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Posted: 02/04/2014 at 16:47

Anyone know the best way to grow a euphorbia from cutting, I acquired a cutting today, at the moment it's in a glass of water until I can get around to it. Mum thinks root it in water first. what about taking extra cuttings from the stem? indoors/outdoors in compost ? 


Posted: 02/04/2014 at 16:34

Afternoon Stacey and all.

Trip to Gc with mum, bought a senetti (deep blue) after saw one on ? garden gallery?

She got a ''hanging basket on a stick thing'' for £14 (well i b ought it) It was in the planted area and they had none for sale so we asked about it and they upped it complete with plants- mainly dafs, tulips, mini conifer and maybe a mini carex, looks great.

Looked at trees AGAIN. Back to deciding on dif types of paper birch or jacqumontii. Still no sign of a chain saw to get rid of the old tree.


Posted: 02/04/2014 at 13:40
Will do Verdun thanks, id be inclined to leave cliches on until august left to my own devices!
Fidget, thanks, will check out the daff link
PD hope back better soon.
Just persuaded mum to go to GC for a look.

blind daffodils

Posted: 02/04/2014 at 10:00

Thanks Steve, I will feed them but they are in the grass, would it be better to use diluted phostrogen rather than fbb pellets? Also as they are in the grass I was going to mow them later (I leave the others in the borders). I'll have a think how I can keep the best of both worlds - tidy grass and keep the leaves of next springs daffs. They have good soil and plenty of sun so I wouldn't move them.Could the problem be because they are 'new' bulbs, can't remember where from ?

blind daffodils

Posted: 02/04/2014 at 09:16
I planted daffodil bulbs in autumn. Some have done very well but quite a lot have come up blond or barely poked through. Is there anything I should do to help them along for next year or just leave them? Thanks.


Posted: 02/04/2014 at 09:13
It might clear up later Cleo.
They will be the traditional variety Verdun, thanks, I'll remove cliche. Should I also remove cloche from monarda and and my precious alstromeria?


Posted: 02/04/2014 at 08:37


woo hoo, finally! one tiny sweetpea poking through as is an even smaller carrot seedling! (both outside) Just wait a bit longer for their brothers and sisters to arrive.

Statice and morning glory thinking about it in GH, think they need a coffee to get them going, been the same for a couple of days or four.

Verdun, didn't know you could get orange hyacynths and agastaches, bet they are lovely, aq pic would be nice. Question about echinaceas - original one left over winter in border with a bell cloche, no sign yet. Cutting in coldframe and sheltered spot doing ok. Cuttings in GH some had mildew all winter, now in sheltered spot, leaves have gone red, is this to do with mildew, any advice? Other cuttings in GH smaller than those outside or CF. generally should i divide them all up now or wait a bit longer, temps seem to have dropped overnight again.Ta.




Posted: 02/04/2014 at 08:18

poor quality air? is that as well as sahara dust? or is it just foggy?


Posted: 02/04/2014 at 08:04

Morning all. Foggy here, lets hope it clears and the sun pokes through later. 

Good lateral thinking Tracey, hope you enjoyed your walk.

May do a bit of 'tangerine-ing' after my morning bath!


Tarzan swing becomes stumpery!

Posted: 01/04/2014 at 23:39
ahhh edd that's my lovely bench
t'other side is a bit of a messy fence.

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