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plant ident at harlow carr

Posted: Yesterday at 22:06

plant ident at harlow carr

Posted: Yesterday at 21:41

Lathraea clandestina, parasitic, often on willow roots

Livingstone Daisies

Posted: Yesterday at 20:10

Hold off the water a bit, lots of light and warm but maybe not full sun in their condition. 

Livingstone Daisies

Posted: Yesterday at 19:49

these are plants from areas of heat and sun. They look too wet and need more light.

Renovating Forsythia

Posted: Yesterday at 19:47

Yes,  Do it soon.

Moving Euphorbia

Posted: Yesterday at 16:57

That one will, but cut the long stems off to give it a chance.

Rose Berries or Rose Currants

Posted: Yesterday at 14:42

a photo of what you've got would help 

or is that what's 2 miles away?

Last edited: 30 April 2017 14:43:02

Drainage Issues

Posted: Yesterday at 14:29

Muck and grit should help but it's better to choose plants that do well in the soil you have

What plant?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:06

Described as fragile so not cotoneaster. I've enlarged this to the point of blur and it's not cotoneaster anyway. I think we're looking at something much smaller.

Novel way to remove moss and weeds from a lawn!

Posted: Yesterday at 14:02

I think it is worse than other chemicals but I wouldn't use those either. I can live without that sterile monoculture of the English lawn

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