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MOB rants

Posted: 27/05/2013 at 01:54

I must be odd.  I'm one of the only people in the village that walks their children to school.  I'm a great believer in exercise being good for you, and it gets them alert for the start of the school day.  However, when I cross the road, I'm taking my life into my hands with all of the parents eager to drop off their little darlings and hot foot it off to work, or the hairdressers, or each other's houses for coffee.

I also wonder what's going on with other parents.  My son, now four and a half, is asking for a TV in this room, because his cousin has one (his cousin is six months older than my son).  He also has pirates of the carribean toys, it's one of his favourite films (his cousin's not his - I won't let him watch it).  It's a certificate 15, if I remember correctly.  If I were one of the parents, I would be taking my child the long way around, so they didn't get to see any of the carnage - after all the good the headmaster did by 'locking down' the school, to have the fool parents undo it all.

You should have to pass a common sense test to be allowed to procreate.  Trouble is, all the stupid people breed like rabbits (as they get more benefits with each child they have), and the folks that try and have a bit of stability in their lives before having kids, find they can't afford them as they're paying for everyone else's children.

So I am a mean mummy, as I won't allow my son to have a TV or DVD player in his room, and will only let him use the Cbeebies website under close supervision.  God alone knows when peer pressure will start him lobbying for computer games based on World War 2, I totally disagree with those, until the kids know a bit of the history and can appreciate the total carnage that war causes, and can name some of the major battles, and give a brief synopsis of when and where and why, no war games.

When I was working, before I had kids, I asked some of my workmates (all similar age to myself, maybe a bit younger) when they thought the battle of Britain took place.  Consensus of opinon was 1066, they were amazed to find that was the Battle of Hastings, and that the Battle of Britain was 1940.

No wonder kids aren't proud of their heritage, no-one tells them about it.

MOB rants

Posted: 26/05/2013 at 01:07

A few years ago speed bumps were called sleeping policemen.  Why can't we call them this again, then we'd be a bit less miffed when they put them in the road.

My rant it the idiots that drive everywhere at 40mph, doesn't matter where they are, you can pass them no problems in national speed limit area, then when you get to a village and slow down to 30, they catch you up, are all over your back bumper, flashing and gesturing, then when you get to the national speed limit again they're left eating your dust.  Why?  I mean, fuel is expensive, so even though my car runs on homebrew, I tend just to lift off the loud pedal when I know a village is coming up, and let it coast down to 30, then at the end of the village I'm off like a stabbed rat.  Is it too much effort just to move the foot a little?

Using polystyrene worms in containers

Posted: 25/05/2013 at 14:48

Before using them, drop one into a container of water.  Some of them are cellulose-based, and will dissolve completely in water, so would be worse than useless.  If you have that type, best place for them is the bin.

I use broken up bits of polystyrene in the bottom of very large containers with no ill effects on my lilies.

Buying compost online?

Posted: 25/05/2013 at 14:45

Do you know anyone with a van?  Or a land rover?  Ours will take a payload of 750kg in the boot.  For anything more serious than that, OH digs out ex-mod missile trailer, that will take 3 tonnes.  Has more than paid for itself with the number of times we've bought massive amounts of limestone chippings to do our drive and sister-in-law's drive (she's moved 3 times in about 10 years and done the front garden in them each time).  Trouble is, we go to the builder's merchants in the next village, and he has a mini-digger that holds 750kg, he'll pick up a scoop, deposit in the trailer, and as it's a big trailer, he shakes his head and gives us another half scoop for free.

Will be in use again soon for bark chippings, I won't be bothering with lawn with two small children and one big dog.  Not until small children are a lot bigger, and dog has gone to chase rabbits in the sky.

MOB rants

Posted: 25/05/2013 at 14:36

CN, you naughty boy, you're making me giggle!!

Loving the army gardener description of stuff, at least it's in a language we can all understand.  As long as it's not delivered in a RSM's bellow!

I will not 'ave gossip in this jungle!!!!

Compatable greenhouse plants

Posted: 24/05/2013 at 20:27

Don't know about the cucumbers, but have been advised to grow basil and tomatoes together.  Not only do they taste good together, but the basil plants will become stressed and show it before the tomatoes do.  Not tried it yet, but am going to in my little plastic greenhouse and tomato hanging baskets this year.  If it works out I will have some lovely ingredients for pasta sauce, if not I will know for next year!

veg trug

Posted: 24/05/2013 at 16:11

Those vegtrugs are great if you're in a wheelchair, they are just the right height, and you can manouvre the chair under them.  Not got one, but seen them.  My containers are all much smaller, have a trough type planter, salad leaves, spring onions and radish in there, just bought a wooden trough type thingy from aldi, not huge quality but perfectly servicable for a tenner.  Going to have herbs in that one, got chives and basil germinating on the windowsill, am going to add red basil and coriander (as I got free seeds with kitchen garden mag), and try to get some mint.  Think OH will have his arm twisted to go to a GC over the BH, and see if I can't get some apple or chocolate mint.  Need some container compost, too.  Had a cheque for £50 for doing some surveys this month, which is a huge bonus, it means I'll be able to use decent stuff in the planters I've acquired (not above skip diving if there's a decent sized plant pot there - after asking owners of course!!).

If I'd got lots of money and was still in the wheelchair (although wheelchairs and pots of money seem to me to be mutually exclusive), I'd love one.  I'm not in a wheelchair any more, thank goodness, so will make do with some home-made raised beds.  Low-cut top and visit to scaffolders coming, methinks.......

MOB rants

Posted: 24/05/2013 at 16:00

GG, the swimming was before the dreaded ME/CFS.  I was very fit, I used to swim a mile twice a week, (down to 45 minutes on a regular basis), I went mountain biking with my now Husband and his mates (who used to think it was funny when I came off as I taught them some new cuss words), I did aerobics once a week, step once a week, and was learning to ride horses at the weekend.  So getting ill was really like having a bereavement, you have to accept that the things you used to do have gone, perhaps forever, and find your limitations.  I was ill for such a long time, as I was trying to fight the illness in the same way I fought everything else, it's only when you accept you are ill, that you can find your new limits and start to move on and hopefully get well again.  It took doctors such a long time to find out what was wrong with me, I thought I was going bonkers.

I remember a tale told to me, I don't know if it's correct or not, but about an escaped felon in Texas, who shot a policeman and his dog (a K9 unit as they are known over there) who tried arresting him at a gas station.  The balloon went up, and all hell was let loose going after him.  He refused to give up, and in the ensuing gun battle, was shot something like 263 times (he was more metal than flesh by the time they were finished).  At the inquest (or whatever it's called over there), the judge asked why he was shot so many times?  The answer - 'Because that's all the bullets we had, Ma'am'.

With the two idiots in Woolwich, they didn't attack the women who tried to help the man, but apologised that they had to see it, I wonder how they feel about women now, given it was a female marksman that shot and disabled them (meaning they wouldn't go to heaven and get the however many virgins and become martyrs)?

I actually met my husband at Archery, if anyone tried to enter our house, once they'd got past the dog, they'd be faced with two target recurve bows.  A stab vest won't stop an arrow as it curves and twists in flight, they'd get at least two arrows in them, which would knock them back downstairs.  To hell with their rights, once they enter my house I would see them as a threat to my babies, and would shoot to kill accordingly.  They're in my house uninvited, they leave their rights at the doorstep.

This country has a lot of things wrong, the rights of wrongdoers being a huge one.  What about the rights of decent law-abiding folks, that work hard for what they have, don't they have a right to enjoy the things they have worked hard for in peace? 

Know I'm preaching to the converted on here.  Perhaps gardening and common sense go hand in hand, as well as gardening being a calming influence?

MOB rants

Posted: 23/05/2013 at 19:07

We had one at our local pool that we called 'Mr Splashy'.  He'd go straight into the 'fast' lane for swimming, make a ball of foam that travelled across the pool, and feel very smug.  I am not what I would call a brilliant swimmer, but I was always taught that if you made splashy, you were wasting energy.  My Sister in Law and Husband goaded me - I am the fastest out of them, so I went into the medium lane, and proceeded to overtake him, doing a fairly lazy breast stroke.  I got the daggers from him.  So I went into the fast lane, and did my fastest stroke, australian lifesaver crawl (don't know if that's the correct term, but the one you see on baywatch type programmes, a crawl where you keep your head clear of the water so you can make sure your're heading in the right direction), and proceeded to completely muller him.  I'd done 3 and a half lengths to his one length.

He got out of the pool.  In future, whenever I got into the pool, he'd give me a dirty look and get out.  My husband thought it was hilarious, as he's not a strong swimmer, he only learnt when I started nagging him about it, and he learnt in a weekend.

I would never dream of swimming in a hydrotherapy pool, they are waaaaaay to hot for that kind of physical exertion.  I can't believe they continued even after being asked not to!  Is there any way that you and a group of friends can complain about them, and get them rescheduled to go to a different session where there are more able-bodied people in the group?  I used to go to a physio centre for my dodgy ankle, never did hydrotherapy, but went past the pool,there were no divng and no swimming signs up everywhere.

MOB rants

Posted: 23/05/2013 at 17:28

Fresh rant - those two nutcases in Woolwich that ran over a serving soldier then hacked him to death with knives.  Prison is too good for them.  Stick them in with the chaps comrades and see how long they last.  I don't agree with the backdated views of the BNP, but now I can see why some people vote for them.  The guy should be safe in his own country.  I also think it's very brave of them to knock him over with their car before attacking him.  This makes my blood boil, if they don't like the religion of ethos of the country they live in, they always have the option to bugger off elsewhere.  That chap is fresh out of options, I only hope his family get justice for him.  At least if a family member is killed in action you have the consolation that they were trying to make a difference.  This is just senseless violence.

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