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Laying turf on a gravel/soil/dirt mixture - possible?

Posted: 16/06/2013 at 10:30

Hi Everyone, 

That's great advice - thank you. 

I think seeding will be the way forward, this will give me plenty of time to prepare the lawn for seeding in autumn and then I could leave it throughout the winter (to thoroughly enjoy it next summer). In the meantime there is plenty of decorating required that will keep me inside the house!

One of the neighbours has a lawn and the front of the house is laid to lawn as well, so hopefully there is usable soil not too far down in the back garden. In the meantime I'll get preparing and turn to the online guides. 

Thank you once again for the advice... Joe 

Laying turf on a gravel/soil/dirt mixture - possible?

Posted: 15/06/2013 at 23:01


I'm looking at becoming a homeowner and with it have a garden for the first time ever (I currently live in a flat), one of the properties I am looking at has amazing potential for a lovely lawned, south-facing garden but I am unsure how much work it would take as there is no turf in position at present. Instead there is a gravel/soil/dirt mixture, with a variety of trees, weeds and shrubs growing around the edges of the garden.  

The tree has a seperate membrane seperating it. 

The paving slabs (top left) are not concreted in so I would remove these and replace them with some beautiful green turf. 

 I don't expect it to be a quick, or easy process but would be extremely grateful to hear any feedback/thoughts that those with more experience may have... 

Thank you! 

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Laying turf on a gravel/soil/dirt mixture - possible?

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