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I've been to Barnsdale today

Posted: Today at 09:31

I want to go in spring. Maybe we should have another group trip

I've been to Barnsdale today

Posted: Today at 08:09

I can recommend the Brie and cranberry sandwiches.

I've been to Barnsdale today

Posted: Yesterday at 23:02

I like rhus Mike, though I know it can be a thug. The one in the photo was one of many suckers. I tried growing it but the deer liked it as a rubbing post and it was too young to cope.

I've been to Barnsdale today

Posted: Yesterday at 22:28

just Ace Hazel

I've never been in Spring chicky. Perhaps on the list for next year. 

What is this tree?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:26

Are there any more photos showing the leaves more clearly?

My first thought was Cotoneaster 'Rothschildianus from the fruits and the shape of the tree but the leaves don't look quite right so probably as Bob suggests. Have a look at images of both and see what you think

I've been to Barnsdale today

Posted: Yesterday at 20:45

Great day thanks Dove

He does look happy MU, 

I've been to Barnsdale today

Posted: Yesterday at 19:17

It was great, perfect weather, sun (hazy at times) and so still.

Native or Non Native ?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:14

I trust the Woodland Trust. But only because it agrees with what I think

I've been to Barnsdale today

Posted: Yesterday at 19:03

Lots of acers

Aster tradescantii, tall, upright, no mildew and buzzing with bees


Rudbeckia fulgida var deamii

Can you compost yellow flag iris?

Posted: Yesterday at 09:35

different plants become invasive in different countries, best to do your research for the country you are in.. This one is a good spreader but nothing compared to some. I put bits on the compost heap and they're fine. But as you have a huge amount you will need an even huger amount of other stuff to mix with and bury them. If you haven't got that I'd do as Obelixx suggests and get it off the site

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I've been to Barnsdale today

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