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Female blackbird loses her mate - very sad

Posted: 04/06/2013 at 12:39

LL, was the site where you saw the dead blackbird near enough to you for you to go and leave some dried mealworms near the site?  It might help the female to raise some of her brood, if not all,  I normally only put seed and suet cake out, but if I know there are LOTS of fledgelings (sparrows normally, plus Mr and Mrs Blackbird up in the Rowan) I will put out dried mealworms.  They always disappear very quickly at this time of year, I just have to chase the stupid collared doves off the feeder, they arrive every day and look hopefully at the mesh dish - it's normally empty, if I fed them they wouldn't be able to to take off, they're so fat.

MOB rants

Posted: 04/06/2013 at 12:29

I do surveys.  Lots of them.  But I do get paid for them, couple of weeks ago I got a cheque for £50 - an awful lot of money for me these days!  That's about 10 months of surveys, though, so it's not like you can make a living at it.  I don't do Toluna ones anymore, you have to do loads, they're really boring and then it takes them ages to send your amazon gift certificate details - actually, they don't email you, you have to check regularly on their website.  The Populus live one is good, you get £1 for every five minutes of your time, that's the one that sent the cheque, their surveys are normally between 5 and 20 minutes long, so not ages, you don't have to do anything, they send a cheque out at the end of the month you get £50 in your account.  The other one I do is 'My Surveys', normally fairly boring but you can rack up 550 points quite quickly for a £5 Amazon voucher, or 575 for a £5 paypal credit.  The other one I do whenever one pops up is Shopper Thoughts, that pays you in Tesco Clubcard points, very useful for topping up to get T&M vouchers.

There was a scam a few months ago, where they ring and say they're from Microsoft, and they've detected a problem on your computer, and get you to go and change the registry settings which renders your computer useless.  They then charge you a daft amount of cash to reset your computer.  Brother in Law told me about that one, he knew it was a scam as he built the computer himself, he just kept hanging up on them.  So every time they rang me I told them 'I'm sorry, I don't know where you've got my details from but I DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER!!'  Obviously a blatant lie, after a stunned silence, or repeating the statement there was something wrong with my computer, and me telling them again, they just put the phone down.  If it was a genuine call, they'd know I did have a computer.

I do get lots of spam, normally from the free competitions I enter.  Worth doing, though, yesterday I won a black & decker steam mop - I already have one, so that will be going on ebay for some extra cash - I normally win something every 8 weeks or so, but I do spend about an hour a day (normally in 10 minute chunks) entering them.  I figure if you enter every day, you're 30 times more likely to win something than someone that just enters once.  Seems to be working so far, this year I've won a goody bag, a 32 inch telly and now the steam mop.  Still waiting for a big cash win!

Cold callers I just say I'm on the TPS, please don't bother me again, then put the phone down.  Rude, I know, but it bugs me.  If they ring straight back, I normally swear at them in punjabi, as English based companies risk a big fine if you're on TPS, doesn't apply to offshore companies.  As they're normally Indian, something along the lines of 'Sally Gutty Ben-Judy'  gets rid of them.  Very rude indeed.  I won't translate unless I get a PM requesting such (don't, it really is very rude).  The benefits of a multi-cultural education.

Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 04/06/2013 at 01:01

First time I've managed to get on, been busy in the garden and applying for jobs (fingers crossed something comes of that). 

My Sunday went something like this:

Got up and got kids up and dressed.  Shouted at OH and sent kids up to pester him until he got up.

Got OH to open up garage and retrieve strimmer.  No fuel in.  Some swearing happened, OH 'persuaded' to go and get some fuel.  Search through all cars for the 2 stroke oil.  Oil says refer to manufacturers instructions for dilution ratio.  More swearing.  Internet.  Dilution apparently 1:50.  OH guesstimates amount, and overdoes it.  Before filling the rotovator with mixture which is a 4 stroke engine, so that's now smoking like a chimney.  More swearing.

Over the road to do some strimming of the front garden before the neighbours complain.  Find dead rat (probably from the farm at the back).  More swearing, picked up with the cultiweeder and deposited in bin.  About a third of the front done, strimmer off, use cultiweeder as a pitchfork to clean up and deposit in green bin.  Can't re-start strimmer, even though it's a ergo-start.  Well, it starts, but anything above idle and it cuts out.  More swearing.  Back over road to OH, swearing from both of us.  Fixed (after a fashion, have to start at full throttle then ease off).

Back over road to finish job.  Two more passes and I discover there are actually bluebells where originally a flowerbed - one is white, so either spanish or hybrids.  Manage not to chop their heads off.  Weeds growing at front and sides of house get chopped off.  Everything in green bin (jumping up and down a bit on contents to get it all in).

Back over road to tackle tall grass in back garden (stopped being a lawn years ago).  Only did one pass as I disturbed some frogs, and as I dislike cleaning up chopped frog, stopped at that.  More swearing at daft frogs.  Some weeding (crikey, found some daffs that think it's March).  Another green bin full.  Tired.  More swearing as no tea ready and no beer in house, let alone in the fridge.  Made tea, bathed kids, unearthed a bottle of wine, caught up with some NCIS, Bed.

Yet more swearing when I got up this morning and tried to move.

Tidy front garden though!

Hello I'm a Lily Beetle, come and get me!

Posted: 02/06/2013 at 22:54

I found two today that looked like they were in the throes of passion.  Lets hope they were, at least they'll have gone out smiling.  Squished.  They were the only two I could find though.

English bluebells vs Spanish ones

Posted: 02/06/2013 at 16:39

I'm really glad I found this thread, as one of the gardens up the road has the white spanish bluebells, and it's really pretty growing in with some muscari.  I was wondering if you could get white bluebells, now I know what they are, I can think about getting some bulbs in the autumn.  No bluebells at all in my garden, so no chance at all of hybridising.

Anyone know if they are naturalising?  Won't have muscari as they are buggers for popping up all over the place where you don't want them.

cufcskim's reply!

Posted: 02/06/2013 at 16:34

Can they not ban anyone that comes on here, doesn't post on gardening stuff (or posts a couple of things) and then tries to flog the latest garden gizmo or fitted kitchen?  They must know the ISP address, could they not blacklist it?

I wouldn't mind if it were a regular poster, who had invented something and invited us to try it (preferably with a hefty discount) in order to 'test' it.  If this is something that is truly useful (like the Darlac compost turner), we would be talking about it amongst ourselves, which is the best marketing you can get (word-of-mouth recommendation).  Trying to plug something like that will most likely just put people's backs up, and make us LESS likely to try it.  Even putting the link is annoying, if we're interested we're all big enough and savvy enough to go onto ebay or amazon and type a keyword in.  If anyone's interested, and I doubt very much they are, it's cheaper on ebay and you get a holder and spray nozzle included.  So there.

MOB rants

Posted: 02/06/2013 at 16:27

Frank, I only have the corned beef in tins for occaisions such as now, when Max needs to take his tablets.  I have tried everything else, and apart from sausages (the proper ones, not the hot-dog disgusting type ones), he will eat the coating then spit the pill out, even with cheese.  So I get the cheapest corned beef, and 'mould' it around the pill, so it's coated with the awful stuff.  That goes straight down.

As for cleaning out the tins, I wave it around under the hot tap to get most of the grot off, then it goes into a bag, when the bag's full (or the bin/recycling truck is around), it goes into the blue box.

Any boxes I get that are clean and dry (so nothing from the freezer) gets recycled at small-boy's school, for small child inventions.  The Honey Hoops and Chocky Hoops are really sought after, as they have bee and bear masks on the back.  Good job OH eats the chocky hoops by the bucketload.  I've got about 6 of the flipping things to take in, as small boy was off with a grotty cold and cough, so with the half-term he's had two weeks off, given the cold to me and his little sister, now Daddy's getting it.

Oh, the joys of being a Mum to two small children!

MOB rants

Posted: 01/06/2013 at 12:27

Intelligence?  Eh?  Won't find much of that in my head!

I have a new rant.  Corned Beef tins.  To get Max to take his tablets (say that very quietly, he knows what it means), I have to coat them liberally in corned beef, then it doesn't even touch the sides, and I run the risk of losing fingers up to the second joint.

Whoever invented the tins it comes in needs a good spanking, firstly, you're lucky if the key is still attached to the tin, then you need to take the paper off the tin (or else that fights you too), and once you've opened the tin, you are left with the key attached to one side, and two incredibly sharp bits of tin.  The same goes for tins of shaped ham and cod roes.

Between the tins and the dog, it will be a minor miracle if I still have ten fingers by this time next week.

MOB rants

Posted: 01/06/2013 at 01:02

If anything ever happened to either of mine, I'd wait for the bastard to be released from prison, nail him to a tree and use him for target practice.  It's amazing the damage that can be done with a carbon-fibre arrow - I've been told they shatter if they hit bone.  I've seen one unzip when another arrow hit the knock.  That was very nasty and required rigger gloves to remove from the boss (target).

I have been told that I'm neither left-brain or right-brain dominant (which is fairly rare), in tests I've come out 49% left-brain and 51% right-brain.  I forget which is which, but one is meant to be female and creative, the other male and logical.  I'm often told that I'm odd (mostly in a good way).  That might explain why I can get quite aggressive if I think my kids are in danger, can throw a punch like a bloke (the trick is not to aim for the nose, but the back of the skull), will happily change the wheel bearings on my car (under supervision), but still like handbags and sparkly stuff.

I wonder if the powers that be are allowed to use sodium pentathol (or whatever the name for the 'truth drug' is), or if it's been banned by the tree hugging hippies in the name of peace and love.  That's why I like dogs, I get them, they have few needs and drivers.  People puzzle the bejaysus out of me.

Toscana Strawberries

Posted: 01/06/2013 at 00:39

I'd be furious, and demand my money back!  I can't believe they've had your money all this time!

Mine came through the post about a month ago, but suspiciously a few days after I'd emailed to ask where they'd got to.  Same titchy T&M offerings, I was hoping for something bigger (as I'd ordered some crowns from DT Browns last year, that were hoofing great big things, already got some runners off them they sent out last year).  Potted them on, they're still really small, hopefully they'll be big enough to go out this summer, as I've nowhere to overwinter them.

So I don't think you've missed out too much.  I think T&M have bred too many anais this year, I recieved an offer today for 12 runners and 100g of fertiliser for 3.99 plus p&p.  I think some of the crowns I had last year were anais - the name seems familiar, if so then they're very nice.  I also had some 'Christine' and 'Florence' , but can't really tell the difference.  That's if the small boy leaves me any to try.

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