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Bulbs in pots

Posted: Today at 22:23

Plant snowdrops asap, they don't like drying out and are best bought 'in the green'.

I've failed to grasp the problem with putting them in the garden, they won't get contaminated by the spanish ones, The offspring will probably be crosses. If you don't let them seed this will not happen.

Being in pots will not stop them hybridising.


new members

Posted: Today at 21:51

If you click on 'code of conduct' under the typing box the rules are explained.


Hi everyone

Posted: Today at 21:41

Hi khalifaten

Lavender cuttings

Posted: Today at 21:32

I would have nurtured them until spring. Not heat, I haven't got a heated GH but cold and wet is more of a killer than cold

Received 48 perennial plugs, but what do I do next?

Posted: Today at 18:56

Sounds right Caral

Clematis Alba Luxurians

Posted: Today at 18:39

I'd get  second opinion though Jess. I'm a bit slapdash with the gardening 

Clematis Alba Luxurians

Posted: Today at 18:23

Those that need hacking back before the season starts are hacked back by me at any time that's convenient during the winter

Received 48 perennial plugs, but what do I do next?

Posted: Today at 17:06

I'd cut them back completely.

If by inside you mean in the house I would get them outside or they'll be very soft when the cold weather comes and an unheated GH won't be enough protection for them

holly roots

Posted: Today at 13:35

Glyphosate works via the leaves. It won't work on a stump. You want 'Root-out' or any stump killer.

New Member

Posted: Today at 10:45

and dragonflies

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