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When to prune a mature Magnolia?

Posted: 20/07/2012 at 19:15

Thnk you both for the responses.  It would be a terrible shame to lose but it's geting so big that it will reach a point where it's a choice of the house or the tree.

When to prune a mature Magnolia?

Posted: 20/07/2012 at 12:27

As this is a thread labelled Magnolia I'm putting my query here but am happy to repost it as a new thread if that is preferred:

My magnolia is a truly splendid Stellata; healthy, vigorous and getting far too big. I moved in to my house a year ago and the magnolia was in situ. The garden is south-facing and the magnolia is at the south end of the garden, very close to the house. Due to the recent rain it has put on a vast amount of growth and is now utterly shading the south end of the garden and the branches are touching the roof of the extension. I don't think its growth has been managed properly, there are at least 3 trunks and lots of offshoots. It's a stunningly beautiful tree when in flower, which I certainly don't want to lose but am aware that pruning them can kill them. It is now simply far too big for its position. Can anyone offer advice? Is there a maximum 'safe' amount of pruning? Should I prune before or after flowering? Advice I read elsewhere was to prune only in winter when the sap is low but that would mean cutting off lots of buds - which is rather what a magnolia is about..

Many thanks for any help

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