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Posted: 20/02/2013 at 22:41

To swop your points for vouchers, go to the Tesco's website, and log into your clubcard account - if you've not done this before you'll need your clubcard, and the EXACT address that's on your statements (so best to have your latest statement with you when you do it).

After you've logged in, go to 'rewards' and then 'home & garden'.  There are a lot of garden offers from T&M, like summer bulbs, an annuals collection, strawberries etc.  Hiding towards the bottom is a £15 T&M voucher, that costs £5 in clubcard vouchers.  The most you can spend in one order is £45 worth of redeemed vouchers (ie £15 of clubcard points), so you either need to stump up the delivery fee, or fork out another £15 of 'real' money to get the free delivery as your order would be over £60.

I've never tried the £15 voucher before, but I've had the 'buy in full' rewards which are always worth having, like an apple tree and some fragrant climbers.

The rewards seem to change every quarter, around the time the clubcard vouchers come out, so it's worth it to keep checking back & seeing what's on offer.  I sometimes do surveys for clubcard points, and it's a very useful way of racking up points without spending lots in Tesco.  My gardening budget is virtually nil, so I always use things like TopCashBack (gives you a % of whatever you spend on some online sites - T&M being one of them), and I do surveys in return for Amazon vouchers or PayPal, which I then convert into things I want/need, such as some gardening gloves, the next thing on my Amazon list is a compost stirrer.

I remember a time BK (before Kids) when my vouchers went on make-up and handbags!


Posted: 20/02/2013 at 20:35

Just thought I'd let everyone know about some bargains I managed to grab recently.

Two (two for the price of one) easy-fill hanging baskets for just short of £12 (including delivery) from Blooming Direct.  From the interweb so not recieved them yet, but if they are the real thing I will be a happy bunny.  Going to try one planted up with strawberries and one with trailing cherry tomatoes (just got to order the tomato seeds).

10 strawberry runners FREE.  Well, £4 worth of clubcard vouchers.

One rasberry 'tree', from the description it should fruit this year, the canes are about 6ft tall.  One bramley apple tree.  £3.99 each from Aldi.

Seeds, 39p each, couple of packets of stocks, Californian wonder peppers, marketmore cucumbers (REALLY hope that these are true outdoor cukes, as I only have a PVC growhouse).  These were the only veg seeds left that I was after that were left in stock.  Aldi again

Spring onions, 50p, ASDA.

Think I'm also going to go a bit mad and swop £5 worth of clubcard vouchers for a £15 T&M voucher so I can get the seeds I'm short of (peas, red & yellow tumbling toms, beetroot & resistafly/flyaway carrots, pumpkins).

Now I just need to get OH to drill some holes in a couple of old buckets so I can plant up the trees to protect the roots until I get rid of the brambles over the road, then they can go in with the fruit trees I already have (not so much of a bargain, but still not hugely expensive) from ideal world.

Just thought I'd share.  Daren't go near wilkos though, that would properly bankrupt me!

The Potting Shed.

Posted: 19/02/2013 at 15:58

I have a couple of fairies, a gargoyle and a Beckham.  The Beckham is a large metal Cockerel that is highly decorative but of no practical use at all.

I wouldn't be bothered by a couple of gnomes, but some people go WAY over the top, each to their own.  It made for a good plot line on Corrie when one of the characters (I think it was Mavis, we're going back a few years here) had a gnome that went missing and started sending postcards back 'home' from their travels. 

Arm Protectors

Posted: 19/02/2013 at 15:24

I've just ordered some gauntlets from Amazon, I'll let you know how good they are, I'm still waging war on brambles, chopping them down then digging out as I clear the space above. so I don't get ripped to shreds.  I did try wearing a fleece, but got fed up with the thorns getting tangled on it.  When the gauntlets arrive I'll let you know if they are any good (or not, as the case may be).

advice regarding strawberries for newbie

Posted: 19/02/2013 at 13:54

If money is tight, and you have some clubcard points, you can order 10 strawberry runners for £4 worth of clubcard points, I'm thinking of ordering some and then bunging them in hanging baskets so biggest small child does not eat them as soon as they turn red.  He was a right b****r for that last year, if I put them in hanging baskets he won't be able to reach (evil mummy!!).

Blooming direct has got a buy one get one free on their website, if you go through the TopCashBack website you'll get 95p ish back, and they also have a 5% discount code (think it's blooming5), type that in at the checkout, and they work out at £5.50 ish (including delivery) per basket.  Type topcashback into google, and that will take you to the cashback site.  I'm a big fan, I do tend to buy a lot of stuff on the interweb, I've had just short of £100 back in a year, but you have to remember to go through the site.  Lots of gardening sites registered on there, T&M, blooming direct (crocus I think), others too, like debenhams, play, etc etc.  You can choose to have your 'cash' as Amazon vouchers and they give you an extra 5% on top, which is useful (especially when oldest small child has started getting invited to birthday parties and is required to turn up with a small gift).

I tend to spend all my clubcard vouchers on the offers, and never seem to save up enough for the £45 worth of T&M vouchers (so then you'd only need to spend £15 of actual money to get free delivery).  Heigh ho. 

It Is Not Spring Yet !!!

Posted: 18/02/2013 at 11:21

Totally agree.  Having to sit on my hands to stop me opening seed packets, but I'd sooner wait and have everything play catch-up, than to plant out and loose the lot overnight due to a hard frost.  I won't be putting my winter woolies away this year till the end of April, as I think we're still due some snow.  There are still some berries left on the lower branches of the big rowan at the end of the garden, the blackbirds and fieldfares have eaten most of the berries from the top of the tree.

I HATE snow, it's bloody hard work shoving a pushchair through the stuff.  Have asked hubby to work on some snow chains/wheels for the damn thing!

Really need some help, badly!!!!

Posted: 17/02/2013 at 19:22

Please don't be discouraged.  I'm on a very tight budget too, I got an amazing cold frame from Amazon for about £30 last year, and I find Aldi to be fab at gardening things.  They've got PVC 3 and 4 tier greenhouses in at the minute, and they had fruit trees a couple of weeks ago.  I don't know if your local Aldi will have any, but they had raised bed kits for a tenner.  They are very good if you can get there on a Sunday and Thursday when the 'special buys' come in.

Poundstretcher and Wilkos are also very good, but can be hit-and-miss as to what they have in.  I also save my Tesco clubcard points and use these on gardening offers.  They have an offer ATM for strawberry plants, something like £4 worth of points for 10 strawberry runners (delivered).  They also have fruit trees on offer, but they're about £12 worth of points (I never seem to accumulate that many).

I hope it's just a huge misunderstanding, hopefully the chap took all the stuff away thinking it was his Mum's, with any luck it will be sitting in his shed, and the police can get it back.

I keep trying freecycle to see if I can find a shed/greenhouse/chicken coop, no luck as yet!  I get emails every day, but it's mostly folks thinking Freecycle is like their own personal Argos - they even specify the colour of the leather sofas they want!!!

Chin up, hopefullly you'll make lots of friends with other allotment holders when they find out what's happened, and they can help you replace some of what you've lost.

B******* Magpies

Posted: 15/02/2013 at 12:18

Some birds are deterred by shiny things, so I would have thought painting the stainless steel feeder with a matt enamel paint would help.  I don't very often get tits or finches of any variety visiting the garden, but we do have a pair of nesting blackbirds in the rowan at the bottom of the garden (Who frequently tell me off for using my patio area!) and we have LOTS of sparrows nesting in the blackthorn hedge.  I had the luxury of seeing fieldfares in the rowan when we had snow, they really are beautiful birds.  I've had a spotted woodpecker trying to get into the garage(?), and we occasionally see a sparrowhawk, generally it's going too fast to get a good picture.  We had a lot of starlings last week, the male blackbird, bless him, tried to chase them away from HIS bird table, but there were too many of them for him to manage on his own.  I've also seen the after-effects of the sparrowhawk, in the form of the feathers from a collared dove (they really are spectacularly stupid birds, those doves).  I'd love to see some blue tits, coal tits and great tits, chaffinches etc, but I'll have to be satisfied with the sparrows, as apparently they are in decline - they raised at least two broods last year in my garden, and I'm always seeing them on the feeders, so I must be doing something right!

How To Start Veg Growing

Posted: 15/02/2013 at 12:04

Vegatable growing Month-by-Month by John Harrison is invaluable, as it does exactly what it says on the tin!  It's available fairly cheaply from Amazon, or if your budget's REALLY tight, check out your library.  Agree with what other posters have said, re Wilkinsons and Aldi for seeds, but not just for seeds.  Don't know if your aldi will have any left, they were doing fruit trees for 3.99 last week, this week they've raised bed kits, 3/4 tier PVC greenhouses, flowers in pots, etc etc.  Poundstretcher is good for gardening equipment too, I got a massive packet of fleece (for warming the ground prior to planting, and protecting tender perennial flowers) last year for about a fiver.  Don't bother with cloches, cut the top off a pop or squash bottle and use that instead.

If space is limited and you want to grow things in hanging baskets, try the easy-fill ones available on t'internet.  They're a lot easier than the traditional type baskets, can be re-used year after year, you don't damage any of the plants you're planting as the whole rootball goes through the planting gap.  Sites like ideal world will have videos on how to use them (but don't buy from there as the postage is astronomical).  I won't use anything but the easy-fill baskets now, no, I'm not on commission for them, but I was a novice a couple of years ago, and the range of stuff on offer is bewildering.

One top tip I've learned is to keep a garden diary, so record what type of seeds you've sown, dates of any late frosts, how well seeds germinated, how well they grew (and whereabouts you grew them), and most importantly, how well they cropped.

Grow stuff that's expensive to buy in the supermarket, runner beans are very expensive to buy, but half a dozen plants will be more than enough to supply a family of 4 with some left over to freeze.

Like you, I'm on a very tight budget, so I do things like save yoghurt pots to use as plant pots, make my own compost (but very much a beginner on that, other folks can advise and are brilliant on here).  There's no such thing as a stupid question to a gardener (other than would you like a cup of Tea?), folks on here are lovely and have given me no end of brilliant advice.

having a moan about...

Posted: 15/02/2013 at 00:01

Garden centre trip would be fab, avoiding them like the plague at the moment, as I'd only depress myself seeing lots of lovely plants (and a shed, oh, for a shed!) that I can't afford.  I might allow myself a trip to the local Aldi, they've got some fab bargains there this week, hoping they have some apple trees and raised beds left by the time I get there!

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