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more gardening less smoking

Posted: 09/03/2013 at 08:51

Well so far so good - thanks for the encouragement...

I love pottering in my garden too - especially first thing in the morning and late evening......, when I had a greenhouse I used to have a cuppa in it last thing at night and just sit and relax in the dark!


Potato confusion

Posted: 09/03/2013 at 08:42

When I first started planting potatoes I worked out how many I needed per row then weighed that number using the spuds I already had to eat! Wasn't perfect but gave me a very good idea of what to buy.

I think roughly 1.5lb makes a 10 ft row.

more gardening less smoking

Posted: 08/03/2013 at 22:49

I've done more work in my garden over the last few days than I would usually have done at this time of year - the reason? I gave up smoking 4 days ago - 1 day for each year I smoked now I come to think of it!

I saw a lot of posts on here about how gardening has helped a lot of people cope with depression (me too) and just wanted to say that it's helping me to stay away from the tobacco.

Makes me wonder what other problems gardening has helped to solve - if my new eating habits are anything to go by, I've eaten more in the last four days than the whole previous 7 put together, I might be back here hoping that gardening will help me lose weight!




How do I get rid of ivy and wild asparagus vine?

Posted: 08/03/2013 at 22:28

Like chica I have masses of ivy in my garden and have had no problem growing spring and summer bulbs and perrebials alongside/underneath it. Ivy is a great source of food for insects and specially some moths.

Some of the stone dykes around my garden are completely covered in it and is popular with wrens and other small birds so I leave it largely to itself  except for cutting back the creeping stems about this time of year whilst I can still reach them and then leave it to develop berries for the winter.

If it is possible I'd keep the ivy - I've never heard about it having poisonous fluid in it's roots.

 I don't know what the mile a minute plant is but years ago I had a Russian vine that was called the same thing (otherwise known as triffid!) - it grew like crazy and covered a home made pergola in one season and was a mass of white flowers.



Posted: 08/03/2013 at 12:20

Quercus-rubur, yes - I do add paper and cardboard to the compost heaps but also start bonfires with it and burn any glossy paper that doesn't rot down so well.

I too add compost to rows before sowing or planting, just a skim to get things going!

finding my threads

Posted: 06/03/2013 at 23:01

Well that answers the very question I was about to ask - I had a look in settings and now see how simple it is. One thing though and at the risk of sounding stupid, what is the messages bit for? Is that different from getting replies to posts?


Posted: 06/03/2013 at 22:51

That's interesting quercus - I've had a few bonfires recently - paper, cardboard and garden clearings and prunings and was wondering about adding it to the compost heaps a bit at a time.

Just a thought - I now have compost ready to use from last year and was thinking about using some of it to grow cucumbers and courgettes in a cold frame (later) do I need to add anything to it or is it ok as it is?

Amazing how obsessive composting is! A whole new gardening adventure!

Flowers we don't like?

Posted: 06/03/2013 at 22:43

I love cutting my own flowers for the house - just a few of everything as they come into season - specially sweet peas from the veg patch.

Not keen on lilies though - the smell is too strong and a bit sickly.

I don't like Amaranthus  ('Love Lies Bleeding') but anything else is pretty much welcome - including wild flowers, ferns and grasses that I also pick for the house.


Is this weeding?

Posted: 04/03/2013 at 12:55

 My first thought Chyperie is to say that I'm really sorry to read what happened to your garden - you must be devastated ... I had a similar but, by comparison, very very minor incident in my garden last year with a man who came to cut the grass. I was at home but even so he (and his dog on my veg patch) managed to do damage before I realised what was happening. He was annoyed when I said he must put the dog in his car and I was annoyed that I had to follow him around to prevent more things being slashed down - how anyone could cut through a line of 6' high sunflowers I'll never know. His mate told me what he thought to be hilarious stories of chopping down mature trees and shrubs - at which point I cut the session short and decided never again.

I don't think falling out with your neighboyrs or the legal route will get you anywhere as it sounds like it was a verbal agreement rather than a contract. I'd head for the nearest garden centre to cheer myself up. Good luck.



Posted: 04/03/2013 at 12:27

Putting moss out for birds is a great idea, as is piling rhodo leaves for hedgehogs so that's sorted.  There is no garden refuse collection here but I have plenty of room to burn the ivy clippings.

I chop up old blackberry prunings to use round plants to keep cats off - they must be dead though or they will sprout!

On the wood ash thing - my daughter puts it around her polytunnel as a slug barrier - works pretty well too.

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