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What did you do in your garden today?

Posted: 19/05/2013 at 22:19

Spent this morning trying to rid a large border of Celandine. My garden backs on to a wood, and the celandines spread from there all over the garden. The trouble is that they multiply thousand fold in one season and are near on impossible to eradicate in my clay soil. It is hard to see what else is in the border unless they are grubbed out. Potted on 24 tomato plants, Then it rained..AGAIN.

Talkback: Wildlife ponds and growling frogs

Posted: 14/03/2013 at 20:40
The Frogs arrived in my pond in the middle of last week. They started spawning straight away,and there is now a large amount of spawn. Since then we have had several hard frosts and some of the spawn has been covered in ice. This has not deterred the other frogs, they are still happily mating, ice or no ice.
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