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Talkback: Cats in the garden

Posted: 05/05/2012 at 14:45

I have a dog (a rescue dog), and I ALWAYS clean up after it, he even has a clip on his collar so he can carry his own mess to the nearest bin!  Now, I dislike cats as I also have 2 small children, and they can't go out until I've done a cat poop patrol.  Unfortunately the cat is the only animal whose owners can't be prosecuted for trespass.

This will annoy all cat lovers, but the deterrent I use (max is too old and fat to catch the little darlings), is a super soaker water pistol full of beer.  Cats get soaked with it, clean themselves up, and get a little bit drunk.  Keeps them out of my garden for a week or so afterwards.

My neighbour's dog (before he passed away) was that quick, and gymnastic, he'd literally run up a wall to get to them (they sit on top of a wall and taunt the dogs, until they get soaked with my beer gun), he managed to get to two, which he hit so hard he broke the cat's back, so my neighbour, who luckily isn't squeamish, had to despatch the cats to put them out of their misery.  Unfortunately he couldn't return the bodies to the rightful owners for burial, as guess what, neither of them had collars on.

Far too many people are too stupid to own a pet (or have children for that matter), but they still do, and it's people like me that take on rescues and straighten them out who end up picking up the pieces when Fido is no longer a loveable little ball of fluff but a big lolloping teenager!

I don't mind picking up my dog's offerings, but HATE cleaning up after the neighbourhood cats.

B&Q M.Purpose Compost Issues.

Posted: 04/05/2012 at 18:30

I am relatively new to gardening, and being disabled and on a tight budget, tend to read any reviews of stuff before I buy - you gardeners seem a very honest and passionate (about gardening!) bunch.  If you look at the most recent reviews on both the B&Q and Wickes websites, all of the RECENT reviews say what complete rubbish this is.

Like I said, I am fairly new to gardening, and trying to raise a lot of things from seed to save money (flowers as well as veggies).  The best results I've had so far are with the Jiffy plugs, where this is a bit of compressed stuff that you add water to, then sow the seed, great in my opinion, as I know when I can see roots, I need to pot these on.  However, the potting on has been a bit hit & miss, the first bag of potting on compost I got was ASDA's own, which was good, the next 3 bags I bought were not as good though.  Next I've gone on to a massive bag of Levington's, which I thought I'd be OK with, but I wouldn't even TRY to sow seeds in this, there are big bits of wire and fairly big twigs in there.  It's OK for potting on, but too coarse for seeds (not that I really know what I'm talking about).

If I hadn't read about how rubbish the b&q and Wickes stuff is, I would have bought it, had everything die, and probably been put off gardening for life.  If anyone wants to start a 'grow your own compost' thread, I'd be really interested.

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