrigation system

Posted: Yesterday at 10:34

Mike, your hand is firmly but gently held. Take care my garden buddy, very best wishes. Hope the sunshine and the forum photos and banter help lift your spirits.x


Posted: Yesterday at 10:30

Clari, we are lucky as BIL works for hss(the yellow logo) and we get such fun equipment from him for free! Still waiting for him to organise a chain saw though, him and OH don't seem to realise it'll have to wait til leaves have dropped again if they don't get a move on! Not really, it's mainly for the dead tree but did want to cut budleias right back and tackle the apple trees as well.

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 10:24

Love the arrangement in the patio picture, Steve. Cant see the plant pot flowers or leaves very well but could it be marguerite or osteospermum? some clearer pics just of that and someone will let you know straight away!

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 10:21

Tulip and heuchara, quite like the combo, sun too bright for my camera skills.

Again a bit dark, these are little red riding hood, love the leaves.

The picture, as always, doesn't do them justice.



Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 10:04
Totally agree potty.
I'm e noting pics of tulips even more than daffodils, and less than those to come. Happy times.
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