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Getting more wildlife into garden

Posted: Today at 15:39
Lyn wrote (see)

Northern Lass, I think you have put your finger, or thumb on the icons in the posting box says B the other U underlined, just click on them again and it will go away.

Hostafan, now what would you know about bullshitting with confidence? 


Believe me if it were that easy I'd have done it.   I do know forum technology and this forum has some of the most erm... "unique and interesting" configuration.    (See what I just did )

It's somehow got caught up with the hyperlink and even though I've clicked the icon to post as plain text and been back on edit and posted it all again it's well and truly stuck in bold and underscore.

Anyway it's REALLY important

Getting more wildlife into garden

Posted: 05/10/2015 at 17:30

I didn't post it in bold or underscored.... can't seem to take it off either.  

I'll just pretend it's so important that it needs emphasis

Creeping buttercup

Posted: 05/10/2015 at 09:51

I hate buttercups!   They're evil and you will not ever erradicate them!   They've a plot to take over all UK land! 

Noisy Mower

Posted: 05/10/2015 at 09:47

Go on line and see if you can find the manual or a solution and if you can't or it's beyond your ability then take it to a lawnmower service place.   Going forward make sure you have it serviced from time to time.    We have ours done annually.

This might help get you underway:


Posted: 05/10/2015 at 09:43

We now use creocote.   Nowhere near as good as creosote.    Such a shame that the commercial amature market couldn't be trusted to wear the necessary protective clothing to ensure there was no skin contact and hence from 2013 it was only approved for use in the UK by professionals as part of their work.

I actually like the smell of cresote too and wouldn't get my knickers in a knot if I had a neighbour that did a shed with it.   

Overwhelmed re: front garden bed design

Posted: 01/10/2015 at 12:05

Your home is very much an American stylised version of an interpration of the Tudour revival that sprung forth around the English stockbroker belt in the 1940's. 

I think that's where I've a problem suggesting suitable plants.   Authentic Tudour is of course all about geometric design and box hedging and topiary.   High maintenance and little colour.     The stockbroker mock tudour is more suburban small garden with neat borders with bedding plants round a small lawn.

I've got a garden that's a VERY typical "English country garden".    Most definitely not typical of what you'd necessarily get in english stockbroker though.

I think I'm fairly good at knowing how to achieve that look on a practical level and knowing which plants and shrubs etc will and won't work.  Indeed I've helped a couple of my American friends who wanted "an English garden" :  in Oregon!  

I can't help myself from thinking yours would look nice with height and filled and with a mass of colour immediately in front of the house and then perhaps with a circular cut out (left lawn) of rhododendrons and azaleas or have them down the right side of the path as you approach and instead of lawn.  

There's plenty of others on this forum that could also advise you but I do think in order to get the outcome you want that you need to give a better brief.   

Perhaps you might want to think about the look you want to achieve.... maybe look at some photos of gardens and the effect and style and colour that you like and THEN think how you could achieve it in consideration of the climate, soil and time that you have.

I'm confident that if we understood what look you wanted and better knew about the climate etc that we'd be able to suggest what plants would work.

My "very" English Country Garden, showing the flower borders and the Rhododendron and azalea garden area and which might give you some ideas for such as colour effect and planting style - even if only to say "not like that" :




England rugby

Posted: 30/09/2015 at 16:20

Punkdoc I didn't mean to put down the whole of that profession and that's not even in my head.  That's one of the reasons put in bold to emphasise the word "Some" .  I did that deliberately and because I very specifically don't like this whole notion that the whole of a job category should get less than the whole of another and "just because".  

Frankly I wouldn't pay Wayne Rooney in brass washers but that's just my opinion and not born from any sound rationale.

You will know from my first posting on this matter that in fact I think it's just a poor comparison.   like comparing apples with patio stones.    Furthermore it isn't even true. 

I well know that there's a heck of a lot of exceptional doctors and consultants.  I've met some of them.    I do however think you're over egging the pudding by suggesting that 99.9% are working tirelessy and at the top of their game in terms of compassion and skill.    You work in the profession and so I'm sure you'll know a lot who earn a lot more than those toiling away doing what they should.    e.g.  the NHS consultant pulling off his salary and also with private practice. 

So back to gardening......  what did you think about the turf at Elland Road?  It clearly didn't stand up well to having scrums did it? 


England rugby

Posted: 30/09/2015 at 13:41

Well said Potteringabout.   I couldn't have said it better.

I note that Hosta has said he's not "well informed" and thanks to him for confirming that.    I also note that he addressed something directly to me:

Hostafan1 wrote (see)

where did I say " rugby players"?

I note you don't give any reason why SOME, I'd say ANY sports people deserve more than consultants in hospitals.


Try reading again for comprehension in context.   I DIDN'T suggest you said "Rugby players".    I started by saying IF you meant rugby players.    As this thread was specifically about Rugby and you intervened with your beliefs on professional sportspeople's salary then EVEN if I had presumed that's what you meant then it wouldn't have been an unreasonable assumption.  

I didn't jump in and say when it came to rugby players you were talking out of your backside.   

IF you'd meant footballers, then perhaps you should have been clearer.     I thought I had said why I thought "some" sports people ought to get more than some "consultants".

But to be clear and for your benefit.  My opinion is that Some sportspeople are worth more.   Some aren't.    Now I'm thinking that you'll struggle to understand the commercial argument or things like free trade or even the points I've already made about doctors and teachers "just" being paid to turn up and having things like exceptionally high levels of absence and low levels of engagement, so I'll try to make it simple:




England rugby

Posted: 29/09/2015 at 16:05
Hostafan1 wrote (see)

if anyone can justify why sports people are paid more than those who treat our loved ones if they have cancer, run a school who teach our children or more than our PM who has his finger on the nuclear button , I'd be pleased to hear it.

they're just adults playing games.

If you're meaning rugby players then I don't know where you got the silly idea from that they do.    They don't!

I think you're demonstrating a high degree of commercial and political naivity with your comparison.    

"Some" TOP sportsmen and women do indeed get excellent sponsorship deals and salaries.    They earn it by the revenue they bring in.    Aside from that they get where they are by working exceptionally hard with high degrees of self discipline and personal and financial commitment.     

They never get paid just for "turning up" like doctors and teachers and other workers in the public sector.   Indeed if you look at absence levels in the NHS and with teachers it's true to say that way too many get paid for NOT turning up! 

Aside from that I've come across doctors who frankly are grossly overpaid and underworked and also pretty incompetent with it.  

I presume Hosta that you're just playing games.


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