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Black, slimy dying grass patches: please help!

Posted: Yesterday at 18:31

I would have suggested the dog's urine might be contributory but the poster said "Scotland and VERY wet".

The solution for ensuring your lawn doesn't go brown from dog pee is to dilute the pee... so keep the lawn moist.     Some people with pristine lawns even do things like turning the sprinkler on so their dog pee is diluted.

I don't do that for a couple of reasons.... we're on a private water supply and so I'm conscious it's a finite resource.   We do have very cold nights and heavy dews even in the summer so there's never any need.    But heck Scotland?!?  I'm thinking that dog pee and the dog is drowned before it's finished squatting! 



Problems with red robin photinia

Posted: Yesterday at 18:25

They prefer sun or partial shade.   They need to be sheltered because they aren't too keen on icey winds and severe frosts.   That's why I have mine in partial shade snuggled hiding from winds whistling down the valley and behind a copper beech hedge.  

Black, slimy dying grass patches: please help!

Posted: Yesterday at 18:19

Looks and sounds like lawn slime mould ..... seriously that's what it's called.

Sunflower Woes

Posted: Yesterday at 18:04

Easy to grow providing they're well drained and in full sun. 

They are susceptible to slugs and snails though.    Have you noticed those?   

IF they are a problem in your garden then use a plastic pop bottle cut in two to shield your young plants.

Problems with red robin photinia

Posted: Yesterday at 18:00

The Red Robin won't know that and they're pretty difficult to kill..... even though you might have had a good attempt  

Curly Lupins

Posted: Yesterday at 17:10

You did a duplicate post which I only noticed after I'd replied above.   The other posting does have a better photo though and it looks to me like it's either what I suggested or else they're just waterlogged.   Lupins tend not to like that.

Curling Lupins

Posted: Yesterday at 17:09

You seem to have done 2 posts the same.   I replied in the other one!


Curly Lupins

Posted: Yesterday at 17:08

look up lupin anthracnose.   Your description of them being curly makes me wonder if it is possibly that.     I don't seem to be able to get your photo to open or to go larger so I can't really see if they're going brown and rotting but I can see they're not looking good at all.

Problems with red robin photinia

Posted: Yesterday at 17:03

Ordinarily when leaves on a very hardy fast growing shrub like a red ribub photinia go brown then it's due to either:   drought or waterlogging.

Brown leaf tips tend to indicate drought at spring / summer time and that it's affected the young new growth.   Brown spots or patches in the middle of the leaf usually means it's been waterlogged.

Yours looks like it's had a bit of both.     Anything that's contained in a pot is going to be susceptible to that.   In the case of this VERY easy large and fast growing shrub  as dovefromabove said, it won't want to be in a pot.

They can also get fire blight which makes the leaves go brown but from your description I'm not thinking it's that.





Horse Manure - When to Use

Posted: Yesterday at 14:08

A little bit of cow manure with straw in would be no different to a little bit of horse manure with straw in it.   I'd do just the same with it.    Except because it stinks and I'm not so keen on the smell of cow crap, I'd have it well away from the house.

But it makes a good mulch.   Obviously just the same as with "fresh" horse manure, you don't want it touching your plants or risk burning them but it does get some organic matter and nutrients into the ground as it's washed through and it does (if on thick enough) stop weeds making themselves too prolific.

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