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When indoor seedlings have to acclimatise

Posted: 27/02/2014 at 20:07

Ive been reading Dave K's  sweet pea blog but couldn't find any detail on this subject for SP seedling acclimatization.  I have 75no  70-95mm seedlings germed in doors at 15c, germ rate was 85% so no issues.  Some say aclime and put out at end of Feb, others end of March.........should i take a gamble now ??  lows in Hampshire are 4c and best is cold for acclimatization (This year) ? the earlier i could get them in the better/longer the flower display ?? using 6x fert this year, any one used on SP's ?/.......any advice most welcome. Im 1st time grower of SP's and dont want to loose the 75 seedlings brought on indoor under a 300w 7 spectrum LED array, bought for this purpose !! they are in 80mm seedling pots at the moment,  nice and green and healthy atm.

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