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Posted: Today at 13:57

I like the gadget Blackest, what' sit called, brand etc?

Right, I'll just have to wait and see what my version of 'sweet pea' turns into! And I was so looking forward to them, never mind they must be somewhere! Worryingly though I think I've also nurtured a pot of weeds through winter in the belief that I had done so well looking after echinacea cuttings.

Grass cut on lowest setting, hydrangea p. has got some green tufts - so have cut back so growth can concentrate on them! Watering done in the sunshine. Can't find the paint/stain for the arch though. Dead tree has some growth again so still needs chopping to make safe, going with OH suggestion to let it grow again and plant some buddleia (can never spell that) in case it doesn't grow and then have some height, cuttings taken. can also put a clematis to grow up it and into comifers.


Posted: Today at 11:58

oh eck !!! 


Posted: Today at 11:04

OK, what do I do with these sweet peas now? I don't follow the sweet pea thread as I should so will have missed any advice on there.


Human irrigation system

Posted: Today at 10:53

Hi Mike, hope youre not feeling down today, remember you have lots of friends here holding your hand and wishing you well. Take care.

Do I talk too much.?

Posted: Today at 10:52

Mike, your posts are fine, don't worry. I've not seen anything negative about you or your posts but the forum is like life in many ways. At times someone will have a bad day and look for things to grumble about, the next day it's all forgotten. Yes, your posts are long but I'd like to bet that's YOU in life as well! We all have to be who we are and this is often reflected in our posts. I love reading the way you relate gardening to your life and memories. You have such a skilled way of teaching us new ideas. Keep posting in this manner please garden buddy.

Rambling roses and conifers

Posted: Today at 10:42

As you say the conifers are 6' tall I expect you keep them pruned to this size, if so would this affect the choice of rose you get? 

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: Today at 10:37

Love all the pics everyone.

BL, you've given me another idea for wisteria, I have to admit to being a bit scared of it but may try it along the deck fence so it doesnt get too high - will it grow in a tub or is that a silly question?


Posted: Today at 10:11

Morning all. Hope work is OK Fairy. Hello Blackest. Not seen WUM, not looking.

No plans again for today, watched Beechgrove ep 3 (thanks Fairy, Lily did you find it ?) and may have another look at hydrangea paniculata. Also should paint arch no.1 to match decking, then I can get on with tying climbers to it. Stll waiting for arch no.s 2&3, but they should stay natural colour.

Hope weather holds off, have a good day everyone.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:27

Mainly dry but several mad downpours for a few minutes each. Glad Stacey's back but now PD gone AWOL. Looked at old issue of GW and reminded me I have an astrantia somewhere, went for a look and must have moved it last year, think I know which one it is but need to look up pics of leaves. 

Fish finally rehoused, but spilt a whole trug of water on living room floor in the process, oooops! Smaller tank looks much better.

Have a good evening all.


Posted: Yesterday at 17:52

Thought i'd posted on here about egg hunt etc but seems not, hope you've all had a good Easter Sunday.

Kef - my tulips close up depending on weather.

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