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Was Ivy a sensible choice ?

Posted: Yesterday at 23:06

i don't think it's suitable but I can't think of anything similar but more restrained.

Plant ID's

Posted: Yesterday at 23:04

I'm happy with that one as Anthemis tinctoria, the leaves are right.

I may have to do a bit of research on the other one if no-one comes up with anything. 

Pulicaria dysenterica is Common Fleabane, a wild plant, 2 or 3 foot tall. 

What seed are you sowing now ?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:24

They should be UK plants if Countryfile is what I think it is. I'm not a TV watcher so only a vague idea of that

Never grown lupins or mimulus, sorry

What seed are you sowing now ?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:12

I've always started cosmos in pots but they're not something I grow often, The californian poppies need to been sown where they grow. They're set back by transplanting.

Packets of wildflowers are not necessarily UK wildflowers and are not always hardy.

Plant ID's

Posted: Yesterday at 22:08

looks a bit compact for that one to me PJ

But I may have mis-judged the size

What seed are you sowing now ?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:54

wakeshine, you don't need a GH

Primroses, at once if not sooner, outside in pots, shady place will germinate in spring. Aquilegias, now, will germinate quickly or in spring. Don't bring these indoors whatever the weather. they don't need heat at any time.

Calendula and cornflower are hardy and can be sown in the garden now. cosmos and california poppy are not, wait til spring. Californian poppy best direct sown.

What's in the wildflower mixes?

Last edited: 25 August 2016 21:57:04

What seed are you sowing now ?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:08

I've thrown assorted digitalis and aquilegias about the garden but nothing much controlled.

Plant ID's

Posted: Yesterday at 21:01

some more shots of that yellow one might help (or not) close up of leaves/buds/seedheads, anything

I don't think it's an anthemis 

Plant ID please

Posted: Yesterday at 19:40

that could be tithonia, not one I grow so can't be sure

Daily wildlife moments

Posted: Yesterday at 18:36

humming bird hawkmoth missing here as well.

more ladybirds during the winter than there are now

But we did see the kingfisher for the first time in years

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