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Flowering hedge/shrub ID

Posted: 13/06/2015 at 14:55

That's it! Looks like rock rose / Cistus x corbariensis is a good bet. Thank you very much, HCA!

Flowering hedge/shrub ID

Posted: 13/06/2015 at 14:07

Can anyone identify this hedgey thing for me? I'm sorry the pictures are so rubbish - it was outside my old house so its presence in photos was always incidental, and now that I've left (of course) I'm wondering what it was.

Hedge was evergreen, with raggedy leaves. They were actually a fairly dark green and faintly furry rather wan waxy. The pink buds would appear in spring, and white flowers would begin blooming at end of May, all the way through June. Bees loved it.

The img upload thingy doesn't seem to work, so try:






Mouldy, gooey clematis :-(

Posted: 01/05/2015 at 13:07

Yes - I should have mentioned that my other clemmy (only two metres away) is thriving quite happily, so yours should be fine

Mouldy, gooey clematis :-(

Posted: 01/05/2015 at 12:46

Hi Trial and Error,

I tried rescuing it, but to no avail. The entire thing has died a very swift death. I doubt very much the infection would spread to your other clematis unless it developed a crack in its bark, and I found with mine that the slime in the diseased one ceased pretty much as soon as the sap supply ran out.

The bacteria live in the soil anyway, apparently, so I would imagine that replacing the soil wouldn't make a huge amount of difference. According to the interwebs, you should be able to replant if nothing at all recovers.

Sorry for your loss!



Mouldy, gooey clematis :-(

Posted: 04/04/2015 at 20:11

Ah, I think I've worked it out - slime flux. Winds the other day must have opened up some of the wood. Boo hoo :'( :'(

Mouldy, gooey clematis :-(

Posted: 04/04/2015 at 19:55

Hello all,

I have a clematis montana that is suffering. It has this gooey, white sludge at its base, and a little bit of fluffy white mould on about 5 inches of the branches higher up.

I checked it over because I noticed it wasn't budding any green leaves like my other clematis is. There are some small, brown buds on the stems, but they look a bit dead. I broke open a couple of the smaller branches, and they were still green inside. What should I do? Worth a spray or not? And what sort of spray? I can't find anything on the web about gooey mould, only powdery mould!

Indoor begonia whilst on holiday

Posted: 30/10/2014 at 20:04

Great, will do. Thanks for the advice!

Indoor begonia whilst on holiday

Posted: 30/10/2014 at 18:57

Thanks, Philippa! We don't have any heat sources yet... holding off on the heating for now.

Looking at Google images, it's not a rex. It's currently pumping out yellow flowers by the bucket-load. Will take your advice and leave it in then  


Indoor begonia whilst on holiday

Posted: 30/10/2014 at 18:22

I have an indoor begonia - not entirely sure which type - that needs only weekly watering. At the moment it's doing fabulously, but I'm worried about what to do when I go on holiday for a fortnight. Normally I just dump all the houseplants outside and hope it's warm and wet enough to keep them happy, but with November approaching, I'm not sure if this particular plant will cope. 

I will try to get hold of an indoor watering system (if I have time), but if I can't, which is better: letting it go without water for two weeks, or putting it out in the cold?


Posted: 23/04/2013 at 15:00

No. Lion pellets don't work after a few weeks. I've had some success with an electronic squawker, but now the cats know its exact range and coverage, so I have to keep moving it! I've heard those motion-activated water squirters are quite good. There's one called a Defender and another by Contech on Amazon for ~ £50

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