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What to feed veg ?

Posted: 23/06/2013 at 19:01

Verdun thanks for that

Can I use fish blood and bone on all my veg ?

What to feed veg ?

Posted: 22/06/2013 at 12:22

Hi Allan and thanks , I saw that episode , but what can I feed now, I think i would rather buy a liquid feed for simplicity.

I have seen on marshalls seperate brassica feed, onion feed ,pelleted manure , potato feed and so on do I need to buy a different feed for every plant or is there a make of feed that will do most veg and what are the exceptions.

Then they also have enhanced seaweed food, sulphate of potash, super phosphate , epsom salts. which do i need and which plants do i give this to.

My dad used to give me a bottle of tomorite and a bag of sprikle stuff stick tomorite on fruiting and other stuff else where  easy but when i look on line its so complicated. It seems to be this likes acidity that alkalinity high nightrates low this high the other and my brain is exploding.

What can I buy to feed onions, brassicas , and spuds do i need different things or is there one thing that would suit all.

I will try the comfry and nettle stew but thats for next year.

What to feed veg ?

Posted: 22/06/2013 at 09:55

I have just started growing veg after a 15 year break but unlike last time when I only grew tomatoes , caugettes potatoes and a few runner beans and had my Dad to call on for his fountain of knowledge this time I am growing a huge variety and I am now feeling lost without Dad around.

I am now feeling totally lost .

I am feeding the caugettes and the tomatoes and Aubergines tomarite.

But what do i feed the leeks and onions and potatos that am growing for a first time in sacks.

I also have cabbages and pumpkins and celery and celariac and sprouts and brocolie and cauliflower and cucumbers and carrots and beetroot and peppers and sweetcorn and a few other bits and bobs .

Yes have probally jumped in at the deepend and should of taken it slower , but I have lost several relatives recently and I just feel closer to them in the veg patch.

What do I feed this lot and more importantly what should i avoid feeding .

If you could have any plant / tree in your garden

Posted: 31/05/2013 at 17:51

A big old walnut tree like the one my aunty had it was so big it was used in WW2 to land planes it fell down about 10 years ago but my mum has one of its babys or an old mulberry bush. Something old classically English and very productive.

HELP:Starting from Scratch!!

Posted: 31/05/2013 at 17:40

Hi have just cleared a large garden and put in raised veg beds , flower veg border and am about to turn last bit to a lawn.

I am on a budget and main part of garden is over 60 metres long so large. I have used freecycle to get boards to build raised beds and builder friends have got me more boards. Got used (scrubed up well) decking from freecycle to use as flower bed edging by lawn also got a few nice freecycle pots , freecycle trellisetc. even got freecycle manure.

Despite all the freestuff have still spent a fortune (hundreds £s) on good soil and on seeds plants etc brought trellis and posts but if had brought everything from new would easily be in the thousands of pounds.

hope this helps.


Runner Beans.

Posted: 30/05/2013 at 20:24

I have runner beans growing trellis and evetually over an arch at the edge of the drive . will replace with rapberries in the autumn but hopefully will make a nice living screen to border the lawn if too many grow will give away.

help: bindweed is coming over from neighbour!

Posted: 30/05/2013 at 12:06

I have a huge problem with bindweed (back garden) and japanese knot weed front garden. I have had membrane and bark chips down on the far end of the back garden 30 foot plus length for nearly ten years , pulled up this year to build a veg bed and also pulled up 4-10 metre lengths of bindweed under the membrane was thick with root all on the surface under the membrane.

I tried diluted roundup double strength great on stingers and knot weed not so good on the bindweed (bindweed just looks yellowie green instead of bright green).

I have now dug out to about a foot deep where my veg beds will go filled with semi rotted horse manure sieved soil back on top topped up with a 4 inch layer goat manure and straw and topped with 5-6 inches new top soil rotted manure mix.

My hope is any left bindweed will hit the semi rotted manure and not like it (burn) and the veg plants will not hit the manure until it has rotted further.

In another area a month later dug to a foot deep and sieved only and added top soil and placed a barrier in ground 8 inches deep to block plants from neighbour this second area is coming back in less than 2 weeks.

I used to have a lovely garden 10 years ago but had to give up because of bindweed and going back to work just not enough time to clear the stuff it comes through from under neighbours beloved fir tree hedge , which he cant get under to clear, he is very old and independent .

I think the only good thing about being made redundant and the poor job market might be that i get on top of my bind weed.



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