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Where are YOU?

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 10:53


I am just outside Watford in Hertfordshire, its great reading where people are from.

I wanted to move to Suffolk when kids were small for more space and quality of life but stayed around here for the boys  Grandads, now the boys are 16,20,and 22 and no Grandads left. I can't move now as the boys all have lives  around here and property is really expensive here, if i moved now would need to keep the house for the lads.

keep doing the lottery maybe will be able to afford another house in Suffolk one day.

What veg are you growing this year?

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 10:23

Zoomer my house is a tiny 2.5 bedroom house and there are 5 of us to feed

My dinning room is packed as are all the thankfully deep windowsills.

artjack, I live almost at the end of the met line m25 commuter belt, neighbours are all what we refered to in the 80's 90's as yuppies or wannabe yuppies anyway, gardens are for huge patios, over priced chimneas and drinking wine in. I dont think half of them would know a white rose from a piece of clover in the lawn.

Oh well winning the lottery tonight and moving to Suffolk, but i say that every week.

Did i mention the red currents, pink current, black current and white current, goosegogs and the wineberrie.

Veg patch set-up

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 10:15

Wow it sounds a great area to work in.

If you have lots to do why not consider buying baby veg plants in; there are some great on line providers and lots of small plants in the garden center at the moment. You could then supplement with some plants from seed and work up to sowing lots of seed next spring.

Coffee grounds

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 10:06

Hi Invicta2

I  regularly use  bags of coffee grounds from my local coffee shop (good excuse to treat myself to a posh coffee) i use them all over the veg patch in the compost and they are great, i think they really help the plants.

I have noticed that if you put grounds on top of a large area and let it dry it then makes a waterproofing barrier, so not good for watering. I tend to mix in with the soil.

With regards to slugs have experimented putting a handful around the odd day time slug and no they do not like the coffee, i believe it dehydrates them slightly, to this end i put a thick ring of coffee grounds around the edge of the bed and a ring around any individual vulnerable plants.This allows water to get to the plant but makes an off putting barrier.

I think if i ground coffee at home it would be coarser than from the coffee shop and work better against slugs like grit but that's just a guess.

I grow mainly veg and fruit and have neutral soil and i think coffee grounds  work.

The other bonus comes at watering time the whole garden smells of fresh brewed coffee which is great. I have manured a bed for future use with semi rotted manure and the coffee on top masks the smell nicely.

I think what i am saying is if you use coffee grounds alongside  well rotted manure, general plant food and compost either made or brought coffee doesn't hurt. Coffee grounds are also free from the coffee shop just ask for the contents of the bin.

One point is apparently decaf is no good for stopping slugs or for plant food no idea why, it does no damage so when its in the bag from the coffee shop i just mix it in.

Hope this helps its just my experience based on personal experimentation in the last two years.


What veg are you growing this year?

Posted: 15/05/2014 at 13:29

Wow so impressive, I wish I had you all for neighbours, might have someone to chat to over the fence nearly all my neighbours only venture out at night and have gardeners to mow the lawn and trim low maintenance shrubs .

With some luck and if the following wind stays died down I have green & yellow courgettes and pattipan squash. loads of lettuce and leaves in many varietes. A  large bed of leeks as OH loves them. loads of radish including a large purple variety. rainbow, nantes and dragon (purple) carrot. parsnips yellow and red beetroot chard,  spinach  white and purple spring onions. caulis savoy, red  white, and spring cabbage. broad beans runner beans purple beans and peas (peas will do rubbish always do) early and late sprouting broccoli and calabrese and onions,

Got cayenne, mixed hot and jacobs coat chillis some jacobs coat are last years plants but done some new ones as i love them. Purple ox horn peppers and mixed colour bell peppers.

In my bed room i have 12 each banana legs toms  red and yellow tumbling toms, black purple and white cordon cherry toms and about 40 ccurrent toms and a 2 dozen each marmande and san marzano. Will give away some of these and sell some.

In living room have a dozen cucumbers some large green forget variety white and green pickling cues and my favorite crystal lemon cues.and some lizzano bush toms.

Got trays of basil purple, normal greek and lime, as well as parsley flat and curly Corriander dill and a few other herbs, just moved these under cloches in the garden trying to reclaim dining room.

Also got two lots of spuds Charlotte and rocket.

Sweetcorn 24 for 2.50 at local fete.

Think thats it but sure i have forgotten several something's.

After typing this i feel so much better thought i hadnt done much this year.

Last year i had loads of stripes and yellows this year i think the colour must be purple. Not deliberate just get what i fancy and that is often a veg i like in a strange shape or colour.

forgot Aubergines in bedroom will pot these on but they may well stay in bedroom depending on the summer. oh and butternuts at my mums.


Just getting started and had several garden thefts

Posted: 13/05/2014 at 13:53

Thanks for all the help and advice.

It really is worth remembering its not always the single expensive items that are stolen sometimes its a large number of low cost items that can be easily sold.

Growing chilies

Posted: 13/05/2014 at 13:27

Foodie40 yes plants, but pants would be a painful giggle

It's not rocket science....

Posted: 13/05/2014 at 09:33

As one who is having a bit of a gardening nightmare week I can sympathies the vile Cat two doors up (I like cats but this ones a nasty bully) killed a baby pigeon on my veg beds and left feathers and ucky bits all over my broccoli  and cauli seedlings. on Sunday.

Why do cats, insects and any other pest have to love lovely sunny well dug beds where plants grow so well or would if left to get on with it ?

Growing chilies

Posted: 13/05/2014 at 09:16


Agree with KevinM

For what its worth I started growing chillis last year and no the plants were not big but after over wintering in the house. I am already getting chillis on the plants in the living room window  first chilli will be picked this week and tons of buds and flowers, I do assist them a little in pollination due to lack of wind and insects indoors.

Planted more of same variety this year and a few other varieties but no expectations. I read that in our climate often a chilli if overwintered in the house will last 5 years and year 2 and 3 give the best crop.

Small pots are supposed to be good for the chilli but not root bound just pot on slowly.

Poor soil is also supposed to make for a hotter chilli as well, I tried this with my jacobs coat chillis; real hot macho chilli eaters were crying  from rubbing on their lip, when my son took a couple to the pub. Now they all want chilli pants from me,. MEN !


Just getting started and had several garden thefts

Posted: 13/05/2014 at 08:58

One other thing years ago i did catch some garden thieves in my garden Husband had just left for work and i was picking up laundry and then taking down stairs before i went to close garden gates. As i walked into the kitchen barefoot arms with two full laundry baskets I could barely see over i noticed two men in my garden.

I dropped the baskets of laundry for got i was barefoot ran down the garden out of the gate along the road and to the mens van parked 50 yards from my house and screamed over the road oy stop that stuff is from my garden and you will put it back now. The men shocked appologised in very poor English and put the items back and asked me not to call the police .

I went in the house, van reg number in my head picked up the phone gave a description of the van and men along with the registration of the van. The police came around and cars went looking for the men who they found a few roads away entering a garden .

The men were charged, but the punch line is the lead man had paperwork in his pocket from the previous day when he was in the magistrates court and convicted for steeling from a garden.

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