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deliberate or not

Posted: 22/02/2015 at 16:11

A few interesting bits to consider if thinking of growing these trees.

from the guardian 07th dec 2012

"Leylandii's success is especially impressive when you consider that it can't reproduce, which means that every plant we see today comes from cuttings and has been planted by humans. How did such a mundane tree become so popular? Because it's evergreen and vigorous. A leylandii will grow three feet every year, so in no time at all you'll have factor 50-style privacy, something our insular society finds irresistible. The trouble is, it won't stop: the tallest one is already 40 metres (130ft) and still growing.

Live with it…

So what do you do if you have them (there's usually more than one) in your garden or, worse, a neighbouring garden? Management is crucial: this is not a plant you can turn your back on, especially when it comes to the soil. While deciduous trees will enrich the soil with organic matter in the form of fallen leaves, leylandii will treat it like a student treats a bank account – it's all take, take, take. Before long your soil will have turned to dust. You'll need to compensate by heaping on leaf mould, garden compost or rotted manure in autumn and spring."




Leyllandii is listed by the rhs under potentially harmful plants as causing skin irritations so should not be used as a hedge near young children I know it makes me itch when trimming

I cannot find exact figures but leyllandii are considered a high water consumption tree. Trees depending on consumption can consume 250- 300 gallons of water a day.


 Daily mail May 2007

Leylandii, a house buyer's No 1 hate

Last updated at 21:39 20 May 2007


To the gardeners who lavish time and money nurturing their plots, they are no doubt precious.

But to potential housebuyers they are the ultimate turn-off.

Leylandii and garden gnomes are among a range of outdoor features which, researchers found, can knock thousands off a house's value.


"The fast-growing firs, often planted to give privacy, topped the poll, with 71 per cent of 6,000 people questioned expressing hatred of them and citing their well-known ability to cause disputes with neighbours.

Ivy was second on 67 per cent, pampas grass third (55 per cent), conifer trees fourth (50 per cent) and wisteria fifth (49 per cent).

Gnomes are the least popular garden ornament among housebuyers, with 67 per cent putting them at the top of their hate list.

Water features and ponds were second on 59 per cent, pet cemeteries third (55 per cent), dilapidated greenhouses fourth (43 per cent) and extravagant Christmas decorations fifth (29 per cent).

The survey was conducted by www."


Peoples intentions are often to keep these hedges clipped, but unlike other hedges that will not go mad if you cannot get out to clip them due to ill health or other circumstances Leylandii will run away from you beyond restoration to a neat hedge very quickly.   If your garden is like many only 20 or 30 foot wide and a long narrow strip you will use up all the nutrients in not only your soil but your neighbours in only a few years . Another tree that should be used with caution along side the leyllandii is the eucalyptus, fast growing with huge water consumption in a typical terrace garden the roots will shoot under the neighbours garden in no time sucking all the goodness from the soil, it is a few years behind the leylandii but the eucalyptus will I think be the next tree causing a similar controversy in small terrace homes and gardens.

If the original poster's trees are dying, given the above, she and her neighbours may of had a lucky escape.

My moto is recycle my garden & pocket likes it

Posted: 21/02/2015 at 12:04

Kieran it might be the making the ground acidic that i had in the back of my head, not sure how that would work where i am as ground is very non acidic you cannot grow an azalea or rhododendron and god did my dad try for years.

Seasoning some of the posts i had considered for future use and using some now for instant effect.

Hiring a chipper might be cheaper than getting somebody to chip for me and sounds like a good idea.

I like the idea of fencing or a gate but not sure if my diy is up to  this pergola first.


current tomatoes

Posted: 21/02/2015 at 11:55

John I did these last year in a hanging basket which was stunning . I also did window boxes and large pots on the wall, these can trail upto 3 foot long if let to run downwards.

deliberate or not

Posted: 21/02/2015 at 11:23

Annette my neighbour has a hedge of leylandi planted about the same distance as yours from our similar wire fence, I would consider this hedge more of a pest than any slug snail or weed in my garden and more detrimental to me growing. I think this plant should be illegal to plant in this country.

I started gardening again two years ago after giving up for over 15 years in part due to the neighbours hedge what it harboured the damage and extra work it caused that i did not have the hours or money for .

I regularly consider homicide on his trees whos roots have sucked all the goodness from the soil, house a maze or perennial weeds all of which shoot up on my side and cant be got to as protected by the hedge, and it harbours an army of slugs and snails who  converge on me at night for tender leaf pickings.

Planted 6 inches from the fence these trees trunks now grow into the fence.

I know what has happened to you is causing you upset and i sympathise truly, but why plant such a controversial plant so close to a flimsy chain link fence in such numbers, this will have a dramatic effect on your neighbours garden and their planting ability they may be more hurt and upset than you are. I would be fuming mad but I would tell you.

When we plant along boundaries or put in a new fence should we not consult the neighbours if this is to become their boundary? is it not just  common courtesy?

Poo, top soil and compost.

Posted: 21/02/2015 at 10:53

Thanks Gemma

we have a farm not far 30-40mins away but it would be at least 20  journeys in the car, i dont drive and no way is my husband willing as he says "its your garden". He will cut the odd big tree branch or hammer a nail under duress and he loves to water in the summer (I hate watering its tedious and not dirty enough) but thats as far as he goes.

Poo, top soil and compost.

Posted: 21/02/2015 at 10:26

I started trying to clear a large garden just over a year ago.

Dealt with weeds and brambles, now nothing grows.

Built raised veg beds out of old scaffold but need to fill them as soil under is fairly dead first year i just made holes put in some good stuff and planted which was ok.

Soil is dead all over the garden so needs lots of well rotted manure, found a local chap on ebay who said £50 for 2 cubic yards 18 month old manure and he never delivered and now dosent answer phone now . Next nearest on sales boards at a reasonable price was 40 miles away and wont come this far even for extra petrol money. The big sellers are all £ 50 plus a bag with added delivery.

Top soil i know will cost me two to three  hundred for 3-5 bulk bags.

Has anybody on here got any idea where i can get min 4 bulk bags manure, 2 top soil and 2 of high quality compost for less than £400 for the lot £500 is my max budget and minimum need.I live in Hertfordshire on the border of bucks and Middlesex

just had 80 large plugs arrive how long will they hold for

Posted: 21/02/2015 at 10:14

I got mine from parkers because they said could plant out.

planted in sunny spot  under cloches in raised bed by house.

got the bed dug but it needs feeding well and been let down with my well rotted manure supply. now cant find anyone who deliveres local to me for less than 60 quid for a bulk bag and i needed at least six to do the whole garden. I have a free collection supply but in the back of the car thats a lot of trips.

At this rate compost and manure are going to cost about £800 and my soil is truly knackered.



just had 80 large plugs arrive how long will they hold for

Posted: 15/02/2015 at 18:15

Hi dove ordered from jparkers

they are in solid plastic containers that hold six plants and are fitted around the plant

a good little guide to all plants they do but instructions seem more for larder plants not these plugs

I am hoping to get them in tuesday and arrived friday




just had 80 large plugs arrive how long will they hold for

Posted: 15/02/2015 at 13:19

Just had an order of 80 large plug perrenials arrive and some raspberry canes.

Was not expecting for a few weeks yet and the bed is not ready.

Not sure how long can keep outside in there little containers.

these have been grown in the uk outside.

current tomatoes

Posted: 15/02/2015 at 13:16

I found them on ebay from one of the big ebay sellers. My husband loves peanuts and can easily devour a bowl he took to eating bowls of current toms last summer far better for him,

John the current toms make sweet aperitif look like a large tom they really are like peas or currents. and you can get 50 plus on a trus which is no more than a large handful of toms.

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