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Posted: 25/03/2014 at 11:10

that sounds lovely FB, my next 'indecision' is to find something to throw in the slow cooker. hoping to get to SM later.

My new name

Posted: 25/03/2014 at 10:54

Do you know if there are some of your pictures on your computer rose?

you don't need to go there first.

how far did you get?


Posted: 25/03/2014 at 10:52

sounds like time for another coffee then BL !

My new name

Posted: 25/03/2014 at 10:12

oh , or do as orchid says, didn't see that. 

My new name

Posted: 25/03/2014 at 10:12

ok this may have changed my picture.

Rose - you will need some photos on your computer to start with

click on your 'picture/face' next to your name in top right.

you should get a screen saying change profile picture

click on browse

find a picture on your computer click it

post a comment and it should come up.

otherwise do something similar with facebook link

My new name

Posted: 25/03/2014 at 09:29

Hi rosemummy, it will take me approximately 6 weeks to make a decision to change my name, on the other hand....


Posted: 25/03/2014 at 09:28

Oh i need a sit down im getting confused too, oh thats just my age!


Posted: 25/03/2014 at 09:27

I'll tell OH to put a dust sheet in HIS car and keep a look out, thanks kef

My new name

Posted: 25/03/2014 at 09:25

Hi 'Rose' as well.!

Think youve started a trend, my names far too boring, think I'll go for 'can cook, wont cook'! no really would be nice to have a change


Posted: 25/03/2014 at 09:23

Hope the GH gets done Orchid Lady, it's only rain 

Thanks Louise, used to love cooking but it just seems to be my 'chosen' stress of the moment!

PD - don't slip down any drains after you've lost all that weight at the gym. Really hope you enjoy it and then it will be so much easier to keep it up. well done.

Right, more HW...

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