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Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 24/06/2017 at 21:52

Dead headed absolutely loads of nigella today, and still they will throw seeds everywhere.

Picked up lots of tiny windfall apples and now my back is killing me, but not allowed to moan as OH will be worse as hes been hard at the decking again today. Ive given him a bit of a challenge to accomodate the new willows, he said it was impossible, we almost fell out, we but he's found a way so all is rosey again! Darent tell him all the other plans, he's already frowning at the 'Japanese' corner (I want plants he wants rattan corner sofa).

Have a good evening all.

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Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 24/06/2017 at 21:40

Lovely gardens and photos everyone. Liri, I love that primula, gorgeous color. Ive also got the pieris katsura, very glossy. Must look back to previous page.

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 24/06/2017 at 08:49

hGlad you're up and about Dove.

Morning coffee done, now just waiting to be summoned for labourer duty and hoping OH finishes replacing the decking this weekend.

Have a good day all.

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 22/06/2017 at 10:25

Good luck Bl, Im sure your skills will keep the garden looking fantastic well beyond the open day. Not sure the arthritis would agree though, hope you get sorted.

Pics of my garden

Posted: 22/06/2017 at 10:22

I remember your garden. Its looking great and looks like you are really enjoying it too.

Japanese seating area

Posted: 22/06/2017 at 10:05

Next ideas needed for winter interest please - evergreen lush feeling. 

Japanese seating area

Posted: 22/06/2017 at 09:44

Yep, trees really expensive hence no budget left! Well worth it though!

Black is a great idea for the hut, maybe some japanese writing on it (our names). The decking is black composite so wont need staining.

Ive got some stone gargoyles too. There's loads I dont need to buy!

Looking at furniture as well, traditional low tatami seating has been discounted for rattan stacking bistro set but they are around £200. 

Japanese seating area

Posted: 22/06/2017 at 09:39


Japanese seating area

Posted: 22/06/2017 at 09:27

Harlequin willows are from a lovely man at RHS Chatsworth flower show. Ill post pic of his card and care labels. 

Japanese seating area

Posted: 22/06/2017 at 09:26

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