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Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 20/09/2013 at 19:49

Stacey - really? Photo evidence please or ill have to put it on to the wind up file. Reminds me, has Verdun found his camera yet?


Posted: 20/09/2013 at 12:46

Hi mambomouse, welcome. Hope you enjoy the forum, sounds like you'll be able to give us all some advice too.


Posted: 20/09/2013 at 08:13

A frowny wink works just fine chicky, so some people talk what they type , are you gesturing what you type to upset the poor fellow?!

Rather do sat conference than lose pay mid week to be honest. This one is usually ok so not too bad.


Posted: 20/09/2013 at 07:26

RHS how to garden, lovely and great reference book.

80 days , liked the part where Monty mused about letting the plants do their own thing rather than being pruned and clipped to please us. For me, a bit of both but must say that the clipping neatness is easier to achieve unless you've got lots of space to allow the plants to sprawl away and have a good eye to create pleasing combinations which look good all year - this is going to be my next challenge, oh dear! ( didn't like Monty voicing his negative opinion about national flower, which was quite pretty, although I can see his point about it being ugly too , but his opinion was too strongly put and the lady looked uncomfortable) sorry more ranting, still not recovered from yesterday.


Posted: 20/09/2013 at 07:07


Morning all , dreadful conference yesterday, awful travelling too, arrived late - Leeds! Never ever drive through Leeds even with a sat nav. Another venue crossed off my list. Speakers too, lectured like students but 10 years out of date! And I lost a days pay to go! Not happy, can't wait to do online feedback! Sorry, rant over.

Watched around the world in 80 gardens to to calm down, that was nice. Got rhs how to garden out of library,

Work today and another conference tomorrow

Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 19/09/2013 at 20:01

Hugs panda x

Alternative lawns

Posted: 19/09/2013 at 18:49

Sounds a very good idea, which plants were you going for, was it camomile or a variety of different ones?  


Posted: 19/09/2013 at 10:43

on a work course all day, arrived late, bored to tears, reading thread at coffee break rude but cheering me up, ah cake arrived...bye, have a good day (bet this won't connect?)

Gardens we have visited 2013

Posted: 19/09/2013 at 07:15

Thanks for posting those lovely pics BL

is it too late to prune a lilac tree?

Posted: 19/09/2013 at 07:10

Thanks addict.

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